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Welcome to Mostly: Classical

The thread topic is centered around currencies and natural resources. It's an open forum where both bearish and bullish opinions are highly valued. Our primary goal is capital preservation but the objective is to apply our conservative money management principles to various high risk sectors.

...and we are a friendly bunch, so naturally we appreciate a little "O/T" so please by all means, CHAT!... BUT NO POLITICAL POSTS PLEASE!!

Mostly Gold #board-1921

Until the Big Boss come back.:


    Bob Marley... if you do not know the name... get out from under... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuMlHdxiIZ8 and my Marley fave... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMUQMSXLlHM


"No one Rocks Country like Dwight... Bakersfield delight... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wmOD3PAOsQ&feature=related Crazy little thing ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WJJG1q2Y90&feature=related Suspicious ? Elvis and Beegees in one.. ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IQ3NfEW5RA&feature=related This guy is soooooo underrated...

'Boss' ? There can be only one... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuMlHdxiIZ8

.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnbRtA2yIfU&feature=related Keeler is AMAZING LIVE.. he has wings... forget the camera.. Keeler is leed and he ROCKS..

and in memory of the Bus Driver... 
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5P8lrgBtcU .. Spiderman..  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7FdJajqxmU .. Take it Didi..  and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4H9yZBjgSI&feature=related 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6J4x2AOLoB0 Covering the BEST AM crooner.. (Montreal Soooo Rocks :O) Andy Kim...



Lost on a desert island... I could survive with those tunes...

OK that's done..

Now I'll use this space so it is not wasted..

Not looking for arguments... all views welcome.. personal attacks will be turfed.. NO IFS ANDS OR BUTS...

Thread Theme I'm your huckleberry.. and you're no daisy... C'mon !!... My hypocrisy goes only so far  ... You look like somebody just walked over your grave...



#19037   Steve Jobs, co-founder of US computer giant Apple, Frank Pembleton 10/05/11 07:53:02 PM
#19036   "The conflicted thread" Frank Pembleton 10/05/11 02:53:13 PM
#19035   Mostly Cynical, name isn't too important. ItsAllCyclical 10/05/11 02:40:28 PM
#19034   okay, that would be good - either way Frank Pembleton 10/05/11 09:33:59 AM
#19033   I say we make a new board. ItsAllCyclical 10/05/11 09:29:32 AM
#19032   I'm thinking that the most painless way for Frank Pembleton 10/05/11 09:12:28 AM
#19031   ascendancy of Keynesian amarksp 10/05/11 12:17:41 AM
#19030   BTW - Welcome back. You and ItsAllCyclical 10/04/11 10:11:15 PM
#19029   My thoughts on today ItsAllCyclical 10/04/11 09:51:05 PM
#19028   ascendancy of Keynesian Frank Pembleton 10/04/11 08:36:37 PM
#19027   food for thought: Frank Pembleton 10/04/11 08:35:20 PM
#19026   yes, I know, I've bookmarked you - and Frank Pembleton 10/04/11 08:33:18 PM
#19025   hmmmm, ihub did not like the formatting. amarksp 10/04/11 08:24:10 PM
#19024   I am over at SI mostly, under amark$p. amarksp 10/04/11 08:22:24 PM
#19023   what else can I add... anyway, I'm a Frank Pembleton 10/04/11 08:02:59 PM
#19022   I managed to log into SI, incredible... most Frank Pembleton 10/04/11 08:00:58 PM
#19021   ...and before I forget, where are you posting now? Frank Pembleton 10/04/11 07:49:02 PM
#19020   My thoughts on today's action - the FED Frank Pembleton 10/04/11 07:47:33 PM
#19019   nah, I migrated from the human "race" to Frank Pembleton 10/04/11 07:44:29 PM
#19018   orangekick, appears you have migrated from cycling to amarksp 10/04/11 07:43:29 PM
#19017   they've changed stuff around here, and not for Frank Pembleton 10/04/11 07:38:32 PM
#19016   Hey bud.. KastelCo 10/04/11 07:34:34 PM
#19015   The BIG reason for the visit is really Frank Pembleton 10/04/11 07:22:18 PM
#19014   it's really a surprise you people still visit, Frank Pembleton 10/04/11 07:14:35 PM
#19013   I quit watching cycling because of the corruption, Frank Pembleton 10/04/11 07:13:24 PM
#19012   FEI? What a bunch of junk! Sexton O Blake 03/29/11 11:37:01 PM
#19011   OK I am still alive and living off KastelCo 03/22/11 01:08:24 AM
#19010   And to you marks.. KastelCo 12/25/10 03:53:05 PM
#19009   Where is that masked man... amarksp 12/25/10 02:33:38 PM
#19008   Merry Christmas Frank :O).. KastelCo 12/23/10 04:36:33 PM
#19007   What, no posts on the Tour de France...? amarksp 07/19/10 11:04:12 PM
#19006   BP even got Spongebob!!!!! Sexton O Blake 06/16/10 12:40:15 AM
#19005   So I heard 450,000 iPADs were sold yesterday. Sexton O Blake 04/09/10 11:41:28 AM
#19004   Frank ... Fraaaaank Fraaaaaaank :O) KastelCo 01/15/10 01:27:28 PM
#19003   Happy new year to this quiet board..., pending amarksp 01/07/10 01:54:19 AM
#19002   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sexton O Blake 01/04/10 12:03:21 AM
#19001   You still around Frank...? amarksp 11/08/09 12:16:47 AM
#19000   This bicyling in Edinburg, Scotland should interest you.... amarksp 07/30/09 12:42:53 AM
#18999   Just checking in. How are you ItsAllCyclical 07/01/09 10:52:05 AM
#18998   Gold - If I was looking at just ItsAllCyclical 07/01/09 10:45:23 AM
#18997   Probably northern exposure if need be. ItsAllCyclical 07/01/09 10:03:38 AM
#18996   I think I am more upbeat than you KastelCo 06/30/09 11:35:06 PM
#18995   Getting the same way. I'm tired ItsAllCyclical 06/30/09 12:23:13 AM
#18994   Hello... hello... hello KastelCo 06/29/09 11:32:56 PM
#18993   I have a feeling that gold stocks are ItsAllCyclical 06/23/09 03:31:00 PM
#18992   Frank, wake up. We're almost there. ItsAllCyclical 06/23/09 01:10:05 AM
#18991   Big surprise they gamed the jobs numbers. ItsAllCyclical 06/05/09 09:35:21 AM
#18990   It'll happen as soon as they stop manipulating ItsAllCyclical 06/04/09 11:36:07 PM
#18989   I've gotten creamed on USD exchange... (one reason KastelCo 06/04/09 11:29:23 PM
#18988   I've made some and lost some this year ItsAllCyclical 06/04/09 06:28:56 PM
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