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NYBob, The financial world leaders realize that bigone 01/21/23 7:45 AM
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Happy New Year bigone and to all !!
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Happy New Year to all. I hope that bigone 01/01/23 12:15 PM
Nice moves this morning in the price of bigone 12/01/22 11:52 AM
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NYBob 11/30/22 2:18 PM
NYBob do you think that we will have bigone 11/22/22 8:58 PM
I was just trying to find this on bigone 11/07/22 8:52 PM
bigone Thanks; NYBob 11/07/22 8:22 PM
Thanks for sharing the picture and your sharing bigone 11/07/22 6:53 PM
Some new pictures, so pieces from china arrived NYBob 11/07/22 6:33 PM
NYBob, Since we are getting so close to bigone 11/07/22 12:38 PM
News Release Monument Progresses Flotation Construction at Selinsing NYBob 10/16/22 12:57 PM
It would be great if this news was bigone 10/16/22 11:31 AM
News Release Monument Progresses Flotation Construction at Selinsing NYBob 10/13/22 7:08 PM
Any new update as to progress and time bigone 09/19/22 3:09 PM
Great article NYBob. Thanks for sharing. bigone 09/10/22 7:31 AM
I don't know about what is going on bigone 09/05/22 7:26 PM
That would be excellent. Have a very Happy bigone 09/05/22 7:47 AM
$Analyst Price Target on MMY NYBob 09/04/22 10:24 PM
It appears to be soon. Thanks for bigone 08/28/22 8:19 PM
New Pics of F Plant..looks almost ready to go NYBob 08/25/22 8:19 PM
NYBob, thanks for all of the info. We bigone 08/23/22 4:39 PM
Good report on Selinsing mine - NYBob 08/16/22 12:16 PM
NYBob has there been something significant that has bigone 08/15/22 9:14 PM
Lots of strange stuff going on out there. bigone 07/24/22 1:20 PM
We will hold on for a few more bigone 07/16/22 4:03 PM
Monument Mining Analyst Coverage NYBob 07/16/22 1:37 PM
NYBob, thanks for the video. Have a very bigone 07/01/22 7:21 PM
Monument Mining rating - NYBob 06/17/22 11:39 AM
Very well done presentation. Thanks NYBob for sharing. bigone 06/14/22 6:05 PM
bigone, from the presentation NYBob 06/14/22 5:29 PM
More potential...... bigone 05/30/22 6:02 PM
Monument Mining (TSXV:MMY) receives significant results from Murchison NYBob 05/30/22 5:25 PM
Monument Reports Third Quarter Fiscal 2022 ("Q3 FY2022") Results NYBob 05/30/22 5:21 PM
bigone; Monument Mining; Non Capital Forward Tax Loss NYBob 05/29/22 11:30 AM
Very impressive, indeed. bigone 05/28/22 2:59 PM
By nozzpack (1944) May 27, 2022 - 06:55 AM NYBob 05/28/22 2:48 PM
bigone thank you and I also really Hope NYBob 05/28/22 1:47 PM
Hope that you and yours are having a bigone 05/28/22 1:03 PM
Monument Mining VIDEOS NYBob 05/24/22 9:18 PM
Hope that by the end of July the bigone 05/22/22 8:14 AM
Monument Mining Ltd. Hard Book. value NYBob 05/22/22 5:09 AM
Very interesting insight. Thank you. bigone 05/17/22 7:10 AM
I too hope that they will keep us bigone 05/17/22 7:03 AM
RE:Great Investment! NYBob 05/17/22 1:31 AM
Monument Mining Ltd. RE:Murchison Mill NYBob 05/17/22 1:15 AM
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Monument Mining Limited (“Monument”) is a Canadian gold mining production and exploration company operating in Malaysia. The company's two 100% owned principal properties- Selinsing Gold Mine Project ("Selinsing") and Damar Buffalo Reef Prospect ("Buffalo Reef") - are located in Pahang State in the Central Gold Belt District in Malaysia, which is in the same district as the operating Penjom Mine and Raub Gold Mine. At the Selinsing Gold Mine Project Monument has developed an open-pit gold mine and 400,000 tons per annum capacity gold treatment plant. Currently the gravity circuit is in pre-commercial production pouring over 20,000 ounces of gold since October 2009, while the CIL circuit is in the final stages of commissioning. The annual production from the initially targeted 40,000 ounces is planned to be ramped up by twinning the mill to allow targeted annual gold production of between 75,000 and 80,000 ounces. Damar Buffalo Reef Prospect is an exploration project adjacent to the Selinsing land with a present estimated gold resource. The company completed two drill programs for 11,871 metres of reverse circulation drilling ("RC drilling"). The assay results announced show a positive outlook and confirm historic drill results. The company plans to extend the mine life at Selinsing through an ongoing exploration and drilling program at Damar Buffalo Reef. The property is a 3.2 kilometre adjacent extension to Selinsing that is mineralized over most of its length, based on drill results to date. The company will also be strategically advancing it's land position in Malaysia to significantly grow its shareholder's value. Monument has built a very capable management team of experienced professionals to successfully implement the company's business plan. This management team has taken the project from a Greenfield acquisition through funding, permitting, design and construction to pouring gold within 30 months of acquisition.
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