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Modern Energy Corp
470 Nautilus St. Suite #304
La Jolla, CA  92037
Phone: 858.220.0243
Fax: 858.729.0271


Modern Energy Corp trades on the third tier of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as ME2C or ME2C.F.  Modern Energy, established in 2006, is a development stage investment company with interests in Jatropha and Palm oils, mining and agricultural land in the Philippines, as well as investments in marketable securities. Now that the company has reorganized, its new management is beginning to execute on a business plan that is anticipated to generate increasing cash flow from aggressive initiatives involving its alternative energy properties.

The Company’s website at www.ModernEnergyCorp.com describes its work in the development of energy resources, presently focusing on development of Jatropha and palm oil production for bio-fuels from undeveloped plantations in the Philippines.

Modern Energy looks forward to becoming a leading company in the alternative energy field and continuing to develop other areas of sustainable energy, such as solar energy. Modern Energy is committed to environmental protection, advanced research in the alternative energy field, and harmony with the community.

Incorporated: 2006

Public Listing: 2007

Exchange Symbols: Frankfurt: ME2C

Common Shares issued & outstanding: 1,202,400,000


Modern Energy's wholly owned subsidiaries are committed to producing bio-diesel through partnerships, joint ventures, leases, direct ownership and farming on more than 250,000 hectares (over 600,000 acres) of agricultural land on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines, much of which is suitable for growing palm oil and jatropha oil.

Palm trees are the most productive natural oil source in the world. A single hectare of oil palm may yield over 4 metric tons of crude oil, or nearly 5,000 liters (1200 gallons) of crude oil per hectare.  Jatropha is the  second  most productive source at nearly 1000 gallons per hectare.  (For comparison, soybeans and corn (maize), often heralded as top biofuel sources, generate only 118 and 45 gallons per hectare, respectively.)

If half of the Mindanao land were planted in jatropha plants and palm trees, in several years, after they mature, the company potentially could produce over US$200 million worth of palm and jatropha oil annually with current prices for palm and jatropha oil of US$400 per ton.

Biofuel is considered an eco-friendly source of energy, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Palm oil is an important source of biofuel because of its clean burning quality.

Sustainable practices and responsible methods of land clearance and cultivation could significantly reduce much of the unwanted impact on the environment. The land in the Philippines is not currently forested, but, after being planted with palm trees, the environment will benefit from the trees’ absorption of CO2 as it produces palm oil.

The company is currently negotiating with potential investors/partners that may invest in the potentially highly profitable and environmentally friendly palm oil and jatropha oil production enterprise.


The Mindanao land in the Philippines also has access to mineral rights. There are potentially valuable quantities of copper, gold, silver, and other minerals. The company is assessing the property to determine which minerals are commercially viable for extraction in order to develop a business plan including attracting a well-capitalized partner.

Please visit www.ModernEnergyCorp.com for more information.


  • Global demand for biofuel exceeds global supply
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Company has already paid 2 dividends and intends to pay additional dividends in the future.
  • trong shareholder growth potential from a three pronged front— Jatropha, Palm oil, biofuel feedstock production, and mineral rights exploration and development, and dividends of related companies and subsidiaries.

Modern Energy Corporation (ME2C), was established in 2006 in Wyoming as a development stage investment company with interests in mining and agricultural land in the Philippines and holds investments in American marketable securities.

ME2C  is primarily oriented towards common and renewable energy resources. The company's activities presently focus on development of jatropha and palm oil production from plantations in the Philippines with future plans to develop its gold mining interests.

ME2C is looking forward to becoming a leading company in the alternative energy field and to continuing to develop other areas of sustainable energy, such as solar energy.

ME2C is committed to environmental protection, advanced research in the energy field and to harmony with the community.

John F. Winnick, Sr. has just taken over the leadership of Modern Energy Corp now serving as Chairman and CEO


Preachers Coffee Inc. Announces Joint Venture Agreement With Modern Energy Corp. With Preachers' Agricultural Development Interest in the Philippines
36,103 Acres Agricultural Property Interest of Preachers in the Philippines to Be Developed for Cultivation of Coffee and Jatropha Plants for Biodiesel Production

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - 09/08/09) - Preachers Coffee, Inc. (Pinksheets:PRCF - News) (Pinksheets:PCIO - News) and MODERN ENERGY CORP. (Pinksheets:MDRG - News) and (Frankfurt:ME2C - News) announced the signing of a Joint Venture Agreement on the Technical Management and Operating Contract of a 36,103 Acres of Agricultural and Forest Land which is under a Community-Based Forest Management Agreement (CBFMA) of the Government of the Philippines, in partnership with the Manobo Indigenous Community Cooperative on Mindanao island in the Philippines.

The Joint Venture Agreement has a 25 Year CBFMA Contract and an indefinite extension since it was appropriated in an Ancestral Domain Land Management for the Manobo Indigenous Communities. The Manobo Indigenous Communities has the Ancestral Domain Rights to the land and their Community Cooperative was for purposes of Agricultural and Forest Management to improve their living standard. The Joint Venture Technical Management and Operating Contract for the 36,103 acres will allow financial assistance and technical management to be provided by Preachers Coffee, Inc. and Modern Energy Corp.

Rubber trees for forest management, in addition to Coffee and Jatropha plants, are being prepared for planting in the agricultural areas.

The Jatropha plant is valued as a very cost effective feedstock for the production of oil used for producing Bio-Diesel. But unlike other biodiesel crops, Jatropha can be grown almost anywhere -- from arid land to more fertile farms like in the Phillipines. It doesn't need much water or fertilizer, although the yield rises as more water is available, like in Mindanao, Phillipines. And because the Jatropha is not edible, environmentalists and policy makers don't have to worry about whether Jatropha diverts resources away from crops that could be used to feed people. By some estimates, the per-barrel cost to produce Biofuel using Jatropha -- about $43 -- is about half that of corn and roughly one-third that of rapeseed, two other leading materials for alternative energy. At those prices, Jatropha Biodiesel would be competitive with fuel made from crude oil without significant government subsidies.

Recently, an airline had a test flight using a 50 jet fuel/50jatropha Biofuel mix. When Jatropha seeds are crushed, the resulting Jatropha oil can be processed to produce a high-quality biodiesel that can be used in a standard diesel car, while the residue, called "press cake," can also be processed and used as biomass feedstock to power electricity plants or used as fertilizer (it contains nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium).

A significant differentiator of Jatropha versus other Bio-Fuel Feedstocks is that Jatropha absorbs carbon-dioxide while they are growing, effectively canceling out the carbon dioxide they release when they burn. The plant may yield more than four times as much fuel per hectare of soybean, and more than ten times that of corn. A hectare of Jatropha has been claimed to produce 1,892 litrers of fuel. Once the Jatropha seeds are dried out and crushed, these poisonous seeds yield oil which can be burned in almost any diesel engine -- with no modification. Recent studies show that Jatropha seed produces between 30 and 40 percent of its mass in oil.

Nestor C. Buenaflor, Chairman and CEO of Preachers Coffee, Inc. (Pinksheets:PRCF - News) and its subsidiary (Pinksheets:PCIO - News), said that, "This Joint Venture Agreement with Modern Energy Corp. will provide an improvement for the Manobo Tribal Communities on Mindanao, Philippines. And the positive contribution represented by the cultivation of Jatropha plants introduced as one of the cash crops for the production of Bio-Diesel offers a stable and sustainable future for our companies and the Manobo Tribal Communities. We are not only cleaning the air because of responsible forest management and Bio-Diesel from Jatropha, but we also improve the lives of poor people in the remote areas of the world by providing them with job opportunities and income."

Chairman of Modern Energy, John Winnick, stated, "The Preachers Coffee, Inc. joint venture with 36,103 acres of prime agricultural land in the Philippines is just one example of the Global Vision of Green Energy from the Jatropha plant and cash crops such as coffee and rubber trees for rubber, to further expand Modern Energy's footprint to the nearly 1,000,000 acres that our company currently controls through our subsidiary, Sultan Saud Resource Development Corporation (SSRDC). Modern Energy is pursuing a change in business plan to focus on providing Bio-Diesel feedstock for the Asian Pacific Basin and developing the region's economies from a Third World nation to a world class provider of alternative clean energy. This green energy initiative will provide jobs and opportunity for growth on Mindanao, the eighth largest island population on earth, and showcase the best of environmental capitalism."

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