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Medistem Laboratories Inc. (OTCBB: MEDS)
9255 Towne Centre Drive
Suite 450
San Diego, CA 92122
(858) 349-3617
(858) 642-0027
Company WebSite: http://www.medisteminc.com/
Contacts: thomas.ichim@medisteminc.com, Vladimir.bogin@medisteminc.com


MediStem Inc.

Medistem is dedicated to commercialization of the Endometrial Regenerative Cell (ERC), a universal donor stem cell product that does not require matching with the recipient. ERC have the ability to become brain, lung, liver, bone, cartilage, pancreatic, fat, muscle, heart, and blood vessel tissue.

Endometrial Regenerative Cells

MediStem has discovered and filed patents on a novel type of stem cell, the Endometrial Regenerative Cell (ERC). This cell appears to have all the major attributes desirable in an ideal cellular therapy: a) Grows well and is scalable for mass production; b) Can be administered intravenously because it selectively homes to damaged tissue; c) Does not require matching with the recipient, allowing for generation of standardized batches that can be shipped to the point of care..

Management team:

Patent Applications:



Medistem has filed patent applications covering a broad spectrum of stem cell manipulations and applications that has come from both its basic scientific and targeted research. While many of these could be the basis for significant licensing and development opportunities, the Company has focused on the patents surrounding its endometrial regenerative cells (ERC) (Menstrual blood cellular populations, isolation and use thereof and Endometrial derived reparative/regenerative cells). These patent applications take a multidimensional approach at protecting the Company's discoveries, covering 1) products generated from ERCs, 2) properties of the ERC products, and 3) application of the ERC products to specific disease indications.

Here's a list of MediStem's Patent Applications. Click on a link to learn more.

Method for expansion of stem cells

This application covers the composition of matter and use of a proprietary placenta derived product that is capable of expanding numerous types of stem cells both outside of the body ( ex vivo) and inside of the body (in vivo). This product is useful as a tissue culture reagent which allows for potent amplification of a patients own stem cells prior to reintroduction into the body. Another in vitro application is the utilization of this product as a research reagent which can be sold to various corporate and academic laboratories. More importantly, the ability of this product to expand stem cells in vivo implies that the major markets of hematopoiesis stimulation post chemotherapy, as well as cosmetic, rejuvenation, and antiaging markets may be addressed.


Compositions of placentally-derived stem cells for the treatment of cancer

This patent application covers preparations of a wide variety of stem cells and compositions useful for the treatment of cancer. The stem cells and compositions function through inducing a "guided differentiation" program in cancer cells, thereby reducing malignancy. Further extension of the invention pertains to augmenting ability of administered cells to induce differentiation through the co-administration of known differentiation inducing agents.


Transcatheter tumor immunoembolization

Transcatheter chemoembolization is clinically used to treat patients with unresectable liver cancer. Our patent application teaches that by addition of a localized immune stimulus to the embolization mixture, we can use the cell death that occurs as a result of this procedure as an "endogenous vaccine" that will stimulate a systemic anti-tumor response. This is based on the fact that immunization in the liver usually results in the induction of a nonproductive immune response, but if appropriate immune stimulators are administered locally, an effective anticancer response will follow that is capable of removing tumor metastasis.


Stem cell therapy for cardiac valvular dysfunction

This patent application covers various mechanisms by which stem cell administration can inhibit the progression of valvular dysfunction, including mitral, aortic and semilunar valve regurgitation. The non-surgical regeneration of valve structures is highly desirable in patients that are not suitable to under highly invasive interventions due to age or other factors.


Treatment of erectile dysfunction by stem cell therapy

The size of the erectile dysfunction market is tremendous, with approximately 30 million men afflicted in the US. Despite the clinical implementation of phosphodiesterase V inhibitors (e.g. Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis), a significant percentage of patients are not responsive or suffer adverse effects from these approaches. In this patent application methods of using stem cells, and their derivatives are presented for treatment of ED.


Allogeneic stem cell transplants in non-conditioned recipients

The current belief that immune suppression is needed for safety and efficacy of cord blood transplants is overcome by this patent application. The teachings of this patent, which have subsequently been published in the Journal of Translational Medicine, include methods of matching a donor with recipient so as to avoid immune mediated rejection, as well as selectively purifying the graft using clinically approved methods so as to allow for maximal stem cell activity without the need for immune suppression. This patent covers some of the technologies in the AngioStem platform.


Stem Cell Mediated Treg Activation/Expansion for Therapeutic Immune Modulation

This patent application provides ways of using stem cells, including adipose tissue mononuclear cells for immune regulation. The technologies in this patent may be used for providing therapeutic solutions to a wide variety of autoimmune diseases, as well as preventing post transplant rejection.


Cellular therapy for lower back pain

This patent application teaches the use of stem cells for treatment of lower back pain through the stimulation of endogenous biological repair processes. The patent covers several mechanisms, as well as useful cell types and compositions of matter. Back pain costs the U.S. economy over $50 billion annually and represents the second most common reason for visits to a doctor. It is estimated that 10% of 50-year-old discs and 60% of 70-year-old discs are severely degenerated.


Compositions and methods of stem cell therapy for autism

This application covers the use of various pharmaceuticals that are currently approved for the mobilization of stem cells to treat autism. The invention is based on the finding that specific compounds such as G-CSF, induce stem cells to exit the bone marrow and enter the blood stream. These stem cells appear to have activity against autism, specifically they suppress various inflammatory reactions that are found in subsets of autistic patients. Additionally, in autism, patients often display a perfusion defect in various areas of the brain such as the temporal lobe. The mobilization of stem cells is used to increase the formation of new blood vessels so as to trigger increased circulation in patients that are identified.


Stem cell therapy for weight loss

Obesity is associated with numerous physiological abnormalities. In a subset of patients these abnormalities lead to altered metabolism so that even reduction in caloric intake has minimal effect on body mass. This patent application is based on clinical findings that various stem cell populations, especially derived from liposuction mononuclear cells, are capable of inducing weight-loss in subsets of patients.


Menstrual blood cellular populations, isolation, and use thereof

This patent application covers methods of using menstrual blood as a starting population of cells for isolation of numerous progenitor and stem cell subsets. The application includes various criteria for selection of cells that have specific uses. For example, in some embodiments of the invention cells are selected for high ability to make new blood vessels through isolation of populations having CD9 expression. In other embodiments the cells are selected for ability to differentiate into numerous other lineages, these populations are selected based on expression of c-kit. This application is aimed at covering the composition of matter for the starting cellular population found in the menstrual blood.


Endometrial derived reparative/regenerative cells

This patent application covers specific regenerative cell populations found in the menstrual blood and endometrium. The cell type itself is covered, as well as uses for stimulation of healing either through direct differentiation, anti-inflammatory activity, and/or stimulation of pre-existing endogenous progenitor cells. Numerous conditions may be treated with the cells described in the patent application, these range from autoimmune diseases, to neurodegenerative diseases, to cardiac diseases. This application is of particular interest since a unique cell population is disclosed.


Treatment of insulin resistance and diabetes

Disclosed are methods and cells useful for the improvement of insulin sensitivity in peripheral tissues. Although it is known that various types of stem cells are useful for the stimulation of insulin production, the concept of using stem cells to increase responsiveness to insulin has not been previously disclosed. The invention teaches that various adult stem cell populations, their supernatants, or various derivatives thereof, are useful for augmenting insulin receptor expression and/or downstream function of signal transduction mechanisms that are associated with insulin resistance. A further embodiment of the invention is that specific types of stem cells can trigger anti-inflammatory responses which in turn increase insulin sensitivity.


Combination treatment of cardiovascular disease

The patent application provides various "adjuvants" that are useful for augmenting ability of stem cells to treat cardiovascular disorders. Some of the specific embodiments of the invention are derived from clinical observations of cardiac patients improving after combined administration of stem cells and the agents disclosed. In one embodiment intravenous anti-oxidants are using in combination with systemically delivered mesenchymal stem cells in order to enhance ventricular function.


Stem cell therapy for autism

This patent application covers the treatment of autism through delivery of a population of cells possessing anti-inflammatory effects together with a population capable of stimulating angiogenesis. The invention disclosed provides specific patient subsets that may benefit from administration of stem cells such as mesenchymal and CD34 cells.

Recent News: 

Medistem News Releases:


 Product Pipeline:


Media Room

Resources and the latest about MediStem.



Learn more about our Stem Cell Technologies.

MediStem Laboratories is a biotechnology company involved in the discovery, development, and commercialization of adult stem cell products that address serious medical conditions. We continuously evaluate our pipeline products to determine which candidates have the most promise and move those candidates towards clinical testing. Our development pipeline continues to grow, now numbering more than 8 projects for two therapeutic focus areas: vascular, and autoimmune diseases.

Endometrial Regenerative Cell Platform

The company's lead product, the endometrial regenerative cell (ERC), is a "universal donor" stem cell derived from the menstrual blood that possesses the ability to differentiate into nine tissue types, produce large quantities of growth factors, and a large proliferative capacity. A peer reviewed publication describing this novel cell type may be found at http://www.translational-medicine.com/content/5/1/57. The company is currently focusing on use of endometrial regenerative cells for treatment of critical limb ischemia, an advanced form of peripheral artery disease.

Angiostem Platform

Cord blood stem cells display potent ability to generate new blood vessels. At present, the only acceptable methodology for using non-autologous cord blood cells involves immune suppression, which is associated with risks of cancer and infection. The Angiostem technology allows the selective depletion of components of cord blood that have the potential to cause immunologic rejection without depleting the cells that make new blood vessels. Since the Angiostem technology uses components that have already been approved by the FDA for other indications, we believe regulatory hurdles are markedly diminished in comparison to other cellular therapy approaches.

Angiostem derivative product candidates are being developed for the treatment of peripheral artery disease (8 million patients1), coronary artery disease (13 million patients), post stroke (15 million patients), and acceleration of wound healing (10 million patients).

Tolerostem Platform

Diseases of immune deregulation, called autoimmune diseases, are the third most common type of disease behind heart disease and cancer in the United States; affecting 14-22 million people. Tolerostem is a cell therapy platform that leverages naturally occurring processes to bring the immune system back into balance. The approach involves activating stem cells through specific means to upregulate their ability to generate a special type of cell called the T regulatory cell. These cells when activated are then capable of multiplying and instructing the patient's immune system to specifically stop various pathological inflammatory responses.

Tolerostem derivative product candidates are being developed for the treatment of multiple sclerosis (350,000 patients), organ rejection (250,000 patients), and rheumatoid arthritis (2.1 million patients).



About Medistem Laboratories, Inc.

Medistem Laboratories is an innovative biotechnology company committed to the creation, licensing and commercialization of advanced medical therapies based on non-controversial adult stem cells. The Company intends to use adult stem cells generated from muscle, bone marrow and fat of adult patients seeking treatment, as well as from full-term, healthy placentas and umbilical cords, which the Company believes to be non-controversial sources of stem cells. The Company's business strategy calls for the establishment of a series of clinics and laboratories around the world to deliver unprecedented, next-generation cell therapies to help millions of patients. For more information on Medistem please visit http://www.trilogy-capital.com/tcp/medistem/. To read or download Medistem's Investor Fact Sheet, please visit http://www.trilogy-capital.com/tcp/medistem/factsheet.html. Medistem common stock is traded on the Frankfurt, Germany stock exchange under the symbol S2U.

Recent News:

August 4, 2006 - 4:01 PM EDT

Medistem Files Patent Application for Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Erectile Dysfunction; Potential Therapy Designed to Reverse Multiple Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and Target $3 Billion Global Market for ED Treatments
Medistem Laboratories, Inc. (OTCBB:MDSM) (FWB:S2U), committed to the ethical development of next-generation medical therapies from non-controversial adult stem cell sources, has filed a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a potential stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction (ED).

Medistem's potential stem cell therapy targets the market for ED drugs and other treatments. According to "Drug Store News," this market is approximately $3 billion per year. Unlike the widely prescribed ED drugs currently in use, Medistem believes the invention could address the underlying physiological causes to restore erectile function, both by inhibiting disease processes as well as through regenerative activity to ameliorate and reverse damage to blood vessels, nerves and related cells.

The number of American men suffering from erectile dysfunction is estimated to be near 30 million, according to the National Institute of Health, with an estimated 100 million patients worldwide.

"This invention is designed to treat the root causes of ED, and hopefully enable patients to restore healthy erectile abilities without having to continue taking medications," said Chris McGuinn, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Medistem.

Drugs called phosphodiesterase inhibitors currently dominate the market. Still, many ED sufferers are unresponsive to phosphodiesterase inhibitors, cannot tolerate the adverse side effects, or are otherwise ineligible for treatment due to heart disease and other medical conditions.

Medistem's invention contemplates the use of stem cells to restore erectile function through the treatment of various physical factors, including the regeneration of smooth muscle cells inside the penis, neural regeneration and restoration of endothelial cells lining the inside of blood vessels, and the formation of new blood vessels, among other functions.

Frequency of ED increases with age (source: Harvard School of Public Health, 2003). As the U.S. and world population ages, the percentages of men seeking ED treatment is anticipated to accelerate and spur further growth in this multi-billion dollar marketplace.

The patent application was filed in July of 2006. There can be no assurance that the patent application will be approved, or if approved, that the invention will yield a commercially viable treatment.

As of March 20, 2012, the number of common shares outstanding is 6,480,440. There is no preferred stock outstanding. Because our delisting was voluntary, we will be able to relist easily when the timing for the company is right.

Co WebSite: http://www.medisteminc.com/
SEC Filings: http://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?action=getcompany&CIK=0001186519&owner=exclude&count=40
CHART: http://stockcharts.com/def/servlet/SC.web?c=meds
KNOBIAS RADiAR: http://www.knobias.com/individual/public/quote.htm?ticker=meds


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