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I have a dream! A dream of wearing leisure suits. A dream of dressing my miniature poodle in people clothes. A dream of having a Martini at 6:00 a.m., golfing at will, getting obsessed with daytime dramas, spending days at a time in the jacuzzi only getting up to relieve myself and order room service. A dream to be able to strip in public and be called eccentric not crazy. Yes! a dream to do nothing!!! Nothing but random useless tasks to fill the void in my meaningless rich life and kill the boredom of having NOTHING AT ALL to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you share this dream then this is the board for you!!! WELCOME FRIENDS!!! 

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"I finally got enough money - that I can buy my way out of anything.  I can do anything I want ... And I won! Finally, Big Ern is above the law! It's a great feeling." Big Ern, Kingpin (1997)



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"I realized something today. It’s not about me and my dream of doing nothing. It’s about all of us together. I don’t know what happened at that hypnotherapist the other day; maybe it was just shock. It’s wearing off now, but when I saw that fat man keel over and die, Michael, I realized that we don’t have a lot of time on this earth. We weren’t meant to spend it this way. Human beings weren’t meant to sit in little cubicles, starring at computer screens all day, filling out useless forms and listening to eight different bosses drone on about mission statements." --- Peter, Office Space



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NO ONE is responsible for your gains or losses in the market except YOU. If you follow stocks, strategies discussed on this board, you may LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY. Please weigh the strategies discussed here carefully against what you are willing to risk.

Many of the stocks discussed here are high risk and some WILL decline in value. Some are very high risk, and you could potentially lose ALL OF YOUR INVESTMENT.

I post here because I enjoy sharing my market experiences and strategies that have been succesful for me, but there is NO GUARANTEE that these strategies will be succesful in the future.

Please do your own due diligence before buying or selling ANY SECURITY in the open market.



#77439   BA Fitch Downgrade after hours! https://mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSL4N MWM 01/18/20 04:55:20 AM
#77438   LSCC I’ll be watching this week! MWM 01/18/20 04:49:03 AM
#77437   BA this is a damning summary https://www.latimes.com/business/story/2020-01-17/n MWM 01/18/20 04:43:55 AM
#77436   $LSCC the company $AAPL bought uses $LSCC guts: timmage 01/17/20 06:17:17 PM
#77435   I stole some GME Jan 31st $5.50 calls DTGoody 01/17/20 04:31:25 PM
#77434   Sure this market is perfectly normal. Squeezes to MWM 01/17/20 03:56:03 PM
#77433   BA closing near LOD! The news keeps getting MWM 01/17/20 03:48:39 PM
#77432   GME yep! MWM 01/17/20 03:45:36 PM
#77431   $LSCC next $AAPL purchase is the rumor. timmage 01/17/20 03:35:56 PM
#77430   DEAC and DEACW Big Money Loading Up! MWM 01/17/20 03:23:46 PM
#77429   BLDP sold my $12 Calls! Gotta go pick MWM 01/17/20 02:43:56 PM
#77428   BA Will the Max ever fly again? MWM 01/17/20 02:42:59 PM
#77427   $LSCC in some Feb 30 c at .50 timmage 01/17/20 02:30:42 PM
#77426   Let’s get PLUG to move in sympathy dr_praeses 01/17/20 02:02:54 PM
#77425   Pots $TLRY $CGC nice, should pull my little timmage 01/17/20 01:54:02 PM
#77424   $SNCA nutso move. timmage 01/17/20 01:49:59 PM
#77423   BA more bad news on more Max Software MWM 01/17/20 01:42:13 PM
#77422   BLDP Testing $12! MWM 01/17/20 01:38:08 PM
#77421   $BA finally going down... timmage 01/17/20 01:33:17 PM
#77420   BA this Could get Very Ugly! MWM 01/17/20 01:27:37 PM
#77419   GME getting a little volume spike? Starting to DTGoody 01/17/20 01:17:26 PM
#77418   brought back the SDC 1/17/20 calls for $.05 was16 01/17/20 12:57:00 PM
#77417   BA looking very weak today... MWM 01/17/20 12:54:54 PM
#77416   Sold TWTR 1/24/20 $34 naked Puts for $.55 was16 01/17/20 12:53:35 PM
#77415   BLDP is hot! MWM 01/17/20 12:45:03 PM
#77414   BA Watch it... MWM 01/17/20 11:01:05 AM
#77413   BA might be ready to give... MWM 01/17/20 09:49:39 AM
#77412   $YCBD traders should start piling in as a timmage 01/17/20 08:07:33 AM
#77411   $JMIA huge move, the Amazon of Africa... timmage 01/17/20 07:57:33 AM
#77410   The huge rotation taking place in the stock MWM 01/17/20 05:10:24 AM
#77408   Hedge funds are betting big Apple and Tesla MWM 01/16/20 06:31:01 PM
#77407   50 Cent is back at it again... MWM 01/16/20 06:23:10 PM
#77406   TMRC ripping back hard -- up 20% now dr_praeses 01/16/20 03:52:20 PM
#77405   All this Chatter lately, something has to give imo! MWM 01/16/20 03:37:45 PM
#77404   And the Rally Continues! Stretch it all the MWM 01/16/20 03:35:20 PM
#77403   Fossil need clean energy... it's a mandate now. eom7 01/16/20 03:22:09 PM
#77402   Just feels to me like someone is going MWM 01/16/20 03:18:17 PM
#77401   FCEL 2.25 - just bought Feb 3.50 calls eom7 01/16/20 03:14:26 PM
#77400   BLDP back in the Green! Steady Move Up! MWM 01/16/20 02:12:41 PM
#77399   Sold my TSLA $550's Crazy stock! People have MWM 01/16/20 02:11:01 PM
#77398   SIG get some Lotto Calls for tomorrow imo! MWM 01/16/20 02:07:30 PM
#77397   TSLA moving Fast! CRAZY! Biggest Short Squeeze ever imo... MWM 01/16/20 01:53:41 PM
#77396   NK $8.15 - starting back up again? Back eom7 01/16/20 01:48:46 PM
#77395   TSLA $510 and only down 1.5% Good Lord! Watchout! MWM 01/16/20 01:35:18 PM
#77394   Bought back 1/17/20 LK $45 Puts for $.15 was16 01/16/20 12:19:20 PM
#77393   Sold 1/24/20 LK $47.50 Puts for $2.2667 average was16 01/16/20 12:16:27 PM
#77392   Bought back CRWD 1/17/20 $60 Puts for $.25 was16 01/16/20 12:14:58 PM
#77391   Market must go Higher! Can not stop! MWM 01/16/20 12:08:20 PM
#77390   TSLA I swear they are going to run MWM 01/16/20 11:43:55 AM
#77389   YCBD — I like the catalyst and I dr_praeses 01/16/20 11:37:17 AM