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Liberty in USA Politics

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We have conservative boards and liberal boards, but where's the board for those who believe in the entire Bill of Rights, the US Constitution, and ALL the liberties we are supposed to enjoy?

I would say initially this board is for Libertarians, but instead we'll just say that for now the Libertarian Party demonstrates the strongest position that agrees with restoring our liberties, imo.

Board Rules:
Simple: No nasty personal attacks.
Don't overdo the political ads as sigs.
Once we've seen them, we don't need to see them over and over again.
Feel free to confront or ignore another poster with facts & opinions.
Just don't be cussing someone out. Be an adult and just agree to disagree.
Direct anger towards issues and damn politicians etc outside of IHUB instead of other posters.

Examples: You're a friggin asshole! UNACCEPTABLE
You're a turd....well that gets a pass
You're ignorant....gets a pass
as long as it is NOT a constant theme towards one or all.
With the election coming, tempers can flare....take them down a notch instead of going into a rage.

Example: The author of that article has his head up his ass...gets a pass

I would appreciate not having all caps in the subject line, but I do understand it happens sometimes when copying a post from somewhere else or someone uses caps on a word to stress it in the subject.

I dislike banning people and removing posts.
If someone is disruptive by intent or accident, I'd rather just say take it down a notch please and the same goes for posters. If someone is getting WAY over the top, just post and ask:

Take it down a notch, please.

Or: Drop it, I'm done with this discussion.

When someone wants to drop it, then just drop it with them.
You can still post your position as a new post directed at no one in particular.

Otherwise, have at it and play nice.
Do keep in mind that the IHUB TOU still has to be observed with the exceptions allowed on premium boards.

drop me a pm if you'd like to be an asst mod. I'd like to see some Libertarians as mods.

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