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*Song Playing: Fookamachi by.. well of coarse The Clydesdale! To hear more songs from The Clydesdale please visit their web sight So you want to know about The Clydesdale? You've been hearing the buzz thick through the Joshua trees and you're ready to fix you a big iron skillet of punk country? Well, pull off your boots, dust off your hats . . . and hell tie your horses to the trough cause It's time someone learned you on where Country and Western is really going. The Clydesdale is a four piece outfit. Chalk full of character with an extra helping of sass. Courtney Carroll, the percussionist (which is drummer for all yall laymen out there) has been known to make grown men cry and drop to their knees. . That is until they get a whiff of her "vocal stylings." Needless to say she sticks to drumming and looking pretty. Jason Aragon is the bass player, but he's not just a bass player . . . well really he is just a bass player. But he is damn good at what he does and he adds so much style and pizzazz to our little quartet. He is as fresh as the mill and as potent as a rattler come high noon buy him a drink sometime would ya ladies? Andrew Karasa has been known to cut men's fingers off. . mainly his own. That's right a carpenter by trade, crooner by nature. He also plays a mean lick on the guitar (which might I add he built himself!). . .ladies watch out for this one he has a whole hat full of stories and none of them go anywhere. Which brings us to me Paige Overton. The only thing more glittering than Vegas itself. She has millions of men by the hairs of their chin crawling over each other to the bar. . just to grab her a glass of water (warm with lemon, no ice for future reference) Her vocal stylings have been compared to everything across the spectrum. She also plays the rhythm guitar which is not so much spectacular as it is necessary to the sound! Yep the four of us get along real nice like here in the wild west known as Las Vegas. Between all the one arm bandits (slot machines), watering holes (bars), and colonels (mothers); we all try to stick together and steer clear of all that is corrupt in this little city (Oscar Goodman). Thanks for stopping by our little campfire come check us out the next time you're around the mountain. YALL COME BACK NOW YA HEAR! Much Obliged Paige Overton: The Clydesdale Look for more links in the messages below... Magazine Articles The City Life Las Vegas Life 944 Magazine Here is what a critic/writer wrote... here is some more sound clips.. Take yerself a listen to some of the other quality musicians we have had the pleasure to play with. Kick Out the Jams: Clydesdale at House of Brews, Feb. 2 The audience was sparse when alt-country quartet Clydesdale took the stage last Wednesday at the House of Brews. Eight distracted girls debated who among them had the best slut shoes while a few dozen barflies piled in the back around video poker machines. But by the time the band was tearing through its frenetic cow-punk cover of "Folsum Prison Blues," things had changed. Forty people had crammed closer to singer Paige Overton as her ferocious howl threatened to rip the roof off the dive. Clydesdale's burgeoning reputation as Las Vegas' best live act has much to do with their habit of quickly charming unfamiliar crowds. But it's not the band's rousing versions of Johnny Cash's best song or Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" that win over the uninitiated. It's Clydesdale's rollicking original material, songs that are actually better than its clever covers. Switching between a hollering wail and a breathless moan, Overton tells tales of sex, insanity, wandering lovers and shamed cowboys over punchy country punk. Clydesdale's best songs, the stomping "Pleasure" and the dreamy "Pins in Plates," see guitarist Andrew Kasawa, bassist Jason Aragon and drummer Courtney Carroll exchanging knowing glances as they create a lockstep groove behind her. Plus, they're interesting to look at. Tonight, Overton resembles a Brit mod housewife in denim, heels and beehive. Tall drink of water Kasawa wears painted-on-tight Wranglers and a cowboy hat as he picks out sinister guitar lines a la Reverend Horton Heat. Plucking a fretless bass, the lanky Aragon is in full-on `60s Eastwood gaucho mode in poncho and drawstring straw hat. A tattered shirt hangs from the shoulders of pixie-cute Carroll as she pounds the drums and pushes and pulls her squeezebox. But Overton and her powerful vocal cords provoke the most interest. In "All the Way Up My Skirt," she summons a fiery eroticism: "I finally turned into my body-ee-yee/ A hot kiss boils my blood/ I tried I tried to open my mouth/ But the words hit the floor with a thud." The rollicking "Another Sleepless Night" shows off just how confidently she can hit notes as she croons, "I've already lost my sleep and sanity-ee-ayahay-eee." This is visceral honky tonk not to be missed.--Jim Bialek --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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