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ITM Power are an English Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer Co listed on the London AIM Market They have around £25m in cash and a cash burn of under £5m pa
Website http://www.itm-power.com/

ITM make the astonishing claim that they hold the keys to the hydrogen economy
This claim is based on new patented membrane materials for use in fuel cells , electrolyzers photo voltaic cells (solar cells) and photo electrolysis cells ( which produce hydrogen direct from sunlight).
This material is 1% of the cost of the world industry standard Nafion made by Dupont
It is 25% more conductive than Nafion and does not suffer from many of the features which cause nafion fuel s cells and electrolyzers to be so expensive
These advantages over Nafion are:
The material is hydrophilic ( water tolerant ) unlike Nafion which must be kept dry
The material can be acid or alkaline unlike Nafion which can only be acidic
The material is not dependent on platinum catalysts and works well with low cost catalysts
The material can operate at either high current density or high voltage
The material water flow can be controlled ultrasonically
In addition
Individual cells in a stack can be switched on or off or varied unlike Nafion cells which can only be controlled at the stack level This means for example that the output of a 100Kw stack can be controlled in steps of 200w or 0.2%
The material is cheap to buy
The cell stack can be moulded in multiples of around 25Kw at a volume of 1m3 simply by pouring the liquid membrane material into a fuel cell or electrolyzer frame inside a box. When irradiated with gamma rays the unit becomes solid
The overall impact of these advantages is that ITM fuel cells and electrolyzers can be made for under 10% % of the selling price of the current best in class and will deliver a higher and more reliable performance
The membrane material has been successfully operated as an electrolyzer on a test rig on a 30min/off 30min on cycle for over 10000hrs

ITM fuel cells will be suitable for deployment in a wide range of products including, portable power requirements (e.g. laptops, mobile phones), domestic power plants, UPS systems, distributed (non-grid) power, motor cars and other forms of transport.
ITM electrolyzers have a wide range of applications including the production of hydrogen from off peak or green power
for use as 
  A fuel in domestic low carbon housing to produce peak power or use in cooking or heating 
  An additive to diesel where a saving of 14% in mpg is obtained together with reduced emissions (road transport, locomotives, ships and planes)
 A fuel for hydrogen powered cars either manufactured at gas stations or in a home Refuelling Unit 
  Standbye engines 
  Improving combustion performance of power station boilers 
  Cooling power station generators
 Low cost / high performance replacement for catalytic converters

Business Model
ITM intends to build income streams from a variety of sources as the advantages of ITM systems are recognised. ITM does not intend to become a large scale manufacturer but will seek to join industry partners and OEMs to deliver low cost solutions, although there may be occasions where low volume high margin production would be undertaken.
It is therefore envisaged that revenues will primarily be generated by commercialisation of both technologies
via four main avenues:
. joint ventures;
. licensing;
. grant funding; and
. niche manufacturing opportunities.

ITM claim their electrolyzer can be made for under $164/Kw
The true cost is probably around $60/Kw in high volume production
Current electrolyzers on the market today sell for over $2000/Kw
On 9 July 2008 unveiled a  a 10Kw Home Electrolyser Unit at a media event in England  The volume cost of this Home Refueler is approx $4000 with a projected life cycle of at least 10000 running hrs   (last real time test was over 11500hrs)
The Home Refueller is capable of making H2 at 75 bar from offpeak power for around $1.83 per gal of gasolene equivalent Approx 3hrs of electrolysis are needed to make the H2 for one gal of gas
ITM will also be offering a 75 bar retrofit H2 tank and system which will comfortably give 25mls per day in a Ford Focus Greater mileages are possible with vehicles capable of taking larger 75 bar tanks

A collaboration agreement with Roush Technologies UK was announced on 28 March 2008 to jointly market ITM`s Home Electrolyser and a Roush hydrogen/gas Ford Transit 
A Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) has been signed with United States Naval Undersea Warfare Center to investigate unmanned submarine applications for ITM`s dual liquid fuel cells
An MOU has been signed with HEC of Iowa to develop non polluting green energy systems 

An agreement has been signed with Mike Strizki of Renewable Energy International to provide electrolysers for hydrogen homes in the Caribbean
A productionised version of a dual liquid non inflammable micro fuel cell has been demonstated to military agencies

A project to make liquid fuel from atmospheric carbon dioxide and hydrogen from an electrolyser has produced encouraging results
A 2004 project to use low cost patented materials to replace silicon in a solar cell and therebye increase conversion efficiency is showing promising results
Hydrogen/diesel combustion  trials have demonstrated that a hydrogen / diesel mixture of 20% to 30% in common rail engines will provide the same performance at greatly reduced pollution

The addition of 7% hydrogen enables engines running on natural gas to half their already low emissions and improve their mpg This hydrogen can be sourced for free  using buses and similar vehicles  via a low cost ITM electrolyzer powered by roof mounted solar panels

A site worth visiting is Greg Blencoe of Hydrogen Discoveries. Greg has been tireless in promoting the cause of the role of hydrogen in the global green economy His impartial assessment of ITM technology vindicates the belief of all LTHs

If ITM can deliver what they claim, then they are in the forefront of opening up the hydrogen economy


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