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Is Bob Bad For iHub? (BADBOB)

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Here you go. Keep it out of the Questions and Answer thread. If you want to give the reasons you think it's a bad idea for me to be filling my role here, let's hear it. Both sides welcome and I'll likely participate from time to time. All rules of the site apply. So no personal attacks, even if they're directed at me. And I've alluded a few times to the notion of harassment via posting volume, and do want to address that in the Terms of Use at some point, and will test and refine it with this thread, so here are the rules that're specific to this thread: 1. No more than 10 posts (per person) to this thread in any 6-hour period. 2. In every 6-hour period in which you post to this thread (whether one post or the maximum), you must post at least one on-topic stock-related post to an appropriate thread. Violation of either of those rules can result in temporary suspension of posting privileges. Simple rules. I trust we're all up to the challenge of adhering to them.. Addendum: In the interest of making it easier to police this rule, I'd appreciate it if everyone would voluntarily add the post-number for the 6-hour period and include a link to their requisite on-topic on-stock post into one of their 6-hour messages. Since I will not (for now, at least, and maybe never) post on-topic commentary in stock threads, I am exempt from the "one on-topic stock-related post" rule. I will, however comply with the first rule, as I could also stand some practice in being more selective about my battles. A "6-hour period" is any of the following time periods: Midnight to 6:00AM 6:00AM to noon Noon to 6:00PM 6:00PM to midnight All times Eastern.
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#212   Is this where to post complaints about the Cassandra 04/01/03 11:47:05 AM
#211   Cute, Bob PappaJohn 04/01/03 08:41:43 AM
#210   Bob is cool!! usuck ani knowit 09/25/02 10:13:51 PM
#209   Glad you found it. vam 02/06/02 03:42:29 PM
#208   Hey, I finally found my id. (lost my wallet) BugBuster 02/06/02 03:22:59 PM
#207   I second that motion. Bixmann 05/30/01 04:18:27 PM
#206   SI Admin (Bob) Rules! jsladek 05/17/01 09:05:34 AM
#205   wrong thread, sorry. marty_lewis 05/15/01 05:01:30 PM
#204   OK, I'm going to dishonor myself here, but.... Joemoney 05/15/01 04:11:58 PM
#202   Gary, HUH ????? SH Seahag 05/13/01 01:22:59 AM
#201   Oh my willth it menDS ... :-) Georgia Bard 05/13/01 12:02:36 AM
#200   Now someone is soppose to post and claim nycnpbbkr 05/12/01 10:54:26 PM
#199   Does a kid who just graduated from Wharton nycnpbbkr 05/12/01 10:48:27 PM
#198   You're breakin' my heart, Gary. -g Poet 05/12/01 07:42:40 PM
#197   This is on topic and should be carefully Georgia Bard 05/12/01 05:45:53 PM
#196   BADBOB, Aw, don't try to pull the wool over Poet 05/12/01 08:48:18 AM
#195   We're not planning to charge anytime soon. Was (Bob) 05/12/01 02:56:20 AM
#194   It's my great pleasure to point out the Was (Bob) 05/12/01 02:53:40 AM
#193   Taken in the context of the sentence that Was (Bob) 05/12/01 02:41:22 AM
#192   Posted on SI JXM 05/11/01 09:35:39 PM
#191   Immediately Humble Unto Bob (new thread) Joemoney 05/11/01 09:27:20 PM
#190   Shameless plug follows... smchan 05/11/01 08:58:40 PM
#189   and I disagree with Vendit...this site wont go Vendit 05/11/01 07:59:57 PM
#188   You can take you complaints to the CoB Vendit 05/11/01 07:49:36 PM
#187   who's alias is "Gary Swancey"'s? he wrote Joemoney 05/11/01 07:27:33 PM
#186   You can take you complaints to the CoB Seahag 05/11/01 04:15:28 PM
#185   So, is this an honor system? How does Seahag 05/11/01 04:10:36 PM
#184   Dear BADBOB, Poet 05/11/01 01:12:29 PM
#183   The iHub model is more like our own Lola 05/11/01 01:10:25 PM
#182   In the case of SI you had at Was (Bob) 05/11/01 12:30:00 PM
#181   HA! and who said you couldnt be funny Lisa aka Viperchick 05/11/01 11:52:01 AM
#180   Seemed there was a lot more dinging going Neenny 05/11/01 11:43:05 AM
#179   What rant? smchan 05/11/01 11:40:07 AM
#178   Hey Lisa Chan.... Lisa aka Viperchick 05/11/01 11:36:51 AM
#177   Thanks for the compliment, Lisa. smchan 05/11/01 11:33:07 AM
#176   you forgot to number your post Lisa aka Viperchick 05/11/01 11:30:45 AM
#175   Glad to see Vendit didn't get him fired...;-) Lisa aka Viperchick 05/11/01 11:30:05 AM
#174   It was Patti Smith, original punk rocker, artist, Poet 05/11/01 09:22:38 AM
#173   Patti Smith... At first I thought of the smchan 05/11/01 09:19:30 AM
#172   Making friends and influencing people no matter where occams_razor 05/11/01 08:51:46 AM
#171   Hi Sam Vendit 05/11/01 07:15:42 AM
#170   actually, you got dinged over on SI for JXM 05/11/01 02:26:42 AM
#169   Note to self: Caught up verifying stock-related Was (Bob) 05/11/01 02:15:02 AM
#168   Hi Sam, Poet 05/11/01 12:50:19 AM
#167   That said, we both are way off topic, smchan 05/10/01 11:18:03 PM
#166   That said, we both are way off topic, Vendit 05/10/01 11:04:23 PM
#165   Great points there Reid. The TOU says smchan 05/10/01 10:35:09 PM
#164   Bob Your director is not following CoB which falls Vendit 05/10/01 10:23:40 PM
#163   I won't agree to disagree because I'm 100% smchan 05/10/01 10:00:05 PM