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Anti-Aging Medical Corporation has adopted a multidisciplinary approach to product development. We have formed networks with top scientists from the fields of cellular and molecular biology, chemistry, controlled release drug delivery systems and medicine. They work to further our understanding of the processes of skin aging, photoaging, and other individual skin conditions. Through our unique relationship with these multidisciplinary networks, we are able to collaborate with the international medical community to deepen our knowledge of the skin and skin health. Along with our Our innovations and steadfast desire to help further the pursuit of technologies to improve skin health and with the proven effectiveness of existing products and applications, Anti-Aging Medical Corporation is at the forefront of the industry. Our acceptance and application of new technologies such as nano technology enables the successful distribution of the products� potency to be achieved amongst its users-namely you. Exclusive Technology Anti-Aging Medical Corporation began as a dream. Our researchers first teamed up to solve a scientific dilemma. To challenge the existing drug delivery platforms being used. There must be a better way While the benefits of various products by the public to combat the aging cannot be denied, its is the actual delivery into the person which lacked effectiveness and in turn reduced the potency of the product. Our proprietary drug delivery platform(Intra-Cellular Delivery Platform) allows us to simply increase the effectiveness of existing products and medicines to address the unfulfilled needs of patients and improve their health, longevity and quality of life. The active ingredients are delivered to the skin cells using ALphaRx�s Colloidal Lipid Dispersion intra-cellular delivery system which have a mean droplet size of 200 nanometer (1/20 the size of a human blood cell). These droplets incorporated with active ingredients are able to penetrate the upper stratum layers into the lower dermis to deliver the ingredients for cell stimulation and production. These new skin cells begin their long migration to the outer surface to replace damaged and/or aged cells. Active ingredients in CLD formulation are much more potent than other cream formulations and less irritation because of the smaller particle size. Address: 7030 Woodbine Ave, St. 500 Markham, ON L3R 6G2 Canada Website: Telephone: (905)943-4938 For Innolife Pharma as of 5-17-2007 there were 8,467,000 shares outstanding with 6,053,000 shares free trading and 2,414,000 shares restricted and 3,000,000,000 shares authorized. Thank you Jason M. Bogutski - President Signature Stock Transfer, Inc. 2301 Ohio Drive - Suite 100 Plano, Texas 75093 Telephone Number 972 612 4120 Facsimile Number 972 612 4122 Email Address Signature Stock Transfer, Inc. 2301 Ohio Drive - Suite 100 Plano, Texas 75093 Telephone: (972) 612-4120 Fax: (972) 612-4122 Useful Emails Flexogan - Flexogan is a series of topical arthritis and muscle pain relief creams. Flexogan has a unique delivery formulation that increases the speed, volume, and sustained duration of drug penetration through the skin in animal studies. NuProm - The NuProm System utilizes AlphaRx’s proprietary BCD (Bioadhesive Colloidal Dispersion) drug delivery technology enabling the delivery of active ingredients to cells under the skin’s surface. These active ingredients are entrapped within small oil droplets of the formulation. This droplet size is less than 100 nm (0.1 micron) or one-tenth the size of a human red blood cell. The resultant droplet size is 10 to 20 times smaller than dispersions found in traditional formulations. As a result, NuProm formulations penetrate the skin, delivering active ingredients to target cells beneath the surface. CoQ10 ER - CoQ10 ER is a novel formulation which completely disperses CoQ10 ER into nano droplets in the GI tract. The average size of these oil droplets is less than 200 nanometers. These oil droplets can easily penetrate the bilayer of human cells and increase serum Coenzyme Q10 concentration according to one human trail. LipoBloc - Natural plant extracts known as “phytosterols” have been proven in numerous clinical studies since the 1950’s to reduce serum cholesterol. More recent research has shown that the unique formulation of “solubilized phytosterols” in LipoBloc® produce higher reductions in total serum cholesterol, LDL (the “bad” or “Lousy” ) cholesterol and more significant increases in the ratio of HDL (the “good” or “Healthy”) cholesterol to total cholesterol. Unlike conventional products, LipoBloc® phytosterols are 100% dispersed in the gastrointestinal fluid and more effectively block the direct absorption of cholesterol and the reabsorption of bile acids from the intestinal tract, which form cholesterol in the body. ProstaEZ - ProstaEZ is the only dietary supplement containing solubilized Beta-sitosterol. This has been shown by various studies to be an effective agent in the relief and prevention of problems caused by an enlarged prostate gland when taken on a regular basis. ProstaEZ also contains other additional natural components known to help maintain a healthy prostate gland. Instructions: Right click the FIRST image and "save target as" on image to download Recent Communication from AAGM: as of 11/29/2006 Thank you very much for your continued support. Because of limited financial resources, we are very careful as to how we allocate our resources. We believe that the neuro Rx business will position the company for long term growth. This is a market with tremendous growth potential; and we and our partners believe that we could find a strong marketing partner as early as Phase I. We are using the licensing model for the OTC products and in this end we have gone through negotiations with two mlm companies without success and there are 2 more in the due diligence stage. We intend to stick to this approach as we believe this is the only way to launch our otc products due to limited marketing budget. We are very confident that we will find a good partner for our OTC products and start generating revenues. Ismart is working on the new website, we are planning to launch it in January 2007. Please be patient as we are working as diligently as we can. ...or... 01/23/07 Anti Aging Medical Group Corp. Reports Corporate Milestones 11/15/06 Anti Aging Medical Group Corp. Provides Corporate Update 11/09/06 Anti Aging Medical Group Corp. Establishes Collaboration With AlphaRx and Leading Neurologists for Alzheimer's Disease 10/16/06 Anti Aging Medical Group Corp. Announces Revamping of New and Improved Website 09/13/06 Anti Aging Medical Group (AAGM) Identifies Three Potential Partners to Distribute Their Array of Products 08/09/06 Anti Aging Medical Group Corp. (AAGM) Introduces the "Next Generation of Weight Control Supplements" 08/01/06 Anti Aging Medical Group (AAGM) Takes a Big Step in Preparing to Sell Flexogan(TM) On-Line to Its Customers 07/18/06 Anti Aging Medical Group Corporate Update to Shareholders 06/13/06 Anti-Aging Medical Group Enters Multi Billion Dollar Heart Health Market With New Product LipoBloc 06/06/06 Anti Aging Medical Group Acquires Distribution Rights for Vitamin Energy Supplement CoQ10 ER Extended Release 05/25/06 Anti-Aging Medical Group Officially Opens New Office in Hong Kong 05/17/06 AAGM Acquires North American Marketing Rights for New Line of Skin Care Products 05/10/06 Anti Aging Medical Group Secures a Supplier for Its Flexogan US Launch 05/04/06 Anti Aging Medical Group Considers Opening Hong Kong Office to Capitalize on Successes of Its Recent China Trip 04/19/06 Anti Aging Medical Group Announces Corporate Update 04/06/06 Anti-Aging Medical Corp Invited to Hong Kong to Meet Alpha AP to Discuss Marketing Ideas for Flexogan and Explore Mutual Synergies and Interests 04/04/06 Anti-Aging Medical Group Enters Annual U.S. Quarter Billon Dollar Topical Analgesic Market 03/29/06 Anti-Aging Medical Corp. Now Listed on Pinksheets Daily List - keep an eye out for familiar symbols OTC: OTCBB: These lists are updated several times per day POTENTIAL CATALYSTS: -website launch in Jan 2007 -in talks with 2 new MLM companies (due diligence phase) -announcement of a marketing partner as early as Phase I
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