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This board is a discussion board about companies that are working to put BioMem technology into the human body within the next few years.  Currently, the main focus is on SMART CONTACT LENSES.

We will ONLY be discussing companies develping technologies that go 'In' the body, 'With' smart technology.  Hence, 'InWith'.  If there is a company that is currently not under discussion, or listed in this intro, let us know and we will get it going.

This board is NOT here to discuss the validity of any of the companies listed.  Discussion about whether or not its a scam or shady, or any other topic not related to just it's technology and what the company wants to do with it, is not allowed.  If anybody wants to discuss the validity of the company itself, it's fundamentals, it's PPS, or it's management, then go and visit that page's investor hub stock board.  Otherwise, this will not be the board for you.  

If any additional data is available from other board sites, IR sites, etc, feel free to mention them or supply links to them as long as the post isn't promoting the other site and as long as they fit the rules stated above, they will be allowed.


Companies currently up for discussion are:

EPGL MED  https://investorshub.advfn.com/EP-Global-Communications-Inc-EPGL-7241/

SENSIMED  http://www.sensimed.ch/en/

GOOGLE     https://investorshub.advfn.com/Google-Inc-GOOG-2518/

SAMSUNG   https://investorshub.advfn.com/Samsung-Electronics-Ltd-SSNLF-25940/

JOHNSON & JOHNSON  https://ih.advfn.com/stock-market/NYSE/johnson-johnson-JNJ/stock-price



Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, simply referred to as UNIST, is one of the four public universities in South Korea which are dedicated to research in science and technology

They are coming up with a lens that introduces a new biosensing contact lens capable of detecting glucose levels in patients with diabetes.  They are a long ways out and will have to figure out how to do it on silicon hydrogel lenses.  Its a long shot for them, but worth following.

E-VISION-  http://evisionoptics.com

These guys look pretty cool.  Back in 2015 they 
announced the successful completion of a prototype version of their electronic contact lens platform device to demonstrate the ability to electronically change diopters in real time to prospective licensing partners.  The Electronic Contact Lenses will offer features including onboard power/control, remote setting and activation, dimensions that fit within current contact lens size requirements, and up to four diopters of control, or more, that can be switched in 50 milliseconds.

RAAYONNOVA, LLC  (Private company.  No image available.)
They have some patent applications for smart lens technology.  They have to work through the USPTO denials, as does every company.  Will their tech be able to stand up?  Tie will tell  Worth following.
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