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IHUB's Most Memorable Quotes!

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Last Post: 12/30/2010 10:07:35 AM - Followers: 5 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0

Welcome To IHUB's Most Memorable Quotes!

The Rules are

- Post the Quote and the Link, nothing else...

- This board is for a good laugh nothing else, so calm down if one of your posts get thrown up here, you should feel honored!

- I'm going to try to keep a running top 25 when we get enough posts so not every post is going to be immortalized but the best ones will make the cut! 

 - Again NO FIGHTING any posts causing a fight will be deleted and the quote lost Forever! Please remember this is all in good fun!

 Top Quotes

"All stocks are Shit" - Wayne R

"Putting a temporary rule in place protecting companies who failed to make sound decisions from taking the beating they deserve in the market is like telling the gym class they can't throw the ball at the slow fat kids during the dodge ball game.
As much as you don't want to see it happen, it is what it is. "

"That's not how we do it." - Lorraine Brighton-Smith, Interwest Transfer, regarding GVRP, May 18th, 2005

"Very good chance to go up tomorrow upon ASk getting hit and no sales IMO" -Dart1961

 "With all due respect jjinvest, we also talk with (ceo) bill gates. cause we own shares of aapl, does that make us insiders, i dont think so, we just stay on top of thing thats all. go nubv glta nubv-man" - NUBV

"Yes, I am the cause of all misfortune not only on iHub & the World Financial Markets but also for any other thing that goes wrong in this Galaxy" -Churak

"I was just thinking, I know I know  I don't do that very much do I" -2Late


#124   This is a true winner, this is in MWM 12/30/10 10:07:35 AM
#123   This one is a little hard to understand penny me 12/14/10 07:26:09 PM
#122   (no trick used to demoralize longs is ever scion 12/07/10 02:27:05 PM
#121   BRIG_88 BRIG_88 11/11/10 12:11:41 PM
#120   I too believe there are other longs who scion 11/11/10 09:48:19 AM
#119   I too believe there are other longs who scion 11/11/10 09:46:49 AM
#118   I too believe there are other longs who scion 11/11/10 09:46:08 AM
#117   I only know that my own attitude is scion 08/25/10 07:54:29 PM
#116   "For a successful technology, reality must take precedence MorningLightMountain 08/08/10 11:43:16 PM
#115   My Disclosure/Disclaimer MorningLightMountain 08/08/10 11:37:25 PM
#114   I chose to mark the one about your scion 08/08/10 06:57:55 PM
#113   Not a good idea to post how many MWM 08/05/10 12:40:13 AM
#112   i have this saying given enough time .. scion 08/03/10 11:19:47 AM
#111   She'll find a way to interpret the vibrations scion 07/24/10 02:13:50 PM
#110   They've upgraded to the more secure tin cans zomniac 07/24/10 01:57:01 PM
#109   showing some of the games played by both scion 07/24/10 12:18:47 PM
#108   Good Ones! MWM 07/21/10 03:50:13 PM
#107   ..this wasn't a dump, it was an Engineered scion 07/21/10 03:48:04 PM
#106   thanks. I still believe in this company and scion 07/14/10 03:44:20 PM
#105   After showing this gentleman that the assets of MWM 03/02/10 10:25:57 AM
#104   Posted by: socalmd123 PennyJones 12/10/09 11:25:42 AM
#103   Posted by: ohiotom PennyJones 12/09/09 04:09:08 PM
#102   thank you for excluding mine....they often make sense....lol ohiotom 12/09/09 03:55:18 PM
#101   loool koolmc 12/09/09 03:36:41 PM
#100   Ha! good one! MWM 12/09/09 03:25:41 PM
#99   From Yahoo board but I had to add PennyJones 12/09/09 03:24:57 PM
#98   LOL Dream 12/09/09 12:41:10 PM
#97   http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=44336358&txt2find= MWM 12/09/09 12:37:16 PM
#96   New Addition and one of my most favorite MWM 03/11/09 08:53:51 AM
#94   ROTFFFF!!! That's some funny shit! Dream 09/10/08 09:19:27 AM
#93   a funny post on FFGO Buckey 09/10/08 09:01:35 AM
#92   Clowns. eom Dream 08/27/08 09:28:58 AM
#91   FFGO - yes mortgage your house Buckey 08/27/08 09:26:03 AM
#90   I was just thinking lmbass 08/26/08 07:57:13 PM
#89   LOL weeeeeeeeeeee! Dream 08/26/08 07:06:01 PM
#88   Aaaarrrggghhh!!! Wildbilly 08/26/08 06:13:30 PM
#87   http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=31741363 Posted Uh Clem 08/26/08 06:08:28 PM
#86   It is sad LOL really sad Buckey 08/26/08 09:03:06 AM
#85   Coo-Coo! MWM 08/26/08 09:00:19 AM
#84   OH dear the FFGO board is full of Buckey 08/26/08 08:57:45 AM
#83   Probably more like the level of paid promo... MWM 08/25/08 01:51:46 PM
#82   The FFGO board could fill this board with Buckey 08/25/08 01:40:17 PM
#81   I swear this is the last one I Train1 08/25/08 01:12:58 PM
#80   No Prob! Thanks for the Comedy! MWM 08/23/08 06:17:10 PM
#79   i'm sorry. will do in the future. Uh Clem 08/23/08 06:15:12 PM
#78   Please post a link with your quote Thanks! MWM 08/23/08 06:11:54 PM
#77   Posted by: chloebware Date: Saturday, Uh Clem 08/23/08 01:46:00 PM
#76   Never LOL ProfitChaser 08/22/08 05:59:41 PM
#75   Ha Don't mess with the Chu! MWM 08/22/08 04:26:55 PM
#74   This quote is well deserved and poster should ProfitChaser 08/22/08 04:12:23 PM
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