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In 10+ years of OTC investing ive come across MANY POS companies out there with MANY POS CEOs and management teams... 

In the past couple of years after finding this site Ive invested in exactly 3 OTC companies in TOTAL that I have a LONG TERM outlook on.... Those 3 along with my (as I call it) SWING PLAY OF THE MOMENT (currently SPCL) are all in my "MY STOCKS" page, with the date of TRUE investment as the date they became a "my stock" pick.

These companies were all either non reporting, not profitable, high in debt, or completely UNKNOWN at the point of initial investment, but they all had 2 things in common:

1- COMPETENT AND ACCESSABLE OR NEW MANAGEMENT - or changing business model and...

Since the initial investment all 3 are either profitable, or in EXTREME growth mode with profitablitiy coming in '17

The OTC is the WILD WILD WEST, and most of us here would much rather put our money into REAL companies that have a bright future vs one that is a POS, but has MOMO for the moment....

Problem is most of us put our money into POS companies simply because they have "MOMO" at the moment...

"MOMO" is fleeting, and if you arent FIRST out you are LAST in capital returns... you find yourself tripping over your fellow shareholders to sell and keep any green you can.

That is not an issue for the LONG companies mentioned on this board.... and the DD says it all.

This board is for everyone who actually wants to share in INVESTMENT RETURNS alongside TRUE LIKE-MINDED LONG TERM INVESTORS (YES THEY ARE OUT THERE!!!) while also making some quick flipping returns on what may be a "best of the rest" swing trade...
RXMD PGUS RJDG and shorter term SPCL fit the bill.

Below is DD compiled from the main boards of each ticker to help anyone interested in joining a SOLID group of LONG TERM DD INVESTORS. For us, the CHART is but a simple data point alongside what matters MOST----- FUNDAMENTALS!






Company increased revenue from $13,642,704 in 2015 to $18,318,567 in 2016. That's a 34% increase;

Assets increased from $1,361,052 in 2015 to $2,610,167 in 2016. That's a 92% increase in assets (while liabilities increased only 63%);

Profit went from the 2015 net loss of $1,219,359 to the 2016 net income of $209,319, bringing the Total Stockholders' Deficit from (3,419,896) to (3,210,577);

$18M+ in revenue, PROFITABLE, growing 34%/yr... and only $3.2M in TOTAL deficit --- absolutely fantastic, almost unheard of in penny stocks --- if you let anyone tell you that's looks bad, well, I'm sorry you don't read financial statements much and you therefore can't get comfortable with holding stocks for more than a day or a week (because you have NO CLUE what you're holding) >

And cash on hand went from $289,677 on Dec 31, 2015 to $816,220 on Dec 31, 2016 - that's a lot of cash on hand!

It doesn't take much time to see in the financial statements and throughout the report that everything Shital has put in the PR's about the business expansion - physical expansion AND services expansion AND revenue-producing business entity expansion - is where the rest of the profit is going... right back into the business for growth!

Do I think it's possible for the business to grow revenue by another 34%? After growing 34% last year? And 21% in 2015? And 21% in 2014?

SUBSTANTIAL GROWTH year over year, quarter over quarter, and the greatest growth this past year and that was BEFORE any significant contribution could be made from the high-efficiency robotic dispensing and the physical expansion and improvements. So where did it come from? Could it be that the company spoke truthfully all of last year about the various services that have been added and the impact they're having for attracting more and more high-margin customers and health service 'partners' (doctors, clinics, etc)? No doubt.

So, no - I think the company can do not only 34% growth this year, but the potential is there for much more. Organically? Absolutely, the 34% to 40% range is clearly possible, if not probably. However, with the strength Progressive Care & PharmCo has now, it's only a matter of time before a significant M&A move is made, IMO. So I look for growth to be higher.

Now, considering that revenue has grown in a big way, cash on-hand is fantastic, the company has access to capital for even more rapid expansion or other growth activities... and the stock is actually down 50% from when the compared had significantly lower revenues and had yet to show NET PROFITABILITY... and we have just BEGUN to see the effect of the business expansion...

Looks to me like shorts and naysayers have some conflicts to resolve... quickly. I just don't think the market's going to sit back and keep letting the little people dictate this artificially low price anymore.

But that's just my opinion, I think everyone ought to learn how to read financial statements and sort real information from boilerplate legal safe harbor statements... and sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to "opinions." It's called DD, and it pays off well for those who put a little effort into it - gives you a little peace of mind when you can hold a strong position and let your money do the work FOR you. In a BIG way! That $1 price that I wrote about a year ago? Looks to me like we're in for some real progress in that direction.

How RXMD is going to get to $1

This is a 50x improvement over today's ~$0.02 share price. Do I think it will happen this year? Though some believe it's possible, I wouldn't bet the farm on it. Do I think it's very possible within the next 3-5 years? Absolutely! Here's how and why...

First, Progressive Care, Inc. (RXMD) is clearly undervalued, but the pps is correcting and will be reaching upward for 0.10+ before you know it. Organic growth and a handful of acquisitions - simply executing the strategic plan - will do the rest. I see RXMD as a serious buyout target in 2-3 years!

Large national pharmacy companies are fending off competition from mail-order prescription discounters, online pharmacies, wholesale retailers such as Costco and health clinics, among others:

• Dec 16, 2015 - CVS Health Corporation (NYSE:CVS) and Target Corporation (NYSE:TGT) announced today that CVS Health has completed the acquisition of Target's pharmacy and clinic businesses for approximately $1.9 billion.
• Oct 28, 2015 - Walgreens said on Tuesday that it will buy rival Rite Aid in a $17.2 billion deal that would whittle the nation's one-time mom-and-pop drug-store industry into two massive chains. Walgreens Boots Alliance, which operates the namesake drug store chain, said it is paying $9 per share in cash in a valuation that includes the assumption of debt. That reflects a 48% premium above Rite Aid's value at the close of trading Monday.
• Aug 19, 2015 - CVS Health Corp. (CVS - Analyst Report) has completed the acquisition of Ohio-based pharmacy services provider, Omnicare, for $12.7 billion, including a debt of $2.3 billion, well ahead of time. The buyout reflects the company’s foray into a new pharmacy distribution channel – the long-term specialty care market.
• From a 2010 article:
Omnicare has a rich history of growth through acquisitions, which has made it a dominant player in the industry. The company boasts a reasonably sound balance sheet and is well positioned with healthy cash flow, which it can use for further acquisitions, debt repayments and share repurchases. Omnicare is pursuing an aggressive acquisition strategy in fiscal 2010. The company agreed to buy institutional pharmacy businesses in July 2010 and is also in advanced negotiations for other acquisitions.

While the goliaths have been hammering away at acquisitions and consolidation in the broader pharmacy retail sales and services markets to maximize commodity-type margins, Progressive Care, Inc. (RXMD) has been quietly whittling away at a health services business model that focuses on a small but substantial piece of the very large pie. This piece of pie, however, concentrates on high-margin revenue derived from medications and services for an underserved segment of the market. Progressive Care specializes in the care and management of patients with special needs, long-term care needs, and including medications for infectious diseases.

As stated in the Open Letter to Shareholders, Progressive Care will continue to strengthen the successful PharmCo model by "adding business elements that cater to specific under-served markets and demographics." In doing so, Progressive Care raises the bar, creating a steeper barrier to entry for regional competition in existing markets. For example, Progressive Care will add a "closed-door pharmacy facility" to the existing PharmCo operation this year. It seems likely that this will be a nearby (near the existing PharmCo site) satellite pharmacy operation embedded in a long-term care or other health services facility in one of the underserved markets/demographics of focus.

As also stated in the Open Letter to Shareholders, Progressive Care "will also look for opportunities to expand the pharmacy through establishing new locations or through mergers/acquisitions with similarly positioned independent pharmacies," and "will seek licensures in additional states in order to begin positioning PharmCo as a national brand."

Progressive Care, Inc. (RXMD) has it in the game plan to grow revenue organically and to expand into other markets nationally through acquisitions.

The goliaths have it in their game plan to continue increasing shareholder value - indefinitely. As the pending market consolidation in the major pharmacy store and services sector is nearing completion, these companies will look to the next opportunities, especially those that offer higher gross margins. They will not be able to do this organically through existing infrastructure, as the services are much more specialized than what a discount pharmacy operation can profitably support. That is, it's simply not a good product mix. The only way they will be able to continue improving shareholder value at their historic rates is through acquisitions.

If you're trading on the OTCBB and you're new to RXMD, it would be a very smart move IMO to diversify your "investments" and take 10-20% of your funds and get a starting position in this stock for the long-haul growth toward this 40-50-60x gain opportunity over 3-5-7 years. Add when you can on any dips and stay long, and use other funds for flipping other penny stocks if that's something that appeals to you. Wanna retire young? This is a road map that's easy to read.

RXMD is a STABLE and GROWING company that is checking off all the right boxes...

Easy communication with management
Respects shareholders
Zero dilution in '16 in fact O/S reduced by 12M shares from 1/16 to 1/17
O/S ~344M
A/S 500M
Price is over 50% below the 52 week high, and sales and profits have gone up 30% since then


BUY and HOLD 3-5 yrs minimum








About ProGreen US, Inc. & CEO Jan Telander ProGreen US, Inc. (ProGreen), (OTCQB: PGUS), www.ProGreenUS.com,

@ProGreenUS, is a US company engaged primarily with investments in agricultural and real estate projects in Baja California, Mexico, both through its joint venture partnership with Inmobiliaria Contel S.R.L.C.V. (Contel) and through its majorityowned Mexican subsidiary Procon Baja JV (Procon). Until 2016, the company was called ProGreen Properties, Inc., and was engaged in the business of acquiring, refurbishing and upgrading residential real estate into modern affordable homes, some being aimed at the local real estate market and some sold to European Property Investors. The company's name was changed effective July 22, 2016 to ProGreen US, Inc., "…to better reflect the expansion of the company's business activities going forward, investment in agriculture land in Baja California, further planning for residential and commercial real estate developments in the area, with integration of advanced solar technology." The ticker symbol was also changed, from PGEI to PGUS. Prior to ProGreen, Jan had been a property developer in Spain for nearly 40 years, had built several developments with his brother, Ulf, having built and sold over 500 properties. Jan was also a founder of the Swedish solar products manufacturer, SolTech Energy Sweden AB (SOLT:FN Stockholm).

Agricultural – Business Unit Joint venture (JV) agreements between ProGreen and Contel provide for Contel to contribute the land to the joint venture, as well as handling all planning, permits, preparation and construction, in order for the property to be worked, leased or sold as prime farm land. ProGreen is responsible for providing the financing. ProGreen receives with priority the return of the financed amount, from all revenue received, after which the profits are split equally between the two parties. Through the JV agreements with Contel, ProGreen controls nearly 14,000 acres of agricultural land in Baja, including 2,200 acres plus a 3-year option on the remaining 11,500 acres. Of the total agricultural land, ProGreen expects between 4,000 to 5,000 acres may be suitable for farming, depending on the availability of water. Some of the large remainder of the land – which could be 9,000 to 10,000 acres – will potentially be used for commercial and residential real estate in direct support of the farming operations and for the local economy and industry that may develop over time as a result of these operations. Four wells have been drilled on the first tract, producing an abundance of water. Contel has begun their growing operation with a first produce purchase agreement for $1.1 to $1.3 million (USD) for red chile peppers - from Agricola El Consuela, an exporter/importer to the U.S. market – which is being grown on the first 100 acres. The profit margin on this first crop is expected to be in the range of 55-60%. ProGreen has stated goals for Contel to increase the growing operation to 400 acres in 2018, 800 acres in 2019, and 1,200 acres in 2020.

Real Estate – Business Unit ProGreen's Mexican subsidiary, Procon, has purchased a tract of land near the town of El Rosario in Baja that covers a total area of approximately 5,000 acres with 4.7 miles of oceanfront. A Master Plan is being created for a very large resort-type retirement and vacation community called "Cielo Mar" that will cover all of this land. Translated into English, Cielo means "heaven" and Mar means "sea." The Cielo Mar planned community will be "heaven by the sea." The first phase of the development of the master plan is underway, and… Cielo Mar – The Community Cielo Mar will be a totally green, all-solar gated community, and will likely include the following, (which can be confirmed only when the master plan is completed): • Single Family Residences – est. 7,000 lots • Condominium Developments, Several – est. 3,000 units • Hotels, several – est. 3,000 rooms • Marina - for leisure craft • Golf Courses – 3 expected • Sports & Tennis Center • Bike, Hiking & Walking Trails • Green Areas & Parks • Museum • Equestrian Center • Beach Club • Commercial Center • Fiber Optic High Speed Internet • Water Reservoirs • Sewage Plants Cielo Mar Initial Market Introduction Offer The general plan is to select an initial small part of the land which will be the first phase of the development, to be completed with all infrastructure, i.e. water, sewage, tarmacked roads, street lighting, etc. This first phase will then serve as a reference for the rest of the development. With this first phase, the initial market offering will be for accepting "reservations" on A (premium), B and C lots, for example, for early buyers to be able to make final selection of their property locations once the master plan has been completed. The offer for these early reservations will come under the most attractive terms, and will allow early buyers to have preference in the selection of sites. This offer is expected to be made available before the end of March (2017). Cielo Mar Website An initial website for the Cielo Mar community will soon be launched, where the public will be able to follow the progress of this planned community. The initial market introduction offer for reservations will be included on the site, when launched.

Management Team for Cielo Mar Development Alejandro Espinoza Arroyo will be joining Procon as General Manager for the Cielo Mar development in April of this year. He is currently working as a consultant to Procon, overseeing the production of the topographical plan that is required for creating the Master Plan. Alejandro is an accomplished Civil Engineer who has managed 750 construction projects and 500 public tenders, covering a diverse range of development work for the Municipality of Ensenada, which takes up the majority of the state of Baja California. He was also the Plan Manager for Housing and Topography for all of the area within the municipalities of Tijuana, Tecate, and Rosarito Beaches for several years. In addition to his years of service as a large-scale Plan Manager and Project Manager, Alejandro is a well-known chronicler and historian of El Rosario, Baja California and the surrounding region.

About Jan Telander, President and CEO of ProGreen, has a partnership interest and participates in the management of Contel, which was formed in early 2016. Contel is a partnership between Jan and Flavio Contreras Espinoza, representing an extended family of Mexican land owners. The intent with Jan's interest in Contel was to provide a suitable entity with which to involve ProGreen for the development of properties in Baja. ProGreen cannot own agricultural properties under Mexican law, though Jan's partnership interest in Contel provides a level of control with final signing authority, per the partnership agreement.

About Procon Baja JV - Procon is ProGreen's joint venture subsidiary with Contel, and is owned by ProGreen (51%) and Contel (49%) jointly. The company is managed by a board of Managing Directors consisting of three members, two representing ProGreen and one representing Contel. At least two Managing Directors approval is needed for management decisions or major financial transactions, giving ProGreen full operational control. Procon is the holding company for the real estate land acquired for the Cielo Mar development. Business Development Timeline The Baja California, Mexico Map Image to the left shows the key location references for the Business Development Timeline below. The planned community, Cielo Mar, and the agricultural land controlled by the company are in relatively close proximity to El Rosario, approximately 150 miles south of Ensenada. The first ProGreen Farm, Arenoso, is on the main road called the Transpeninsular Highway, Highway 1. The Business Development Timeline below shows from the bottom starting in 2015 how both the Real Estate and the Agricultural business segments have developed until now, and looking forward. The Baja projects began with early investigation and due diligence into an opportunity presented by Mexican land owners with whom the company made contact, regarding options for monetizing their land. Business Development Timeline Projects Press Releases March 6, 2017 Agriculture Operation Launches "ProGreen Farms" Brand http://www.newmediawire.com/news/agriculture-operation-launches-progreen-farms-brand-4598656 January 23, 2017 Contel Signs Million Dollar Produce Agreement http://www.newmediawire.com/news/contel-signs-million-dollar-produce-agreement-4462364 February 02, 2017 ProGreen's Subsidiary Procon Acquires 5,100 Acres of Ocean Front Land in Baja http://www.newmediawire.com/news/progreen-s-subsidiary-procon-acquires-5-100-acres-of-ocean-front-landin-baja-4495168 Investors Hangout Live Steam AMA Conference Call February 21, 2017 ProGreen Invited to Live Stream Online Conference Call http://www.newmediawire.com/news/progreen-invited-to-live-stream-online-conference-call-4556857 Business / Finance Press Releases February 22, 2017 ProGreen CEO Provides a Second $250,000 Bridge Financing to the Company http://www.newmediawire.com/news/progreen-ceo-provides-a-second-250-000-bridge-financing-to-thecompany-4560474 February 1, 2017 $5 Million Equity Line Declared Effective http://www.newmediawire.com/news/5-million-equity-line-declared-effective-4492314 December 7, 2016 ProGreen Reduces Authorized Shares of Common Stock http://www.newmediawire.com/news/progreen-reduces-authorized-shares-of-common-stock-4315129 November 22, 2016 ProGreen Gets Further Funding From the CEO http://www.newmediawire.com/news/progreen-gets-further-funding-from-the-ceo-4247819 September 14, 2016 – ProGreen Uplists to OTCQB http://www.newmediawire.com/news/progreen-uplists-to-otcqb-3949855 July 21, 2016 – ProGreen Properties, Inc. Changes Its Name to ProGreen US, Inc. http://www.newmediawire.com/news/progreen-properties-inc-changes-its-name-to-progreen-us-inc-3739149
CieloMar Website New Form 4s and Debt Reduction

CEO stated on CC that debt WILL NOT CONVERT will be paid off in cash Hoppel note and AMREFA.

CEO Tweeted 4-4-2017
In response to enquiries in relation to recent bridge financing, we want to confirm our clear intentions to pay off all notes in cash...to pay off all notes in cash from proceeds resulting from this year's harvest of chili peppers, estimated to $1.1-$1.3 million.





Expecting announcement of lot reservations on or before April 21st resulting in Large Cash Flow for Company….


April 3,2017 Blog Update
New photos and videos have been added to the agriculture project page. Many of the irrigation main pipes have now been buried, and above-ground stations are being installed. When all have been completed, the drip tubing will be added. Planting will be in 2 weeks. The company has received inquiries regarding the recent Form D filing (available on EDGAR and OTC Markets). The Form D is a compliance requirement related to the bridge financing discussed in our previous update on March 25. As noted in the March 25 blog post, our intention is to pay off all notes in cash.
The CieloMarBaja.com website was launched last week, including the posting of the pre-sales reservation offer. Though lot reservations are not yet being accepted, we are very pleased with the strong interest we have already received. Those interested in reserving lots are encouraged to sign up for updates and notifications on the site, and include a message regarding their interest in front line oceanfront and/or general lots.

OUR GOALS [Stated February 23, 2017]
2017 - 100 acres
2018 - 400 Acres
Increase of 300% from 2017
2019 - 800 Acres
100% growth, up 700% from 2017
2020 - 1200 Acres
50% growth, up 1100% from 2017 1100%

We have set some goals, which at this time include only individual lots, and is as follows
2017 - 25 lots
2018 - 75 lots
2019 - 150 lots
2020 - 300 lots

- Valuations ranging from 0.12 to 0.31 (pps) in recent posts by DD-contributing board members. All valuations consider only ~1/3 of land currently under control for agricultural use. No value assigned to remaining 2/3 of this land which will likely contribute much more value at some point in the future.

- PLUS: cases shown in contributed DD for current and pending projects potentially leading to a $1 PPS valuation in the foreseeable future - possibly even within this calendar year. Additionally, blue sky potential for $2 PPS valuation if Contel (JV partner) growing operation is able to scale up rapidly enough to utilize up to 3,000-4,000 acres of additional land within 3 years.

Supply vs Demand - PGUS is still greatly undervalued, the free float is shrinking, and the great majority of what is left is being bought and held tight.

OTCQB Listed - As of 9/15/16

Share Structure and Ownership...
- A/S = 950m - REDUCTION BY 37% as of 11-07-16
- O/S = 349M
- Restricted = 103M
- CEO = 23.4M - Recent purchases, latest Form 4 filed 3/27//17
- Free Float = 223M - REDUCED, from recent CEO purchases
- CEO & Control Shareholders assumed debt and subscribed to preferred shares to inject funds, totalling ~$1M investment in February 2016.
- CEO is accumulating shares, buying up the float, purchased over 23M shares on open market in 2016-2017 - free float is shrinking.
- Free Float is being held tight and getting tighter: Many long investors holding strong positions, new long investors starting and building strong positions.

Upcoming events and status of recent business activities!!

ProGreen CEO Provides a Second $250,000 Bridge Financing to the Company
BLOOMFIELD, MI - (NewMediaWire) - February 22, 2017 - ProGreen US, Inc. (ProGreen), (OTCQB: PGUS), www.ProGreenUS.com, @ProGreenUS, is a U.S. company engaged primarily with investments in agricultural and real estate projects in Baja California, Mexico, both through its joint venture partnership with Inmobiliaria Contel S.R.L.C.V. (Contel) and through its majority-owned Mexican subsidiary Procon Baja JV (Procon). ProGreen has signed a 5% Promissory Note with the company's CEO, Jan Telander, for a second credit line of up to $250,000.

The Cielo Mar Plan


We see the community, Cielo Mar, likely including:
7,000 SFR Lots
Several Condo developments with estimated 3,000 Units
Several Hotels with estimated 3,000 rooms total
A Marina for leisure Craft – Escalera Nautica
3 Golf Courses
Sport and Tennis Centers
Bike- Hiking- and Walking Trails
Green Areas and Parks
Equestrian Center
Beach Club
Commercial Center
Fiber optics for high speed internet- Carlos Slim installed line north to south along the transpeninsular highway
Water reservoirs
Sewage Plants

We are planning to start taking reservations for individual lots for the first phase even before the master plan is completed as there is already demand.

We will be offering initial buyers very favorable pricing as they will in effect be partners.

Details will be presented in the Cielo Mar website due to be launched soon

As far as the condos,hotels and golf courses, marina etc, we intend to attract outside property investors and developers

With the commercial properties, we have various alternatives but the most likely is to lease the properties and create residual income

Sale of individual SF lots, there will be:

A- lots, B-lots, C-lots, with A-lots starting at the oceanfront pricing will vary with front line lots at a premium

We will do a first phase of 50-100 lots which will serve as reference for the rest of the development

Here we will also offer very attractive deals for people that will build early

We intend to market Cielo Mar very aggressively

ProGreen's Subsidiary Procon Acquires 5,100 Acres of Ocean Front Land in Baja
ProGreenUS is pleased to announce that our subsidiary, Procon Baja JV (Procon), has entered into a definitive purchase agreement for an ocean front tract of land situated near the town of El Rosario in Baja California. The land gently slopes towards the Pacific Ocean and covers a total area of 2,056 ha (5,100 acres) with 7,5 km (4.7 miles) of ocean front.
The land area is 233 ha (580 acres) larger than what was initially communicated on the company's website on December 21, 2016, as the land has been extended with a further 1.1 km (0.7 miles) oceanfront that initially was not included.
The architects will start working on a master plan, as soon as the land survey, currently in progress, has been completed, and an up to date plan of the land has been drawn.
We are presently in the process of building the management team for this development. Details on the members of this team will be published during the month of February. We will also initiate discussions with development partners once the initial development plans have been completed.
During February, we will also be launching a development website, where the public will be able to follow the progress of this planned community, from the very start.
"This real estate project will transform the future of ProGreen's involvement in Baja California. Having been a property developer for most of my life, I want to express that this development is the most exciting project that I have ever been involved with," said Jan Telander, President and CEO.

$5 Million Equity Line Declared Effective
(February 1, 2017)-The registration statement for the Equity Line financing with Tangiers, as announced on June 28, 2016, was declared effective today by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). The Company has the option as to whether to use this financing, which would only be accessed when favorable for the Company and its stockholders.
Company Tweet:The company has no intention to draw on the Equity Line at levels anywhere near the present share price.

Contel Signs Million Dollar Produce Agreement
ProGreenUS, is pleased to announce that the company's JV partner in Baja California, Mexico, Inmobiliaria Contel (CONTEL), signed an agreement with a major exporter of produce to the US. CONTEL will be growing red chilies on a 40 ha (100 acres) portion of the of the farmable 60 ha (150 acres) of the first tract of land under the JV with PROGREEN that was reported on previously. The buyer has committed $48,000 as up-front payment to secure the agreement.
The farming under this agreement, which is priced in US dollars, is estimated to yield 3,000-3,600 tons of produce with a value of $1.1 - 1.3 million and an estimated net margin of 55-60%. The JV agreement provides for 50/50 split of profits between PROGREEN and CONTEL. However, PROGREEN will first recover all of its investment in the operation prior to profits being distributed.
The produce will be harvested in 2-3 cuts, with the first expected for late June, and delivery will be to the buyer's packing plant in Ensenada, B.C.
CONTEL has intentionally chosen to limit this agreement to 40 ha giving the option to diversify production. The buyer has however announced serious interest in increasing the scope of future agreements for production of chilies to 100 ha (250 acres), to be able to meet demand.
"This is a big first step for CONTEL and PROGREEN under the JV partnership, as it solidifies an agreement with a major player as a first buyer. It also shows, in real terms, the enormous financial advantage, growing produce has to leasing the land, which would have resulted in an income of some $120,000/year for the whole land," says Jan Telander, President and CEO.

ProGreen Gets Further Funding From the CEO

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI--(Marketwired - Nov 22, 2016) - ProGreen US, Inc. (ProGreen), (OTCQB: PGUS), www.progreenus.com, has signed a 5% Promissory Note with the company's CEO, Jan Telander, for a credit line of up to $250,000. The Note is non-convertible and will be repaid within one year. As further incentive, up to 2,500,000 warrants with an exercise price of $0.05, will be issued as advances under the credit line are made.
This credit line provides a most favorable financing arrangement for ProGreen as we continue to execute our business plan, and until a later time that we would see it as an appropriate point to draw from the equity line financing under review by the SEC (see our current report on Form 8-K filing, June 27, 2016).
"My confidence in our business plan and strategy, and my commitment to the success of ProGreen, are my reasons for personally securing this bridge financing," says Jan Telander, President & CEO.

2Q 10-Q filed 12/20 - Clean balance sheet: slight increase in assets and profound decrease in liabilities; assets reflect sales of Michigan properties, Baja investment receivables; verified: share structure, assets, debt elimination! Good showing for new OTCQB investors.

1st Baja land tract
Contel has now established a channel to the US market that allows them to grow fresh produce directly for US importers. Leasing land for agricultural use can be very lucrative, but growing produce on the land offers significantly higher returns. We did not expect Contel to gain access to this point of operations so soon; however, this opportunity has been presented by 2 buyers with immediate demand.

Due to a new opportunity Contel is preparing operations for January seeding on the farmable 150-acre portion of the first tract of land, and the first harvest is expected for May/June 2017. Initially, a generator will provide the power needed for direct irrigation. Solar power will later replace the generator, and drip irrigation will be connected to a gravity reservoir, making the farm totally “green.” This will be the Flagship property in Baja with an abundance of water, and Solar powered water pumps making it completely green.
ProGreen controls an abundance of land with the options to increase the growing operation, leasing land, partnering with other growers, etc.
Leases $800-$1200 per acre per year
Growing on the land $3000-$8000 per acre per cycle varies by type of produce
This development is a great step forward, creating new and varied opportunities to accelerate growth.

Company blog updates

Oceanfront Land Purchase Details
02/03/17ProGreen and our JV partner, Contel, through our subsidiary Procon Baja JV (51% ProGreen US, 49% Contel) have acquired the oceanfront property as described in the 8K filing and yesterday’s press release. We have a binding, legal purchase agreement, and we now own the oceanfront land. A detailed plan of the property is being drawn at the present, which will be a part of the public deeds, to be signed within 60 days of the agreement, which is when the property will become registered in the public property registry in the name of Procon. Details of the purchase will be released thereafter.
We expect that this process should be completed by early March, but it may progress much faster. I must say that, due to the relationships that the company has developed and the resources that we’ve gained access to over the past year, our dealings in Baja have gone surprisingly smooth and generally faster than I originally expected.

01/15/2017 As mentioned earlier, the meeting with the Architect in Portland last week went very well and it is safe to say that they are almost as excited now as we are about this project. They are putting a team together including outside architects, in order to evaluate the best approach to the task of creating a Master plan for a project of this size.
The moment when we will be able to sign the definitive purchase agreement, is getting nearer as the DD is progressing better than anticipated. Early meeting already set for 01/16/2017 Monday morning, in order to go through the details that will form the basis for the documentation.

01/05/2017 We have extended the proposed land acquisition to now include approximately 4.0 M of ocean front (6,5 KM), compared to earlier announced 2.4 M.With our due diligence progressing faster than expected, we feel confident that we will be able to execute a purchase agreement this month, sooner than originally anticipated.
We are in the process of selecting a suitable US architect with whom to start working on the initial master plan.

Funding Growth & Operations
- High quality PIPE financing to fund Baja and other projects - $5M equity line agreement: requires S-1 registration(DONE)/effect... which requires high-quality OTCQB listing status(DONE)
- Assets being monetized in Michigan
- First 300-acre land tract in Baja for growing operation
- Oceanfront land acquisition 4550 acres

Current Business & Valuation
- PGUS is fully reporting (SEC) with audited financials
- Clean Balance Sheet! (Q2 10-Q report filed 12/20/16)
- ProGreen has gained control of large tracts of land in Baja California
- Joint Venture agreements, Contel
- Strategic business entity, ProCon with 51% majority gives ProGreen control and balance sheet assets
- Baja business agreements provide for return of all capital invested by ProGreen prior to the 50-50 distribution of profits from sales, leasing and/or land uses (e.g. growing)
- Valuations ranging from 0.12 to 0.31 in recent posts by DD-contributing board members

Long investors are looking forward to these important milestone events:
S-1 Registration filing: - DONE, S-1 FILED 8/31/16
10/26/16 Amended and reduced shares for same 5 million in financing (now based on average pps of 0.067)!!

S-1 EFFECTIVE:February 1, 2017,
Spoke with Jan about the 5 Million equity line and these are the responses I received
75M shares registered for total funding of $5 Million dollars, resulting in a MINIMUM average price of $0.067 -over max 36 months.
Primarily for the investment projects in Baja.
This is NOT a convertible debt instrument. With convertible note financing, issuer does not have control of timing or amount of conversion into common shares. After a convertible note becomes eligible for conversion, the holder of the note is in control of these things.
The equity line will work as a credit line with the company issuing put notices for drawdowns. The company is in control of the timing and the amount of the drawdowns, limited to maximum 10% of the market volume over the 10-day period prior to the put notice. No obligation to use the equity line, and the company can draw on the funding if/when it chooses over the 36 month period - whatever is best for the company and shareholders for building/growing the business.
They paid off the $22,000 convertible note that was issued for the legal/other fees in creating the equity line. Paid off in cash to avoid conversion to shares.

PGUS News: ProGreen's Subsidiary Procon Acquires 5,100 Acres of Ocean Front Land in Baja

BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, MI--(NewMediaWire - Feb 2, 2017) - ProGreen US, Inc. (ProGreen), (OTCQB: PGUS), www.ProGreenUS.com, Twitter @ProGreenUS, is pleased to announce that ProGreen's subsidiary, Procon Baja JV (Procon), has entered into a definitive purchase agreement for an ocean front tract of land situated near the town of El Rosario in Baja California. The land gently slopes towards the Pacific Ocean and covers a total area of 2,056 ha (5,100 acres) with 7,5 km (4.7 miles) of ocean front.

The land area is 233 ha (580 acres) larger than what was initially communicated on the company's website on December 21, 2016, as the land has been extended with a further 1.1 km (0.7 miles) oceanfront that initially was not included.

The architects will start working on a master plan, as soon as the land survey, currently in progress, has been completed, and an up to date plan of the land has been drawn.

We are presently in the process of building the management team for this development. Details on the members of this team will be published during the month of February. We will also initiate discussions with development partners once the initial development plans have been completed.

During February, we will also be launching a development website, where the public will be able to follow the progress of this planned community, from the very start.

"This real estate project will transform the future of ProGreen's involvement in Baja California. Having been a property developer for most of my life, I want to express that this development is the most exciting project that I have ever been involved with," said Jan Telander, President and CEO.

Easy communication with management
Profits to begin in late 2017
Increasing Revenue streams - FARMING - DEVELOPMENT
CEO Respects shareholders
http://archive.fast-edgar.com//20170327/AB2T5G2CL222TZ22222Q2ZX26NO9Z222O292/ ;
O/S ~349M
A/S 950M
Price is 30% off the 52 week high, and revs from FARMING will begin to roll in by late Q2/earlyQ3
BUY AND HOLD 5 yrs minimum






3 Subsidiaries:

IoSOFT http://www.iosoftinc.com

Silex Holdings http://www.silexinteriors.com

Earthlinc Environmental Solutions

Sales & Partnership Agreements with A & G Healthcare as well as D.R. Horton

IoSOFT projects $30-$50m Annually from a Trillion $ Market, Expect More, A & G Healthcare deal calls for more than $30,000,000 Annually.

Silex is being expanded to 12 Brick and mortar locations in 2017 and modelled after Lumber Liquidators whom generate $1 Billion annually and trade at $18 on the NYSE. Sales/Partnership Agreement with DR Horton whom generates $11 Billion annually and trades at $32 on the NYSE.

Earthlinc Environmental Solutions expects to generate $20,000,000 by year two.

Share Structure is tantalizing @ 176m Outstanding and last known float of 36m.
Dave O'Malley owns 11m Restricted, Silex owns 129m restricted. The Math works.

2016 Numbers using round figures...

$1.2m Assets vs $1m Liabilities
$4m Revenues with $800,000 Net Profits
$800,000 Cash

2017 Projected numbers rounded off

$11m Revenues with $5.5m Net Profits...

Expect those numbers to be a lot higher with the $400k unexpected contract and the A&G HEALTHCARE announcement.

Potential PPS using Projected $5.5m Profits equates to $0.625 PPS using a P/E of 20

Hypothetically speaking, $10m Profits using 20 P/E equates to $1.136 PPS...

Management Team is SOLID >>
RJD Green’s team of experienced professionals is central to the ongoing success of the company in building appropriate investment and enterprise that create long-term investment returns and wealth building. Our management team is governed by our Corporate Officers, who in turn are accountable to The Board of Directors, who represent diverse experience in corporate and entrepreneurial enterprise across a broad sector of businesses.

Ron Brewer – Chief Executive Officer – Chief Operating Officer / Board Director

Mr. Brewer has served as Managing Director of Southbridge Advisory Group since 1990. Southbridge is a boutique management firm with a primary focus in management services and merger / acquisition representation. Ron has experience in a broad spectrum of business disciplines in both public and private sectors; they include: manufacturing & distribution, health services, energy, environmental, technology driven products, real estate, marketing and non- profit entities.

Management services performed by Southbridge are typically company turnaround or growth, and post-acquisition implementations. These services have been performed in both the private and small cap public sector. In turnaround situations Southbridge brings needed changes and implementations into an organization assisting them in meeting defined improvement targets. In growth or post acquisition environments the Company will implement systems and staff, creating an operating unit that meets defined benchmarks of performance. A specialty focus is consolidation of companies, in a synergistic market niche, where Southbridge services utilized include M & A, capital advisory, and management implementation.

Prior to 1990 Mr. Brewer served as President of Mid-Continent Companies, which was a multiple division enterprise that grew ten-fold from 1980 through 1990 within acquisitions, start-ups, and growth of existing revenue streams.

Ron has served as a corporate officer in both public and private companies. He has created and facilitated all steps in formation of emerging public companies to include; merger & acquisition, capital procurement, public formation, and management implementation. Southbridge engages annually in public company formation projects. Mr. Brewer and Southbridge have performed services in the environmental arena since 1992, and has ongoing experience in the energy and construction / retail sectors.

Mr. Brewer has experience within all of the current enterprise focuses. He provided management and guidance to five environmental services and technology companies that utilized his services to successfully complete emerging growth and management systems for continuum of success. He has assisted four separate energy companies with their development and growth. His services have been utilized for emerging growth guidance in five separate healthcare sectors.

Ron will be directly responsible for the overview management of the environmental and contracting divisions, and the corporate overview management of all divisions.

John Rabbitt – Chief Financial Officer / Board Director

John’s extensive and diverse background in business evolved through consistent promotion and growth within fortune 500 firms including The Pillsbury Company and PepsiCo, in addition to the CPA firm of Ernst and Ernst. This experience is enhanced by a twenty year career with one of America’s most successful Entrepreneurs (Forbes 102nd wealthiest U.S.A. person in 2008) where John was directly involved with numerous acquisitions and served in executive capacities for several multi-national subsidiaries. John played a key role in assisting the growth of MEI Corporation from $20 million annual revenue to $850 million annual revenue in nine years, at which time it was acquired by PepsiCo.

Mr. Rabbitt has served in CEO/COO and CFO positions for firms ranging from $5,000,000 to $300,000,000 annual revenue. He also served as a member of PepsiCo’s Mid-West Advisory Board, and as a Director and Secretary/Treasurer of their largest canning division.

John has a proven track record in both fast–growth and turn-around environments. Previous experience includes several notable projects:

• Barker Lemar Engineering where he was responsible for the restructuring and strategic growth of the company which resulted in 327% pre-tax growth within eight months.

• Served as the corporate Executive Vice President of MEI Diversified as well as Senior Executive Vice President with direct responsibility for finance, operations and strategic planning to include mergers and acquisitions for $300,000,000 annual sales and 22,000 employees.

• Re-designed financial systems, reporting and sales / marketing for L’Anza Research International resulting in sales growth of 100% over three years while reducing cost of operation by over 20%.

• Financial management assistance, strategic planning and merger / acquisition assistance for multiple companies that include Greater Dallas Homeland Security Alliance, Zone Innovations, The Comb Group, Exit Solutions and Power Pulse Technology.

Mr. Rabbitt’s education includes a BA in Accounting and Business from Drake University, graduate work at Xavier University in Cincinnati, and PepsiCo’s Management Institute.

John will be personally responsible for the operation of the healthcare services division, and financial management of all divisions.

Richard Billings – Technology Director

Richard Billings has more than 30 years’ experience in industrial research. His first work began in field testing for automotive chemicals. He then became a researcher and formulator with Executive Laboratories. In 1979 Richard and his brother purchased a research and testing company to further their own formulae development interests. Mr. Billings has formulated over 150 industrial products. He served as president of VIP Laboratories, Inc. for ten years. He has formulated and developed numerous products for companies including Southwest Sales
Co, Diamond Chemical Company, Broco International, Industrial Lubricants, Nu-Look Chemical Co., Green Country Laboratories, Executive Laboratories and Environmental Solutions International, Inc. More than 150 formulae are now being marketed in the USA,
Australia, Germany, China, Saudi Arabia, and Canada. All of Richard’s patents are for environmental products and process.

Mr. Billings designed a Machine Coolant Reconstruction System and Emulsion Breaker, which is a system used to reconstruct water soluble coolants, aqueous parts cleaner and detergent
water. It utilizes dissolved air flotation (DAF) and an extensive polymer system. It was while working with the aqueous reconstruction equipment that he first became interested in environmental remediation concepts. This led to research that completed the development of a micro-encapsulation process used to clean up hydrocarbon contamination in soil.

Mr. Billings has numerous formulae in the detergent line. Some of these are: Industrial hard surface cleaners, solvent detergents, alkaline cleaners, non-butyl cleaners, acid detergents for trucks, truck and car wash detergents, rinse agents, disinfectants, waterless hand cleaners and lotions. Richard has formulated synthetic and semi-synthetic water soluble coolants for the machine and tool industry. He has a line of rust inhibitors and corrosion preventatives. He has developed specialty windshield wash detergents and concentrates. He developed a complete line of lubricants that have high performance ratings. These lubricants include gear lubes, motor oils, hydraulic additives and compressor oils. He has formulae for the racing industry, such as fuel additives, anti-smoke agents, friction reducing oils and transmission additives. In 1983, Mr. Billings became active in the d-limonene solvent research and developed a number of aggressive detergents and recyclable parts cleaner. Mr. Billings co-formulated a high temperature, non-melt grease that will withstand temperatures to 458 degree Fahrenheit, and is completely water proof.

Richard offers years of environmental and clean technology efforts, and holds numerous patented process and products that will be reviewed for their current market viability. He will lead our efforts in accessing technologies for validity and market penetration.

Richard will be directly responsible for review of all technologies considered by SHI and for the development of technologies utilized by SHI.

Rex Washburn – Board Director / Financial Overview

Rex offers 23 years of senior management experience with 17 of those years as Chief Executive Officer of both publicly held and private companies. Mr. Washburn is recognized as a corporate structural and turnaround specialist, and has in-depth experience in international markets.

Noteworthy accomplishments include; CEO of a public company that had profit growth for seven consecutive years, CEO of a multi-national public company turnaround doubling its size after restructure, tenure as CEO of a franchise voted Top 50 Growth Franchise for two consecutive years by Entrepreneur Magazine, development of over 20 national and international formation companies and systems.

Rex has success experience as an executive in national / international enterprise efforts in both restructuring of companies and launching growth oriented enterprise.

Rex launched his executive career serving as executive vice president of Hunt Brothers.

Rex received a BA in finance from Regis University and a MS in Economics from the University of Edinburg. Rex served in Special Operations for the US Army in military service.

Jerry Niblett – Board Director / Operational Overview

Mr. Niblett brings over 25 years of management success in oil & gas operations for both corporate and small-cap enterprise. His management expertise includes executive management in the energy sector, as well as direct management in disciplines that include; operations, maintenance, lean, emergency management, compliance, safety, environmental & hazardous materials, training, and exploration. His corporate employment includes; Dominion Energy, Texaco, Shell, Energy Transfer and Sunoco Pipeline LP where he served as a national director.

As part of a corporate turnaround team, Jerry helped structure an organizational growth from $37,000,000 EBITDA to $1,000,000,000 EBITDA in 8 years and had direct management responsibilities for annual budgets in excess of $500,000,000.

Energy sectors in which Jerry has participated include; petro-chemical refining, natural gas compression, crude oil pipeline and storage, oil & gas exploration, and business development within oil & gas products and services.

Jerry excels in creating, planning, implementing and maintaining needed or desired business divisions, and processes that enhance existing business disciplines. His vision and communication abilities are invaluable in emerging growth companies for creating initial launch stability and long-term success.

Mr. Niblett holds a B.S. degree in Total Quality Management graduating with honors. He is well credentialed in various disciplines within the energy field. Jerry is both a writer and editor within industry publications, noted operations management speaker, and is affiliated with multiple industry and civic organizations. Mr. Niblett has maintained a long term personal commitment to communitarian and societal efforts that he feels can make a difference in people’s lives both in the United States and abroad.

RJD Green Advisory

J M Walker & Associates– Legal Council
Ms. Walker offers over 20 years of SEC legal practice and public company formation efforts. Additionally she brings merger & acquisition and traditional corporate law experience to the benefit of their clients.

Manning Elliott LLP – Auditor

Formed in 1952, The Company performs public company audit services internationally.

Paul Williams, M.D. – Board Directors Advisory

Dr. Williams has organized and led medical / humanitarian teams in numerous world disasters since 1991. From cyclones in Bangladesh, to refugee camps created for the Rwandan civil war, to hurricane ravaged Nicaragua and Honduras, to tsunami devastation in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, and earthquakes around the world.

His experience during more than twenty-five years of medical missions in 105 nations gives Paul a very unique perspective on health services, world events and human interaction both abroad and in the United States. He was the founding director of Health Care Ministries of the Assemblies of God World Missions, and founded International Healthcare both of which networks and facilitates organizations in humanitarian outreaches.

Dr. Williams’ experiences bring excellent skills in finance, management of rapid and fluid organizational growth and movement, overview vision and defining for achievement of organizational goals, and maintaining a strong moral compass of corporate activity.

1. Valuation. First and foremost, on a valuation basis RJDG appears not just to be undervalued. It appears to be enormously undervalued. Just confirmed in the Annual report this morning is $800k in net profit on $3.8m in revenues. This is based on operations and not some sale of assets, etc.., and yet with 209m OS at a price of .023 the market cap is only around $4.8m million. That would be understandable if it has something like $10m in debt but the overall debt is only $1.2m.

2. Future Growth. The future looks bright. The $800k is for the entire year, but $600k of it is for this most recent quarter. And it's not 'one-time only' according to the company: They are projecting over $5m in PROFIT next year.

So what's going on? According to the annual report filed today, "IoSoft Inc. was acquired in June of 2016. IoSoft is a leading edge developer of software that provides accelerated payment processing for; virtual, credit card, and checks all controlled by the provider versus the payer." They are responsible for much of this profitability and growth, according to last week's PR:

<<The dramatic increase in revenues and net operating profit is attributed primarily to the full launch of the company's IoSoft division's exciting new software platforms in the healthcare sector.>>

As I understand it, the value of accelerating the payments is very high, and accounts for this growth, and expected growth next year. On June 6, soon after the acquisition the company announced a major agreement: <<the IOSOFT Division of RJD Green Inc. has reached an agreement to provide services and technology platforms for a premier provider of technology services to the healthcare industry nationally. Contracts are scheduled to be executed in June, and services launched in July of this year.....After months of research and development, IOSOFT was chosen to provide "best in class" payment technology to more than fifty TPAs, Health Plans and insurance payers.>>. This appears to have happened.

In the 4th quarter revenues jumped from around 800k to $1.5m, and it appears to be solely due to IOSOFT, with whopping margins since the expenses only increased by $200k. This is why they are able to project 50% margins and huge profits for 2017, IMO.

3. Actual revenues and earnings. Unlike so many that ONLY have projections, RJD Green reported actual earnings. Applying even just a low PE of 10 to the TRAILING 12 months puts the price at 795,000/176m * 10 = .045, which a 100% gain from the current price.

4. Projected revenues and earnings. Projecting over $5m in net profit next year, on revenue over $10m. If the OS goes up to 250m this is still a .024 EPS, which at an unlikely low PE of 10 gives a stock price of .24, or a multiple of 10 times a price of .023.

5. Share structure: AS 750m, OS 209m. no preferred shares outstanding. At .023 the market cap here is very small - ie around $4.8m, for a company with the revenue and net income they are reporting. The float was 37m in Feb, but of course will be higher now, having converted about 28m during the year.

6. Convertible Debt: EQUITAS paid in full

7. Irons in the fire.

Software division - high growth referenced above

Silex division - home contracting - projecting 15% growth. This historically has made up the revenues, $2.9 million last year, so should not be ignored. It was marginallly profitable too.

Earthlink Environmental Services First, there was a contract this quarter that I didn't see announced: "The IoSoft impact is complimented by the first environmental management contract by the Earthlinc Environmental division". This may be more exciting than one might think. This technology is completed already: From an earlier PR this year: <<eliminating liquid, solid, and gas waste while returning the water to usable ground water on the farm at cost similar to the handling and transporting expense of current waste disposal.>>. This could be more lucrative than some may think.

Near term Accretive Acquisitions: <<We are in acquisition discussions at this time. We expect to continue to make acquisitions annually that are within our focus as a holding company that owns and manages growth companies within environmental services, healthcare management services, and construction / industrial specialty contracting. >> In the recent interview the CEO indicated these acquisitions are likely to happen before the end of the year, and will be significant.

CEO Experience: It is worth pointing out that our CEO has had extensive experience in helping companies get acquired. My view is that he saw great opportunity in becoming the acquirer in certain cases, where the potential is high. Here is his info on their website:
<<Mr. Brewer has served as Managing Director of Southbridge Advisory Group since 1990. Southbridge is a boutique management firm with a primary focus in management services and merger / acquisition representation. Ron has experience in a broad spectrum of business disciplines in both public and private sectors; they include: manufacturing & distribution, health services, energy, environmental, technology driven products, real estate, marketing and non- profit entities.

Management services performed by Southbridge are typically company turnaround or growth, and post-acquisition implementations. These services have been performed in both the private and small cap public sector. In turnaround situations Southbridge brings needed changes and implementations into an organization assisting them in meeting defined improvement targets. In growth or post acquisition environments the Company will implement systems and staff, creating an operating unit that meets defined benchmarks of performance. A specialty focus is consolidation of companies, in a synergistic market niche, where Southbridge services utilized include M & A, capital advisory, and management implementation.>>

8. Undiscovered. Nobody seemed to care because this was a holding company with fairly boring results to far. But now that we have a filing confirming that their acquisition strategy is starting to pay off big time, people are just starting to notice, but there is a long ways to go to get this to a fair valuation IMO.

Bottom line, while no OTC stock is risk free, there is a lot to like in RJDG, given it's valuation and - now - this stellar earnings report, along with a number of things on the horizon, not the least of which is more incredible growth in both revenues and profits.

RJDG is a PROFITABLE + GROWING company that is checking off all the right boxes...

Easy communication with management
Respects shareholders
O/S ~209M
A/S ~750M
Price is over 30% off the 52 week high and CLIMBING


















LIGA REVS $1.117M AS OF 9/31/17 
LIGA GROSS PROFIT same period $231K 
LIGA NET PROFIT same period $68K 

Business Description 
LIG Assets, Inc. is a multi-faceted worldwide investment company that focuses on real estate, media, and the retail industry. We are a proactive company that is committed to providing opportunities in all structures of the economy and are always welcoming new opportunities. LIG Assets, Inc. in association with Robert Plarr is the emerging "Leader in Green Assets" -- focused on exclusive green, renewable energy and sustainable homes, living systems, technologies and components to be utilized in the residential and commercial real estate acquisition and development projects currently under way and now individual product sales, as well as rapid expansion into other sectors via acquisitions, mergers and joint venture partnerships. LIG Assets, Inc. trades on the pink sheets under the ticker symbol "LIGA". For additional information about LIG Assets, Inc., Robert Plarr, and/or more information about and how to purchase Plarr's exclusive homes, structures, products and technologies or to subscribe online to LIGA's free Shareholder Newsletter for regular updates and alerts regarding important Company developments, please visit the Company's website at www.LeaderInGreenAssets.com. LIG Developments, LLC. is a wholly owned subsidiary on LIG Assets, Inc. and is a building/development company that includes its steel framing business and is based in Texas. The company's website is http://leaderingreenassets.com/ 

Liga's Chairman and Director is Aric Simons highly respected Nashville/Chicago Real Estate/ Entertainment Attorney. 

Aric did legal for the Allman Brothers/also was manager of Lauren Duski(From The Voice) who moved to Nashville and Marvin and Ann took her under their wing. 

Marvin Baker and Ann Gillis are Baker Gillis TV (BGTV) a wholly owned sub of LIGA 

Allan Gillis(Anns Father) is LIGA CEO and also owner/partner of Gillis Seafood 

LIGA introduced LIVESHIP which are sustainable shipping containers for LIVE seafood shipments around the world and to LIVESTORES which will be satellite sales for Gillis Seafood. 

Alan Gillis and Family probably own 400mil+ of LIGA 
Insiders and Large (Close) holders account for 80% ish 

Robert Plarr is the Sustainable Guru for LIGA 

CHM Cannabis
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