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Website: http://www.icbs.ca

Phone: 514-932-4402

Email: info@icbs.ca




Share Structure

Market Value1 $192,000 a/o Sept 26, 2016
Shares Outstanding 1,923,792,434 a/o Oct. 31, 2012
Float unknown a/o May 04, 2011
Authorized Shares 2,500,000,000 July 31, 2012 - a/o May 04, 2011-- increased to 700,000,000 July 6, 2011 --increased to 2,200,000,000 Dec 15, 2011

Reverse Split History for (ICBT)

Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 6 reverse split. Ex-date=3-8-94

Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 20 split. Effective date=2-21-02

Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 100 split. Pay date=11/16/2005.

Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 500 split Pay date=03/28/2008

Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 10 split. Pay date=03/31/2011




Qoute from Recent PR;

5/02/2012:A resolution was passed by the board, to take Canwealth Minerals Corporation public by ~Reverse Merger~  with an existing U.S. public company


Common Stock as of 02/20/2018
 Authorized: 2,200,000,000
 Restricted: 25,261,733
   Outstanding: 2,123,792,434
Float = Outstanding – Restricted
Transfer Agent
Securities Division

Main Office
4045 South Spencer Street, Suite 403
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Telephone: 702-361-3033
Toll Free: 800-785-PSTC (7782)
Fax: 702-433-1979
eWeb:  "" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://www.pacificstocktransfer.com/ www.pacificstocktransfer.com" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">
ICBS specializes in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory services and invests in selective businesses with potential for high growth. The Company has designed a three-pronged business model that can potentially yield long term rewards with relatively diversified revenue streams, by;

•Acquiring and consolidating undervalued opportunities in selective high-growth industries to create value for our shareholders and target partners by combining expertise in both the product and capital markets.
•Acting as an incubator for emerging companies
•Taking interest in partner companies to align with their long-term interest and help build enduring value for our investors.


ICBS is a publicly traded company on the OTC.PK trading under the symbol ICBT
The bases for ICBS move into the public domain is built upon the premises that ICBS is the one centrally equipped company that has the expertise to acquire medium sized companies, but improve their market, sales, administrational systems and take them to their next level of expansion.

Any questions for the company can be sent via this link...

~ Companies ~

CanWeath Minerals: www.canwealthminerals.com

CanWealth Minerals Corporation is a gold and precious metal mining company which holds claims in northern Quebec. The company's Management team is made up of professionals with extensive exploration and production experience. The company is committed to build CanWealth Minerals Corporation into a profitable resource by maximizing shareholder value through exploration of its high quality properties in Northern Quebec.

IdentaScan: www.identascan.com

IDENTASCAN Analysis is the systematic study of, body locomotion and mechanics more specific as a study of distinct human motion, that is unique to every individual.

Using the our unique software as observers, augmented by Micro vision and the Introduction and analysis of measurable parameters for body movements, IDENTASCAN Analysis is used to assess, and identify specific individuals whether in a crowd or singularly.

BIOSPEC Global Solutions Inc.: www.biospecglobal.com

Bio-security of water, food, pharmaceuticals and public health start with BIOSPEC Global Solutions Inc.
BIOSPEC Global Solutions Inc., located in Quebec, Canada, is a technology solutions company. It's main focus is to bring to the global market, innovative, state-of-the-art technologies, developed by Aquasure Technologies Inc. for rapid, onsite (remote) monitoring of microbial contamination in drinking water, recreational water, agriculture & food, pharmaceuticals and medical applications.

TOGS™ 9000 instrument is a single test, precision, portable incubator utilizing the patented technology provide on-site testing of microbial contamination in drinking water. Used in conjunction with a chromogenic reagent, it provides an accurate, virtually fool-proof microbial test for field, rural and remote applications in the detection of Total Coliforms and E.coli to WHO standards using globally approved methods (USEPA, AWWA-APHA). This bio-photonic incubation/detection instrument can be electronically sent to an appropriate laboratory and or regulatory authority in a secure monitoring system using "AGACSS™" software and the internet, is revolutionary and its market global.

The TOGS™ 9000 instrument also eliminates the many false positives that result from loss of sample integrity caused by transporting, handling and hold time errors. Present day testing methods are laboratory confined, take days to do, and are sometimes inaccurate, labor intensive and costly. TOGS™ 9000 instrument can provide a complete analysis within 10 hours.

Worldwide, over a billion water, food, environmental, pharmaceutical and clinical samples are sent to laboratories for microbial testing each year. That market is growing dramatically, fostered in the last few years by concerns about our food and water safety, spread of disease and pandemics, antibiotic resistant microbes, hospital transmitted infections, and bio-terrorism.

BioSpec Global Solutions Inc. 25%
Canadian BioMed Systems Inc. 51%
Gold Leaf Consultants - Joy Potions "N" Lotions Inc. 100%
Trendsoft Inc. 75%
Ramapo Valley Brewery Canada Ltd 100%
North East Breweries LLC 50%
Identascan Ltd 50%
Canwealth Minerals Corporation 51%

Recent News

New York, Montreal,   September 21, 2011   Canwealth Minerals Corporation and partner ICBS Ltd.,  (OTCPK:ICBT),    announced today that its Golden Ridge claim assay results confirm , 40 grams of Gold per ton. Company current deep core drilling program to locate extent of vein.

New York, Montreal,   August 22, 2011   Canwealth Minerals Corporation and partner ICBS Ltd.,  (OTCPK:ICBT),    announced today that it has Golden Ridge a new claim units in the Abitibi Temiscamingue region of Northern Quebec.

New York, Montreal,   August 11 2011   Canwealth Minerals Corporation and partner ICBS Ltd.,  (OTCPK:ICBT),    announced today that it has filed mineral claims on 4 new claim units in the Abitibi Temiscamingue region of Northern Quebec, assay report from AGAT Laboratories show high Gold content, .396 PPM. The new claim, Golden Ridge is located 5.7 km south west of the company's current Lakeview property.

New York, Montreal,   August 10, 2011   Canwealth Minerals Corporation and partner ICBS Ltd.,  (OTCPK:
ICBT),    announced today that it has filed mineral claims on 30 new claim units in the Abitibi Temiscamingue region of Northern Quebec, representing over 4188 acres brings the companies holdings to 33693 acres representing 233 Claims in total for Canwealth Minerals.

New York, Montreal, August 8 2011- Canwealth Minerals Corporation and partner ICBS Ltd., (OTCPK: ICBT),) announced today that additional samples taken from its Shadow Mountain property in South Western Quebec in a highly favourable VMS (Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide) type mineral deposit, has received positive results from AGAT Laboratories assay office for   Gold , Lanthanum, (REE), Cerium,(REE), Rubidium, Strontium, and Thrium (REE-Rare Earth Elements) . Surface samples taken have shown above average assay results.

New York, Montreal, July 29, 2011- Canwealth Minerals Corporation and partner ICBS Ltd., (OTCPK: ICBT) announced today that Canwealth Minerals has acquired   30 new claims, representing 4850 acres bringing a total of  35,688    acres under management by Canwealth Minerals. The new claim is located in the Abitibi Green Stone belt zone of the Grenville orogeny. This geological formation is considered a highly favorable site for exploration for gold, silver, copper, nickel and PGE (platinum group elements).RK, March 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - ICBS Ltd., (OTCPK: ICBT),)   announced that ICBS has acquired a 49% stake in the Canwealth Minerals Corporation. 

New York, Montreal, July 15, 2011- Canwealth Minerals Corporation and partner ICBS Ltd., (OTCPK: ICBT),) announced today that Canwealth Minerals has acquired surface samples from an undisclosed and unclaimed area in the  Abitibi Green Stone belt zone of the Grenville orogeny. This geological formation is considered a highly favorable site for exploration for gold, silver, copper, nickel and PGE ( platinum group elements ).

NEW YORK ,MONTREAL, June 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ - Canwealth Minerals Corporation and partner ICBS Ltd., (OTCPK: ICBT), Are pleased to announce   the order of a Diamond Drill for the deep exploration and core sampling of their claims from Minex Corporation.


Canwealth Minerals


Canwealth Minerals Corporation - is an exploration and mining company actively searching for gold and base metal ore deposits in Quebec. At the present time the company holds 6 Mining properties (208 Claim cells) in North Central Quebec's Abitibi region and South Western Quebec for a total of 12480 hectares or 30838 acres under management and is 100% owned by Canwealth Minerals Corp. The company's management team is made up of professionals with extensive exploration and production experience. The management is committed to building Canwealth Minerals Corporation into a profitable resource company by maximizing shareholder value through exploration of its high quality properties in Quebec.


"New York, Montreal,   January 18, 2011-   ICBS Ltd.,  (OTCPKICBT),)    announced that it has acquire a 50% stake in the Identascan Corporation.   ICBS will be providing business consulting   along with project funding."

General Objectives

  1. Develop human identification technologies for surveillance and security systems, which combine advantages of biometrics (face recognition, gait recognition) and human motion analysis (motion analysis of human body parts, human motion tracking) to recognize a person in a crowd or singularly.
    Design surveillance systems to identify individuals at a distance in security-sensitive environments such as banks and airports.

Specific Objectives

  1. Develop and evaluate algorithms for face recognition over image sequences, gait recognition, human movement tracking, and human pose and motion analysis.
    Synchronize the 4 different stages of human identification procedure, i.e., face recognition, gait recognition, human movement tracking, and human pose and motion analysis.
    Design a hierarchical decision-making scheme for identity recognition based on the results of the 4 different stages.

Main Activities:

  1. Face recognition over image sequences: Develop face recognition algorithms using the advantage of additional information obtained in image sequences, which can be used for either tracking persons over image sequences or identify a person. The developed algorithms can also estimate head pose, remove sunglasses and scarf, and recognize facial expressions.
    Gait recognition: Develop gait recognition algorithms based on silhouette analysis from videos, which aims to identify individuals by the way they walk. These algorithms should produce stable and accurate results in the presence of variations such as shoe-wear type, weight carried, camera viewpoint, and data collecting time.
    Human movement tracking: Develop model-based tracking algorithms for moving humans by focusing on the motion of the whole body, which can be used as a guide for predicting and estimating the movement of body parts (such as head, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, torso, hips, knees, ankles). The human movement tracking algorithms should segment rapidly changing scenes in natural environments involving non-rigid motion and occlusion, and track humans either from a single view or from multiple perspectives.
    Human body pose and motion analysis: Qualitatively and quantitatively analyze human body pose and motion by using high level reasoning and kinematic modeling, respectively. High level reasoning can discriminate the relative position and motion of body parts without requiring the precise location of joints or edges. Kinematic modeling can detect, track and identify articulated objects (humans) by modeling the underlying dynamics of human locomotion and biomechanics. 2D and 3D methods will be designed for interpretation of human body structure by focusing on motion estimation of the joints of body parts.
    Synchronization of the 4 different stages: Design a real-time dynamic framework to evaluate which stages will work well in the current frame streaming, to conduct the selected stages and to produce the estimation results for the current frame streaming.
    Hierarchical decision-making scheme for identity recognition: Design a dynamic multilayered identity estimation method based on the estimation results from the different stages and from the different frame streaming.
    Database collection: Build up a number of databases to aid in the evaluation of algorithms for face recognition, gait recognition, human movement tracking, and human pose and motion analysis. 
Headed by:

Dr. Li Liu -  McGill University

Ph.D.: Computer Science and Engineering 2002-2007
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University , Hong Kong  

l 5-years Ph.D Scholarship 
l Thesis: Wide Line Detector and Its Application (Biometrics and Medical Imaging)

Master of Engineering: Computer Science & Engineering 2000-2002
Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), Harbin , Province of Heilongjiang , China  

l Outstanding Graduate Award of Heilongjiang Province , China ; 
l Haiwang Award (the highest award in HIT); 
l Thesis: Automated Palm Diagnosis based on Palm Colors

Bachelor of Engineering: Computer Science & Engineering  1996-2000
Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), Harbin , Province of Heilongjiang , China  

l Outstanding Graduate Award of HIT; 
l Best Graduate Thesis Award of HIT; 
l Baogang Award of HIT (the highest undergraduate award in HIT, 1998) 
l Thesis: Palmprint Recognition System based on Subpalms


Other Recent News

BioSpec Global Solutions

New York, Montreal , May   25,2010 -ICBS Ltd. (OTCPK:  ICBT),   announced today that ICBS   has enter into talks with BioSpec Global Solutions Inc., to acquire   100% ownership of the company. Currently ICBS holds a 25% interest.

About Us Page:

BIOSPEC Global Solutions Inc is a Canadian company developed to help commercialize a truly "state of the art" technology that has the ability to revolutionize the way in which microbial testing is conducted. BIOSPEC holds the exclusive worldwide marketing license for these technologies.

Our goal is to bring innovations and state-of-the-art analytical laboratory technologies to commercialization, to provide business solutions to corporate and government clients, secure joint ventures with our international business partners and provide creative business solutions to our customers.

BIOSPEC is a laboratory technology solution company, made up of scientific and marketing expertise with in-depth knowledge and experience in research & development and product commercialization. The company has over 80 years of combined experience in laboratory research & development, spectroscopy & electronics, marketing and problem solving. The company's intent is to bring solid, rapid, innovative laboratory solutions to the forefront.

BIOSPEC believes the progression of TOGS™ Technology is leading towards wireless data transmission. Connecting the TOGS™ 9000 to a cell phone like device for data transmission to a laboratory much the same way pictures are sent by a cell phone will be cost effective, allowing the technology to penetrate the huge consumer market which presently isn't addressed.

BIOSPEC Global Solution Inc must bring the TOGS™ Technology to the point where it is accepted, sought after, and recognized as the method of choice globally for the detecting of microbial contamination. By entering into a series of license agreements with well positioned and funded companies (industry leaders), intellectual property can be protected, and its varied applications and global use realized.

BIOSPEC serves as the technology transfer conduit between the inventors and the business sectors that can use this technology to create significant profits that all parties can enjoy.

BIOSPEC is currently in the process of establishing joint ventures with a number of government regulatory agencies, business groups and other stakeholders to commence the validation process of Aquasure™ PRO 3000 & TOGS™ 9000.

If you are interested to learn more about these technologies or potential business opportunities please  contact us. We will be more than pleased to show the advantages of these global products.

Togs 9000:

TOGS™ 9000, based on TOGS™ (Time of Growth Spectrophotometer) technique, provides state of the art rapid, simultaneous detection and enumeration of microbiological parameters such as Total Coliform, E.coli., Entrecocci and Total Bacteria.

Using globally approved chromogenic/fluorogenic reagent methods it provides automatic detection technique, thus removing any potential human error associated with visual detection process

Aquasure PRO 3000:

click here for brochure

A single test, precision, portable incubator using STEPPI™ Technology™ (patented) for on-site/field testing of microbials in drinking water. Used in conjunction with PRO 3000 Test Kit, the AQUASURE™ PRO 3000 provides a quick accurate test for the presence/absence of both Total Coliform and E.coli to WHO standards using globally approved methods (USEPA, AWWA-APHA etc.)

Gold Leaf Consultants




Canadian BioMed Systems


Canadian Bio Med Systems is an ophthalmology company that is engaged in the development of pharmaceutical agents for two of the most important disease states in that market; Glaucoma and Age related macular degeneration.

Canadian Bio Med Systems along with its partner Ocular Therapeutics owns the exclusive worldwide licensing rights to two patented or patent pending drugs in the field of ophthalmology. It is believed that these drugs have the potential to revolutionize the way Glaucoma and Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) are treated.






Radin-Hamakiotis Chartered Accountants
5005 Jean Talon W
Suite 105
Montreal, QC, H4P 1W7






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