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The Trader''s Perspective (TTP)

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Last Post: 12/16/2017 3:12:39 PM - Followers: 7 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 8

This page is for Traders to share ideas by way of Technical analysis. There is no general focus, other than generating consistent returns and helping traders to fine-tune their analysis'.
For information about my website and member services visit my website: or see my YouTube Channel for examples of how I look at the markets:

My Background:

My name is Paul Romanowicz and I have been a successful part time trader for the past 13 years. I graduated from Rider University (Cum Laude) majoring in Finance and Investments.  I interned for a proprietary trading firm located on Wall Street in New York, NY where learned to create stock scanners to identify trade opportunities, managed back-end client accounts, and further enhanced my charting techniques.  Formerly, I was a licensed financial advisor having attained a series 7 and series 66 licenses. I have always been fascinated by the world of finance, especially the capital and futures markets and I enjoy helping others to learn from my experiences.
My strategy is to use Technical analysis, analyze price action, and with the combination of Fibonacci retracement levels, identify and forecast entry and exit targets to taker advantage of price volatility. I mainly trade ETFs which focus around commodities, indexes, VIX, and financials. I do play some pennystocks and occasionally will trade stocks outright.

I have managed to create a trading strategy that has allowed me to have a supplemental income while managing a full time job. Why is this relevant? Well, who wouldn’t want the opportunity to have multiple streams of income? I think you know where I am going with this; nearly everyone that has the drive to learn, can create an additional revenue stream simply by placing a few trades a week.

I created to be able to help inform people about the various aspects of the investing strategies. Many people have investments or want to invest but they just don’t know “when” it is good to buy/sell, “who” to use as a broker, “what” can I do to find ideal trade setups and good investment opportunities, etc. This is “where” this site and my expertise comes in to answer those questions and more. “Why” should you put your money with a financial advisor or stock broker? These are the people who are taking commissions from you and deteriorating your total gains! Become knowledgeable, become informed, and become empowered to take control of your money and your financial future so that you can create the future for you and/or your family that you have always dreamed of!
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#706   Thank you sir for thinking about me I Swampdude 12/16/17 03:12:39 PM
#705   XIV Butterfly pattern Sendme 12/16/17 03:06:01 AM
#704   Hi SD, was going back through the board Sendme 12/16/17 02:32:13 AM
#703   EBIO daily chart does look like it is Sendme 12/16/17 01:59:03 AM
#702   TVIX follow up. Link back for possible calculated Sendme 12/16/17 01:55:40 AM
#701   OHRP follow up. I was watching for my Sendme 12/16/17 01:31:38 AM
#700   JNUG still waiting to see if it comes Sendme 12/16/17 01:19:30 AM
#699   UGAZ follow up. Link back and look at Sendme 12/16/17 01:16:45 AM
#698   UGAZ watching the RSI to break strong above 50 Sendme 12/15/17 12:48:43 AM
#697   OHRP Sendme 12/15/17 12:31:59 AM
#696   Yes pattern is weak but lows seem to Ownwallstreet 12/14/17 06:45:45 AM
#695   SPY Watching to see how the xiv/tvix look Sendme 12/14/17 02:23:29 AM
#694   DX Not trading this, just seeing if Sendme 12/14/17 02:20:51 AM
#693   OHRP is getting close to the end of Sendme 12/14/17 02:14:42 AM
#692   NG, I just can't see a pattern that Sendme 12/14/17 01:55:46 AM
#691   JNUG, I sold way too soon. The chart Sendme 12/14/17 12:25:08 AM
#690   NG looks for bounce to continue IMO. Ownwallstreet 12/13/17 04:27:58 PM
#689   Hi SD, If I was to pick a Qone0 12/13/17 11:02:06 AM
#688   NG The chart on UGAZ is at a great Sendme 12/12/17 11:53:05 PM
#687   Hi SD, working and trading a 60 min Qone0 12/12/17 09:33:32 PM
#686   Found this on DGAZ board. Question is how Swampdude 12/12/17 09:06:27 PM
#685   DGAZ came close to a rinse and repeat Sendme 12/12/17 07:41:17 PM
#684   NG now that's a danger zone!!! LOL Sendme 12/12/17 07:25:18 PM
#683   SD, I can't PM, I have to respond Qone0 12/12/17 02:43:56 PM
#682 Click the link, these are the patterns in Qone0 12/12/17 02:01:14 PM
#681   Thank you QoneO, Swampdude 12/12/17 11:20:31 AM
#680   Thank you for sharing that Q. Ownwallstreet 12/12/17 11:00:05 AM
#679   SD, pinchers are a pattern in indicators. It's Qone0 12/12/17 10:57:25 AM
#678   EBIO: Yes the W is great and your Ownwallstreet 12/12/17 09:59:38 AM
#677   EBIO I still need to see a full Sendme 12/12/17 09:18:54 AM
#676   What would your target be? (according to the 2-1) Ownwallstreet 12/12/17 07:16:10 AM
#675   I followed them back on the day, Ownwallstreet 12/12/17 06:08:34 AM
#674   NG/UGAZ/DGAZ Sendme 12/12/17 12:19:15 AM
#673   TVIX possible low target to watch Sendme 12/11/17 11:37:51 PM
#672   I found a new board, "to me" and Swampdude 12/11/17 11:32:00 PM
#671   PMCB Still on watch here for a Sendme 12/11/17 11:29:00 PM
#670   EBIO I like the ones that consolidate for Sendme 12/11/17 11:06:07 PM
#669   OHRP on watch for a signal then buy Sendme 12/11/17 10:58:52 PM
#668   I never thought that that would be my Sendme 12/11/17 09:23:43 PM
#667   Still fighting the psychological battle? Qone0 12/11/17 01:06:48 PM
#666   Stick to the plan :) Ownwallstreet 12/11/17 12:35:02 PM
#665   XXII hit a buy trigger, I hesitated and Sendme 12/11/17 09:52:51 AM
#664   UGAZ thoughts. The blue numbers are the target Sendme 12/09/17 11:52:20 PM
#663   EBIO on watch Sendme 12/07/17 08:56:28 AM
#662   I will be watching for the retracement. Lets Ownwallstreet 12/04/17 08:55:54 AM
#661   Good work :) Ownwallstreet 12/04/17 08:54:25 AM
#660   OWCP This is one that I was following Sendme 12/03/17 10:46:52 PM
#659   LABU chart thoughts on 3 patterns Sendme 12/03/17 02:32:17 AM
#658   OHRP I took my eye off the chart Sendme 12/02/17 10:10:11 AM
#657   TVIX follow up looking at the 15 and Sendme 12/02/17 09:51:02 AM