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Has Board Admin bias gone too far?

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Last Post: 9/1/2010 11:58:05 AM - Followers: 5 - Board type: Premium - Posts Today: 0

Have the Administrators of the various internet message boards gone too far in their preferential treatment of certain members over others? Postings on IHUB increased considerably in the last few weeks. Unfortunately, much of the increase can be attributed to members' complaints about what they perceive as being biased decisions on the part of one of its administrators. More recently on SI, Admin (Jeff) suspended one of its members for two weeks. Despite being on the receiving end of numerous abuses and name calling, Master was suspended for a retaliatory remark. What has this member done to warrant such a suspension? Surely he must have used the "F" word. Maybe he threatened to kill someone. Or maybe he deliberately posted misleading information about a company. wrong....Wrong.....WRONG His only crime was to ask the following question to one of his abusers: "BTW, does your sister really wear army boots?" http://www.siliconinvestor.com/stocktalk/msg.gsp?msgid=15842262 Use this board to send a clear message to the JEFFs of this world. We demand and expect fairness. Once this concept is compromised, they should no longer have the privilege of working as an Administrator. A board without members is simply an Admin playing alone in a room. And we all know what happened to Pee-Wee Herman. SirVinny
#57   Ya I will believe that when I see slbrown 09/01/10 11:58:04 AM
#56   Yeah, some board mod's bias seems to have bouttime 11/12/09 10:07:00 AM
#54   I would go with three or four. I TradingForWealth 06/06/07 09:06:18 PM
#53   That would be a good idea. An mAjOr dAmAgE 06/06/07 08:16:49 PM
#52   I'm starting to find a biased position on TradingForWealth 04/16/07 06:30:22 PM
#51   Posted by: wing_walker wing_walker 03/23/07 11:43:08 AM
#50   I was attacked by a moderator from another jrod 11/26/05 04:20:13 PM
#49   SirVinny or Bob Zumbrunnen: Please read this and got2belucky 06/04/04 03:09:55 PM
#48   If what this poster has posted is true, revlis 05/01/03 10:38:25 PM
#47   where lead PAID Message Board Basher Bob Zumbrunnen 04/17/03 06:59:11 PM
#46   You win find neither honesty nor fairness of everest 11/03/02 05:06:03 PM
#45   >>>> To Extort or not to Extort?... Francois+Goelo 06/07/02 08:39:50 PM
#44   >>> Collusion of Message Board Admin... Francois+Goelo 05/30/02 05:17:55 AM
#41   iya cappishe. SirVinny 06/20/01 10:06:30 PM
#40   Ahhhh...Vinny.... you come to me....on the day of my Bird of Prey 06/20/01 07:45:39 AM
#39   Davida, Watta you tinka Iya senda ma gooda frenda SirVinny 06/20/01 01:23:54 AM
#38   SirVinny! I believe the correct reference would be *moistened* Bird of Prey 06/19/01 03:12:34 PM
#37   Reposted here just for the record as I'm SirVinny 06/19/01 12:07:12 AM
#35   >>When Admin gets involved in the discussion then Mattu 06/08/01 04:41:48 PM
#34   SirVinny, Before you get too far into things with Bird of Prey 06/01/01 02:22:56 PM
#33   SirVinny I completely agree. They are sacrificing the Bixmann 05/31/01 09:03:45 AM
#32   IHUB is going to run into the same SirVinny 05/30/01 10:40:56 PM
#31   SirVinny, Admin wants the site to be popular so Bixmann 05/30/01 09:34:42 PM
#30   I can't believe that Admin here doesn't or SirVinny 05/30/01 04:32:00 PM
#29   Nice Thread (Appropriate) Bixmann 05/30/01 03:50:54 PM
#28   Posted by Rupers on SI: SirVinny 05/28/01 11:25:57 AM
#27   Bob FORBADE to DELETE Libelous Posts on iHUB... Francois+Goelo 05/26/01 01:40:32 AM
#26   SirVinny, Perhaps Jeff took such offense because he IS Bird of Prey 05/25/01 07:51:18 PM
#25   What a hypocrit this Fruit of the Loom SirVinny 05/25/01 04:10:35 PM
#24   This just in from our Lovely friend Jeff SirVinny 05/25/01 04:04:15 PM
#23   Sir V, lj 05/25/01 09:35:57 AM
#22   "We do not have the technical means to SirVinny 05/25/01 01:06:22 AM
#21   A SORDID Scene, according to Money Cristo.... Francois+Goelo 05/24/01 11:18:50 PM
#20   ..."we had but rarely used editing capabilities"... Francois+Goelo 05/24/01 11:14:11 PM
#19   Vince, http://hal9000.inetstrat.com/deliverance/banjo.wav Isn't that Bob on the banjo? lj 05/24/01 09:01:28 PM
#18   Sir V, lj 05/24/01 08:53:17 PM
#17   Jenna seems to confirm Editing of Original Posts... Francois+Goelo 05/24/01 08:44:56 PM
#16   >>>>>> SI accused of EDITING Posts!!... Francois+Goelo 05/24/01 08:26:08 PM
#15   Francois, Godfather has so many Ps in there that SirVinny 05/24/01 05:11:53 PM
#14   BoP, actually I managed to get terminated on RB... Francois+Goelo 05/24/01 02:06:19 PM
#13   Jeff's response just in: SirVinny 05/24/01 01:33:00 PM
#12   QThink, I was obviously exagerating simply to SirVinny 05/24/01 01:26:44 PM
#11   1. I didn't say "vicious" - that's your QThink 05/24/01 01:15:09 PM
#10   QThink, If I ask you if your sister wears SirVinny 05/24/01 12:56:05 PM
#9   This is a post on SI which is SirVinny 05/24/01 12:10:00 PM
#8   Maybe we should all go and ask Jeff SirVinny 05/24/01 11:44:06 AM
#7   Sounds Like SI is back to SOP. The Bird of Prey 05/24/01 11:38:37 AM
#6   Here is another example of Jeff's dubious qualities SirVinny 05/24/01 11:30:16 AM
#5   A vote for YES as the many board JoeLong 05/24/01 11:17:28 AM
#4   Vinny, that's an inventive Spin... Francois+Goelo 05/24/01 10:37:18 AM
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