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Greene Concepts Inc. (OTC Pink: INKW) ( is New York domiciled corporation having corporate roots dating back to its inception in 1952. Greene Concepts Inc., thru its wholly-owned subsidiary Mammoth Ventures Inc., owns and operates a bottling and beverage facility in Marion, North Carolina. The Marion, NC facility is a 60,000 sq. ft. bottling and beverage plant that is located within the boundaries of the Pisgah National Forest. The bottling facility has as its water sources a combination of seven (7) spring and artesian wells that are fed from a natural aquifer that is located deep below the Pisgah National Forest. Mammoth Ventures is focused on producing a variety of beverage product lines including, but not limited to spring and artesian water, CBD infused beverages, pH balanced water and beverage offerings, as well as enhanced athletic drinks in addition to other product offerings. Additionally, Mammoth Ventures is a third-party producer and bottler of "white label" beverage and water products. White label bottling services are provided for clients that desire to market their own product formulations, brand name and labeling while outsourcing the production and bottling of their products to Mammoth Ventures.

See Asset Purchase Contract for the Bottling Plant here:
Greene Concepts pays off mortgage liens and debt obligations related to the bottling plant, equipment and property:
Finalized Purchase Agreement of Bottling Plant -

Company Background Information, Goals, Plans, Owners, Interested Parties and Fundraising Plans (Begin Here to Better Understand Greene Concepts' Company Details):
SEC Form 1-A POS --

Complete Greene Concepts Form 1-A POS from -

Seal of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.svg

INKW SEC / EDGAR Filings -

Full production began week of March 23, 2020 per the March 19, 2020 CEO Letter to Shareholders (see third paragraph)

"The equipment within the facility is professional grade and in excellent working condition. The productive capacity of the facility equates to approximately 8 million cases per year, which represents approximately 192 million individual bottles per year. Additionally, Mammoth’s 60,000 sq. ft. facility provides ample room for future expansion of capacity or extension to include the production of other core life enhancement products." 

*Enhanced spring and artesian water
*Functional beverages and liquid dietary supplements for a variety of market needs, including, but not limited to, pH balanced water, enhanced athletic drinks
*CBD infused beverages
*Beverages that meet the nutritional needs for unique defined populations and health conditions

1865 Herndon Ave .
Suite K-358
Clovis, CA 93611
884.889.2837 (phone)
559.434.1000 (phone) (E-mail) (Facebook) (Twitter) (Company Webpage)

Company Stock Ticker Quote:


Company Task:
Provide the world with high quality, healthy, and enhanced beverage choices.

Company Mission:
Pursue globally responsible and sustainable business opportunities that serve Greene Concept's customers as well as rewards the company's employees and shareholders.

Company Slogan:
"Now is the Time to Refresh Your Spirit, Body, and Mind"

Greene Concepts (INKW) OTC Page:
(Lenny Greene, CEO and President of Greene Concepts Incorporated)
Lenny Greene - Chief Executive Of.. - Greene Concepts |

"...I want to also make everyone aware that our bottling plant is designed with expanded growth capacity to satisfy the rise in purchase orders expected over the next couple of years..." - Lenny Greene

Available For Direct Purchase at: and 

Be Water Six-Pack Configurations available at Amazon - see press release here and Amazon purchase page here

See U.S. Government Article on Amazon's Distribution Network and Freight Footprint here.  Amazon has 110 active fulfillment centers in the U.S. and 185 globally (see: here).

"Essentially it states Amazon uses vertical integration and employs their own trucks to capture large product inventories and delivers it back to their warehouses/distribution centers"

Amazon Be Water Commercial:
Be Water Merchandise Page: 
Click the above for company/Be Water shirts, hats, bags, water bottles and hoodies


Below is the new Be Water trademark logo.  Application filed 4/17/2021 by Greene Concepts, Inc.

“Hydrate your mind, body and spirit with Be Water.”


Camping World Partners With Greene Concepts!!!

Camping World - YouTube

On June 2, 2021, Greene Concepts announced a distribution deal with Camping World to sell Be Water in over 175 Camping World retail locations nationwide (see press release here).

Marcus Lemonis "The Profit" Thanks Greene Concepts for Helping Camping World Solve
the Texas Water Shortage For Families

See Articles Regarding Houston Donation at: and

Walmart Partners With Greene Concepts!!!
Greene Concepts Wins Walmart's Golden Ticket for Be Water Placement in its brick-and-mortar stores.  See Press Release Here


See the source image

Greene Concepts is now an active participant within the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency which provides supplies and goods throughout the U.S. Federal Government (see press release here).
Here is Greene Concepts' official Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) report:

SAM System for Award Management

Greene Concepts Inc. has a registered NCAGE and CAGE code for doing business with the U.S. and International governments.
INKW CAGE Report --
USPTO Trademark and Patent Filings --
INKW SEC Report --

Find out more about the company's flagship product "Be Water" at the following link:

Green Concepts Inc., Tuesday, August 22, 2023, Press release picture
2023 BevNET Natural Beverage Guide Advertisement (page #5)

Green Concepts Inc., Thursday, June 15, 2023, Press release picture

Truckload of BE WATER Bound for Florida
Be Water Delivery Bound for Florida (H2O Artesian Distributor Delivery)

Green Concepts Inc., Friday, July 21, 2023, Press release picture
Be Water six-pack configuration

Fogg 15 Valve Filler for Gallon-Sized Water Production at the Marion, NC Bottling Plant

Be Water on Florida Turnpike (Wildwood Service Plaza)
Happy Mellow Professional Video:

Happy Mellow Brand

Purchase Happy Mellow Here:


HAPPY MELOW - Immune Support CBD Beverage

HAPPY MELOW - Lemon LimeHAPPY MELOW - Blood Orange


Interview with Lenny Greene and Amy McNally 6.27.2021

New to the Street (NewsMaxTV) Previous Episodes
(Greene Concepts appears on 7.25.2021 and 6.27.2021 episodes)
Interview #1 With Crown King 8.12.2022

Interview #2 With Crown King 10.13.2022:

— CrownKing?? (@OnlyCrownKing) October 13, 2022


Greene Concepts, Inc.

Ticker Symbol (OTC: INKW)

 Company Highlights and Accomplishments

Greene Concepts Highlights (2023) -

*Company announces preparation for banner year in 2024 along with its highest growth levels
*Company announces receipt of Walmart's golden ticket for Be Water placement at Walmart's physical stores
*Company reports incredible sales increase per its latest annual report
*Company announces it is showcasing Be Water at Walmart Open Call at Walmart's corporate headquarters
*Company announces approval to sell Be Water and Happy Mellow through Walmart Marketplace
*Company spotlights the origin and source of its flagship Be Water product
*Company announces its presence in 105 Amazon fulfillment centers throughout U.S. (95% of all U.S. centers)
*Company announces full-page advertisement in 2023 BevNET Natural Beverage Guide now live
*Company announces advertisement in BevNET's 2023 Natural Beverage Guide
*Company announces first large-scale advertising campaign.  The campaign is for ad placement within NASCAR publications.
*Company announces increased growth opportunities and sales in current U.S. economy
*Company announces placement of Be Water 6-Packs on Amazon
*Company announces Pancho Alvarez as new Company Brand Ambassador
*Company announces sponsorship of Dawson Cram in NASCAR Xfinity race in Nashville, TN
*Company announces colossal revenue increase over current nine-month reporting period and entry into 1800 stores
*Company announces it is beginning delivery of Be Water to Piggly Wiggly Grocery Stores
*Company announces it continues to receive increased growth and activity at Marion, NC bottling plant
*Company announces partnership with large national distributor KeHE Distributors® for Be Water six-packs 
*Company announces interest capture of major warehouse club retailers averaging 30 million customers
*Company announces continued retail expansion throughout the U.S. 
*Company announces an increase in the # of Amazon fulfillment centers it distributes to (55 centers (from 27)).
*Company announces new retail distribution to 500 grocery stores through MDI Distributors and Lowe's Foods

Greene Concepts Highlights (2022) -

*Company announces bottling plant size expansion, line expansion and additional hirings
Company announces local distributor 'Get Be Water' is significantly expanding local sales in North Carolina
*Company contracts with Metatron Inc. to develop hydration tracking application
*Company appoints Brian Adkins as new National Sales Director to Lead Major Retail Chain Expansion
*Company announces sale of Be Water to Florida Turnpike Service Center locations
*Company receives order from Camping World to begin shipping 10,000 cases of Be Water to Jackson, MS 
*Company announces demand drives increase of E-Commerce Store Be Water Branded Merchandise
*Company announces investment in new production line to add gallon-sized water jugs to product offerings
*Company announces agreement with Lunchbox Distribution for Happy Mellow entry into 1,500 U.S. retail locations
*Company announces its Florida distributor H2O Artesian Finalizes Deal With 200 Store Grocery Retailer
*Company sponsors Dawson Cram for upcoming NASCAR 2022 Xfinity Series Races
*Company highlights additional upgrades and modernization to its Marion, NC bottling plant
*Company announces official e-commerce launch of Happy Mellow Immune Support CBD Beverage
*Company donates bottled water to Jackson, KY to provide support from flooding & high temperatures
*Company announces the completion of first production run of Happy Mellow, its new immune support drink
*Company announces the retirement of 37,333,333 common stock shares
*Company launches Be Water merchandise webpage for the sale of Be Water hats,shirts, hoodies, bags and bottles
*Company announces a formal agreement signed with an established food/beverage broker in North Carolina
*Company announces launch of new Shopify webpage and product/store locator page
*Company announces availability of new 6-pack Be Water bottle configuration and new nutritional label
*Company launches availability of STAY CBD Hemp Drinks available for discounted purchase
*Company announces development of brokerage account to support stock buyback program

Greene Concepts Highlights (2021) - 

*H2O Artesian partners with Horizon Beverage to expand Be Water distribution in New England
*Company announces H2O Artesian, distribution partner in FL for Be Water, purchased 3 truckloads for the region
*Company announces Happy Mellow product will launch with three products in early 2022
*Company showcases updated roof of plant with American flag
*Company launches a national commercial starring NASCAR driver Dawson "DK" Cram
*Company announces launch of Happy Mellow Hemp Extract Beverage by end of 2021
*Company acquires 'Stay Hemp 4 Life LLC', a manufacturer/distributor of hemp infused sports drinks
*Company donates 15,000 bottles of Be Water to Assist California residents during water shortage & Dixie fire
*Company becomes a sponsor for Cram Racing Enterprises (NASCAR Camping World Truck Series)
*Company signs agreement with Florida-Based H20 Artesian to capture national retail accounts in Florida
*Company expands number of Amazon FBA distribution centers to 23
*Company announces partnership with Camping World to sell Be Water in over 175 U.S. Camping World Stores
*Company releases video of its bottling plant operations, capabilities, resources, and testing procedures
*Company hires audit firm to review financials in preparation for uplist to NASDAQ
*Company donates a truckload of water to East Harris County Empowerment Council non-profit organization
*Company begins direct consumer sales through BeWaterBeYou webpage
*Company begins employing both FBA and FBM to increase Be Water sales through
*Company hires seven additional line workers and begins upgrade of bottling plant facility
*Company participates in highlights key initiatives and answers stakeholder questions
*Company connects with Marcus Lemonis "The Prophet" to donate water to CampingWorld to assist Texas residents
*Company donates a second truckload of bottled water to Houston to help the local residents
*Company donates a truckload of bottled water to Houston residents impacted by cold weather
*Company announces U.S. Veteran BE WATER distributorship in Pennsylvania
*Company announces it has paid off all mortgage liens and debt obligations of the bottling plant and surrounding land
*Company announces joint venture w/Lucky Soul Inc. to distribute Be Water/SOULTOX brands in multiple channels
*Company announces it has begun application process for placement on the OTCQB
*Company completes $2.875 Million funding transaction (w/o dilution) to expand and grow the Be Water brand
*Company partners with Upstart Kombucha to maximize distribution and sales around the country
*Company doubles inventory distribution to Amazon due to heavy demand
*Company launches Be Water page through Amazon and sells out of product first day
*Company announces pathway to rise through OTC Market Tiers on the Way to NASDAQ
*Company announces inventory sent to Amazon fulfillment centers to support upcoming online listing
*Company details 2020 accomplishments to include an increase in sales over the past year


Greene Concepts Highlights (2020) - 

*Company offers unlimited supply of artesian water for industrial, government and local economic use
*Company announces placement of Be Water product brand on webpage
*Company releases annual report (period ending 7/31/2020) showing assets of $4,837,830 & revenues of $51,425
*Announces two new labels focused on extending sales into the Chinese Market 
*Announces A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau
*Announces new Be Water Logo and sales campaign through
*Expands sales reach in CA, GA, OR, LA and FL through multi-state distributorship initiative
*Company launches innovation and crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo
*Launches U.S Veteran Distributorship Program to expand economic opportunities for U.S. Veterans
*Achieves first retail placement in Santa Rosa Pit Stop and on target for $14M in sales worldwide in 2020
*Signs 10 acre land purchase agreement near plant containing 7 production wells to meet increased demand
*Announces $16.5 million "Happy Mellow" immune formula purchase agreement by Sunflower Consulting Group  
*Announces partnership with New World Health and Wellness and Stay Cool for Water Club subscription service
*Company announces launch of new CBD, CBN, CBG immune support beverage with SoluScience LLC
*Announces launch of new Water Club subsidiary for water delivery based on subscription
*Announces purchase order agreement with Central Florida's largest Nissan automotive dealer
*Holds a virtual re-opening plant tour regarding full production operations
*Company receives approval as a government contractor and bid status on government contracts 
*Renewed marketing efforts to occur around the design and sale of premium artesian spring water
*Company signs a $14,000,000 sales purchase agreement with Sunflower Consulting Group
*Company finalizes first purchase order of Be Water with Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians' Pit Stop Gas station
*Company announces strategic partnership with Sunflower Consulting Group to expand sales of Be Water brand
*Company offers white label manufacture business opportunities to third-party beverage companies  
*Company reduces common shares outstanding by 225 Million to 637,851,741

Greene Concepts Highlights (2019) -

*Company and Lunchbox Distribution LLC announces National Distribution Agreement to market and distribute Mammoth Venture, Inc. CBD infused water along with a complete line of wellness beverages
*Company announces manufacturing agreement (SpinWater) with SpinLabel Technologies for its' subsidiary Mammoth Ventures, Inc.
*Announces Lenny Greene has resumed the role as company CEO and President
*Company announces the soon-to-be released Synergy Retailor Program (SRP)
*Announces production of first premium bottled water product will be called "Be Water"
*Company receives regulatory approval to begin production and distribution
*Company announces a marketing and distribution focus in Southeast Asia along with domestic growth
*Company announces the water purity standards at bottling company far exceeds industry standard
*Greene Concepts announces it is 99% complete on updates regarding bottling plant relaunch
*Greene Concepts partners with Nutrasource to accelerate path to $23B market
*Company announces expansion into $127B specialty beverage market
*Susan Hewlings, PhD, RD joins as new Director of Scientific Formulations
*Company webpage re-opens with sleek new look (
*Karen Howard appointed as new company CEO
*Completes Acquisition of Mammoth Ventures Inc., 60,000 sq ft Bottling Facility


Greene Concepts Highlights (2018) -

*Announces a focus on strengthening the share structure and value
*In the process of purchasing a beverage/bottling facility
*Became DTC eligible making it available for wider availability of stock among brokerages
*Hires OTC PR Wire as its public relations firm for distribution of company news releases
*Announces stock buyback and retirement of over 360 million shares of common stock
*Announces merging of bottling & beverage company and future transition to new management
*Attorney letter filed to garner current reporting status for INKW


*****Current INKW Corporate Information*****
See Company OTC Overview Page at: and Company Security Details Page at:

Company SEC Filings:

Common Stock: (i) July 31, 2023
(Number of shares authorized: 10,000,000,000
Total number of shares issued and outstanding: 2,270,667,515

Transfer Agent Information:
Address: Pacific Stock Transfer Co.
6725 Via Austi Parkway
Suite 300
Las Vegas, NV 89119
*Agency Registered under Exchange Act

Telephone: 800-785-7782
Various Brokerage Houses Where You 
Can Purchase INKW Stock: 
TD Ameritrade

*In Sept 2017, ScottTrade clients moved to TD AmeriTrade

ETrade Logo

Fidelity Logo

Investor Relations Contact info: 



OTC Market Homepage

OTC Markets Group Inc. (OTCQX: OTCM) operates the world's largest Open, Transparent,
and Connected financial marketplace platform.  Our OTC Link®  ATS directly links
a diverse network of broker-dealers that provide liquidity and execution

services in almost 10,000 equity and debt securities.  

SEC Proposes Amendments to Enhance Retail Investor Protections (9/26/19):


INKW OTC Company Info Page:

INKW Financial/OTC Filings, Disclosures, and News:

OTC Overview, Management, and Market Tiers:


Greene Concepts Prepares for Banner Year in 2024 and Company’s Highest Growth Levels (11.7.2023)

Be Water Receives Coveted Golden Ticket Award At Walmart’s Open Call 2023 (10.30.2023)
Be Water Receives Coveted Golden Ticket Award At Walmart’s Open Call 2023 (

Greene Concepts Realizes Incredible Sales Increase Per Latest Company Annual Report (10.27.2023)

Greene Concepts to Showcase BE WATER at Walmart Open Call 2023 in Bentonville (10.13.2023)
Greene Concepts to Showcase BE WATER at Walmart Open Call 2023 in Bentonville (

Greene Concepts Approved to Sell BE Water and Happy Mellow Through Walmart Marketplace (9.21.2023)
Greene Concepts Approved to Sell BE Water and Happy Mellow Through Walmart Marketplace (

Greene Concepts Showcases its BE WATER Brand's Origins and Bottling Source Location (9.14.2023)
Greene Concepts Showcases its BE WATER Brand's Origins and Bottling Source Location (

Greene Concepts BE WATER Now in 105 Amazon Fulfillment Centers Throughout the U.S (9.11.2023)
Greene Concepts BE WATER Now in 105 Amazon Fulfillment Centers Throughout the U.S. (

Greene Concepts Advertisement in BevNET’s 2023 Annual Natural Beverage Guide Now Live (8.22.2023)

Greene Concepts Advertises in BevNET’s 2023 Annual Natural Beverage Guide to Drive Sales (8.8.2023)
Greene Concepts Advertises in BevNET’s 2023 Annual Natural Beverage Guide to Drive Sales (

Greene Concepts Be Water Sales Expansion Initiates Large-Scale Advertising Campaign With NASCAR (7.28.2023)

Greene Concepts Readies For Continued Increase In Be Water Sales Distribution (7.21.2023)

Greene Concepts BE WATER 6-Packs Now Available on Amazon (6.28.2023)

Greene Concepts Welcomes Pancho Alvarez as New Company Brand Ambassador (6.27.2022)



 Do 'Dear CEO' letters make a difference?

Greene Concepts CEO Letter to Shareholders (1/21/2021)

Greene Concepts CEO Letter to Shareholders (3/19/2020)

News Articles About INKW (March 13, 2023) (March 28, 2023) (April 13, 2023) (May 4, 2023) (May 11, 2023) (May 22, 2023) (June 12, 2023)