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Grandfather Clause Removal Results - NSS stocks

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Last Post: 1/1/2008 4:03:18 AM - Followers: 17 - Board type: Premium - Posts Today: 0

Pick one or two of the most manipulated Naked shorted pos stocks you have ever come across in the past track them as they implement new restrictions to REG SHO and remove the GC. Use buyins.net for your short # calculations if possible thats what i used although i let the subscription run out this month thanks to Grandfather Clause being removed. Take the time to write or call pinksheets.com ask them to have their short numbers include Grandfather FTD's as well there numbers are currently nowhere near accurate. Pink Sheets LLC 304 Hudson Street 2nd Floor New York, NY 10013 Phone: 212-896-4400 Fax: 212-868-3848 E-mail: info@pinksheets.com The question is will they Rock or will they still flop. 1) GLBT .0001 no bid 2 billion FTD's 10 day avg vol 2.5 mil as of 6-13-07 float 12.5 billion brought by Calitrader gain 0% 2) EFGO .0006x.0007 suspected Ftd's 10 day avg vol 67 mil as of 6-13-07 float 4.4 billion brought by Vanwilder gain 0% 3) ISBL .001x.0011 suspected Ftd's 10 day avg vol 199k as of 6-13-07 float 74 mil brought by Coolwhip gain +10% 4) BANY .0004x.0005 suspected Ftd's 10day avg vol 76 mil as of 6-13-07 float 2.4 billion brought by Calitrader gain +25% 5) USXP .0005x.0006 1.8 bil FTD's 10day avg vol 433mil as of 6-13-07 float 21.5 billion brought by Pure Adrenaline gain +20% 6) HVLN .03x.04 suspected FTD's 10day avg vol 110k as of 6-13-07 float 28mil brought by JDUB gain +14% SEC good link for FAQ's regarding short sales. http://www.sec.gov/spotlight/shortsales.htm Grandfather Clause info below. Timeframe on the Granfather Clause being enforced 6-14-07 I just got off the phone with Ann Sulzberg (attourney at SEC) she is in the investor education dept with the SEC. Q. When will this new GC ruling become effective? A. Look for the ruling in the federal register in 1-2 weeks on SEC website. 60 days from when it appears in the federal register it should take affect. The particulars will be outlined at that time as well. To sum things up we are looking at 74 days or so to be in effect and another 35 days after that of activity to correct the FTD's. So imo we won't see the effects of the ruling until late August through the end of September. The hard copy should be out in 1-2 weeks after that is out and the outlined ruling is there to be enforced that should give three months of anticipation before the actual deadline. Sometimes the anticipation is better than the real thing imo. Replay the vote and event here. http://www.connectlive.com/events/secopenmeetings/ June 13th 2007 SEC Votes on Regulation SHO Amendments and Proposals; Also Votes to Eliminate "Tick" Test http://www.sec.gov/news/press/2007/2007-114.htm Submit questions about the amendment to sho here. see file # s7-12-06 http://www.sec.gov/rules/proposed.shtml SQUASH GRANDFATHER CLAUSE
#178   Especially the part on Naked Short Selling. NYBob 01/01/08 04:03:18 AM
#177   Thanks bro, am learning Briboy 12/19/07 11:53:02 AM
#176   GLBT is about to run. What you calitrader 12/19/07 11:48:34 AM
#175   Was just referred to this board and it Briboy 12/18/07 11:52:57 PM
#173   December 5th will be the final day for calitrader 11/20/07 09:38:43 AM
#172   Next week should be the first week of calitrader 10/20/07 02:57:25 PM
#171   We officially begin the enforcement period this week. calitrader 10/15/07 09:57:01 AM
#170   I will add it to radar thanks. calitrader 10/13/07 08:28:10 PM
#169   EGLP 1m o/s has no float lol...all shorted lifegear 10/10/07 09:52:02 PM
#168   Its definately starting with GLBT. calitrader 10/09/07 03:58:05 PM
#167   Scottrade was allowing trades until Sept 7th on surfkast 10/08/07 11:33:48 PM
#166   so broker assisted buys are allowed? what about lifegear 10/08/07 11:30:49 PM
#165   Cali, IT has "woken" up!!!!!!!!! Watch TOMARROW! lol. surfkast 10/08/07 11:10:15 PM
#164   NASDAQ Regulatory Alerts calitrader 10/08/07 11:01:15 PM
#163   I think there is a good possibility we calitrader 10/08/07 10:58:22 PM
#162   Any thoughts on GLBT? thanks! Or am I surfkast 10/08/07 09:47:44 PM
#161   My GLBT is getting action on the heels calitrader 10/05/07 04:20:17 PM
#160   hello all! em CBGB 10/05/07 04:15:09 PM
#159   Thanks. happydog 08/25/07 09:16:32 PM
#158   thats cool thank you for the info! much oldtimerdraftsman 08/25/07 09:15:34 PM
#157   I have no idea. I don't own happydog 08/25/07 09:15:04 PM
#156   ay, thanks for that post.. what do you oldtimerdraftsman 08/25/07 09:13:36 PM
#155   I accidentally came across this: happydog 08/25/07 09:06:28 PM
#154   I have a question... What do you guys oldtimerdraftsman 08/25/07 08:35:15 PM
#153   So after OCT 15th they have 35 days calitrader 08/17/07 04:52:10 PM
#152   I am off this board for now. calitrader 08/17/07 04:51:45 PM
#151   DATES: Effective Date: October 15, 2007. doinit 08/17/07 01:28:01 AM
#150   just checkout the Regulation SHO list---they're all FTD's lifegear 08/16/07 10:50:41 PM
#149   has anyone put together an updated list of doinit 08/16/07 10:45:00 PM
#148   Federal Register already shows elimination of Grandfather Clause lifegear 08/14/07 09:25:35 PM
#147   how can this new action to forego grandfather veloyt 07/12/07 01:03:51 PM
#146   thanks lifegear 07/05/07 10:05:08 PM
#145   "Compliance with Regulation SHO began on January 3, TEX 07/05/07 10:04:34 PM
#144   when did Reg SHO take effect...exact date? lifegear 07/05/07 09:57:17 PM
#143   not the lifting of GC but when GC lifegear 07/05/07 09:56:16 PM
#142   no... guys, the g-father clause refers to short positions TEX 07/05/07 08:49:19 PM
#141   would BHUB qualify ? trading might resume in doinit 07/05/07 06:54:26 PM
#140   responding with 2 , PAIM ,AND GZFX , doinit 07/05/07 06:46:20 PM
#139   not sure if it has yet but they PDC ™ 07/04/07 02:24:48 PM
#138   when did the Grandfather Clause become effective? lifegear 07/04/07 02:04:08 PM
#137   lol PDC ™ 07/04/07 01:46:32 PM
#136   basher...I'm telling Pearl on ya... Churak 07/04/07 01:38:28 PM
#135   its a misleading pr ONLY. you know PDC ™ 07/04/07 01:30:50 PM
#134   how is it involved with grandfathered stocks? TEX 07/04/07 12:06:06 AM
#133   I think you are wrong. Regardless, PAIMP has michael_a_berenis 07/03/07 09:52:38 PM
#132   is misleading, agreed...but they get off the hook TEX 07/03/07 05:50:43 PM
#131   There is no mention or either PAIM or lmbass 07/03/07 03:56:13 PM
#130   If its not related, then why did PAIM michael_a_berenis 07/03/07 03:31:47 PM
#129   The Grandfather clause only affects stocks that had lmbass 07/03/07 03:26:48 PM
#128   please explain how paimp is not affected by michael_a_berenis 07/03/07 03:19:48 PM
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