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Information to be posted relates to the last of the commodity groups to likely rally after the follow through effects of rising energy costs are realised - grains, oilseeds, fibres, softs, meats and agricultural waste. This broad commodity group has largely been ignored by the 'average' investor which in these unpredictable times is surprising given their needs based nature. 2006 is going to be a defining year for staple food production with production costs rising and the demand base for food exploding as energy markets eye 'alternative' feedstock to fossil fuels. Have you got food in your investment plan? Welcome to all! MY 2003 NUFFIELD SCHOLARSHIP REPORT In this I looked at how broadacre agriculture is going to have to adapt to rising energy costs and what kind of future agricultural landscapes we might need to become familiar to. http://www.nuffield.com.au/report_f/2002/edmonds.pdf MARKET AND GENERAL AGRICULTURE LINKS http://www.cbot.com - Chicago Board of Trade http://www.nymex.com http://www.futuresource.com http://www.ino.com http://www.agweb.com http://www.wce.ca/index.aspx - Winnipeg Commodity Exchange http://www.agriculture.com/ag/ http://www1.agric.gov.ab.ca/$department/newslett.nsf/homemain/cotl OTHER FOOD COMMODITIES http://www.potatonews.com/news/news_detail.asp HISTORIC CHARTS http://www.mrci.com/pdf/charts.asp DON COXE WEEKLY AUDIO http://events.startcast.com/events/199/B0003/# WEATHER http://www.rainmakesgrain.com http://www.wxmaps.org http://www.pecad.fas.usda.gov/cropexplorer/ BIOFUEL LINKS http://www.dogwoodenergy.com INTERESTING GRAIN LINKS http://www.goldengrainstove.com/fuel.htm http://www.grainstovesinc.com/about.php http://www.kernelburner.com http://www.hearthdirect.com http://energy.cas.psu.edu/EnergySelector/residential.html http://www.ruralenergyproducts.com/ http://www.hrgcornfurnaces.com/corn_boiler.htm FERTILIZER LINKS http://www.agrium.com/home.jsp http://www.potashcorp.com/about_potashcorp http://www.fertilizerworks.com http://www.migaocorp.com/ http://www.hanfengevergreen.com/ http://www.anglomineralsltd.com/about_potash/index.htm MEAT COMMODITY LINKS http://www.cattlenetwork.com http://www.thepoultrysite.com ENERGY LINKS http://www.321energy.com http://www.energybulletin.net http://www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net http://www.communitysolution.org/cuba.html BIOMASS TO ENERGY http://BiomassInvestors.com http://BioDieselInvestors.com http://CellulosicEthanolProducers.com http://CellulosicEthanolInvestments.com EVOLUTION OF FARMING SYSTEMS TOWARDS ENERGY EFFICIENCY http://www.australianuts.com http://www.badgersett.com http://www.panda.org/news_facts/newsroom/index.cfm?uNewsID=92320 http://www.wildcrops.com/wild_nuts.html AGRICULTURAL INFRASTRUCTURE http://www.aggrowth.com - AG GROWTH INCOME FUND - grain handling and storage manufacturer http://www.vicwest.com - Vicwest Income Fund - grain storage manufacturer
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