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The Got Parlay? board on ihub is a collaborative environment in which 

investors freely speculate and constructively share information about

bankrupt company securities, under-valued stocks, and under-valued

bonds, thus leveraging reliable data, excellent timing, and team work to

manage risk and create above normal returns. The results intended from

this collaboration include increased personal wealth and increased

personal well-being by participating in positive dialogue about investment

opportunities. But basically we just KICK ASS!!!!!


Credits to the founders: Uzualsuzpect, VivaLasVegas, Chiron, Fisshon, John Gyver, and Bizreader were the initiators, i.e. those who took first action to manifest this board on January 16th, 2010 

Bankruptcy Trends and Strategies and Picks

Here are the legal terms and related laws: Bankruptcy Basics: http://www.uscourts.gov/bankruptcycourts/bankruptcybasics/chapter11.html

http://bkinformation.com/news/dailynews.htm --- Daily Bankruptcy News 



(Finding new BK plays can be as easy as entering "filed for bankrupty" into a google search - share your dd here and let's invest together.)


Washington Mutual, Inc. which is the holding company of the seized bank, Washington Mutual Bank:



Common Shares


$1,000.00 Face


$25.00 Face



Links to information: 

WMI Court Hearing Calendar: http://www.my.calendars.net/wmi/

Court Documents: http://www.kccllc.net/wamu

Latest Headlines: 

Senate Asks FDIC for WaMu Documents

Bair's Puzzling WaMu Comments

WaMu shareholders form official bankruptcy group



Lehman Brothers securities



Common Shares


$25.00 Face Capital Trust Pref


$25.00 Face Capital Trust Pref


$25.00 Face Capital Trust Pref


$25.00 Face Capital Trust Pref


$25.00 Face Pref


$25.00 Face Pref


$25.00 Face Pref


$50.00 Face Pref


$50.00 Face Pref


$1,000.00 Face Pref


$1,000.00 Face Pref (Grey Market)


Latest Headlines: 

LEHMAN BROTHERS HOLDINGS INC Files SEC form 8-K, Regulation FD Disclosure, Financial Statements and Exhibits

Lehman chief to fight 'unreasonable' claims-FT

Lehman warns on US claims


Mesa Air Group, Inc.



Common Shares

Shares Outstanding: 175,217,000

Latest Headlines: 


Mesa Air Group Receives Court Approval of First Day Motions






How to find Bankruptcy as it happens: 

At this point it appears that nationwide BK filings can be found on an hour by hour basis by
going to: http://www.uscourts.gov/courtlinks/ (Note the BK court preselect choice) and searching by area code, which I think is the easiest to keep in mind and will cover the region sufficiently to produce search results that include the local BK courts. Then go to the BK court's website and search from there. I'm still researching this.

Top 10 cities could be split up among ten board members and each board member could do a quick search daily for new BK filings. We can be ahead of the news this way.

Los Angles, New York, Chicago, Miami, Delaware and or Utah probably have only one BK court due to population, Phoenix, Houston, Denver, Atlanta, etc.

This is from the local BK court website in my region:
"Bankruptcy cases are public records and are available for viewing in the Clerk's Office in either Seattle or Tacoma depending on where the file is located. In addition, the court's Electronic Case Files system provides access to court files via the Internet. Basic information about a case is available through the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) and Voice Case Information System (VCIS)."


 How to find BKs as they happen continued: 

"Public company's file for bankruptcy according the state laws for the state in which they are registered. They are also required to file form 8-k with the SEC. You can find additional information about bankruptcy filing at the web address below:


Typically, shareholders will find out about a company filing for bankruptcy through the news first. As far as fund managers are concerned, they are constantly monitoring the news and any filings for updates to a company's status.

Shareholders are notified if the company or transfer agent sends out a communication. Otherwise, they will typically notice because the symbol of the stock will change.

If you have any other questions or comments, please send us another secure message at anytime. We appreciate your business."
(above is cited from personal email from Fidelity.com to Got Parlay board member on 2/4/2010.)




The soon to be "Got Parlayed" watch list


See the list of all Blockbuster stock ticker symbols click here.

Bizreader added this link on 2/11/10 


Part of our Mission Statement here at Got Parlay is to wear our official Got Parlay T-shirt at least once a month in a public place! Think creatively ! Jestiron handles orders.

Go direct through PM instead of discussing your shirt size on the board! Thanks.

Click on the shirt and get them here:



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#1892   I'm taking a position gamble in JLIC....small O/S trailblazin 08/06/10 02:39:43 PM
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