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Gold Exploration in West Africa

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This board is a place to exchange information on companies involved in the exploration for gold in the countries of West Africa. These include but are not limited to Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea and Niger.

This thread is for intelligent discussion, analysis or posting of factual information.


Here is a list of publicly listed Canadian companies (on the Toronto or Toronto-Venture stock exchanges) currently exploring for gold in this region:

Companies exploring mostly in Mali
Appleton Exploration Inc. http://www.appletonexploration.com  AEX 
Avnel Gold Mining, Ltd. http://www.avnelgold.com/ AVK (operating mine)
Avion Gold Corp http://www.aviongoldcorp.com/ AVR (operating mine)
Delta Exploration http://www.deltaexploration.com/ DEV
Eldorado Gold http://www.eldoradogold.com/ ELD (EGO on Amex) also Sierra Leone
Great Quest Metals http://www.greatquest.com/ GQ
Legend Gold http://www.legendgold.com  LGN
Medoro Resources, Ltd. http://www.medororesources.com/  MRS
Merrex Gold, Inc. http://www.merrexgold.com/  MXI  (MRXFF on Pink Sheets)
North Atlantic Resources, Ltd. http://www.nac-tsx.com/ NAC
Robex Resources http://www.robexgold.com/?page=11875986?=en/ RBX (RB4 in Berlin-Bremen)
Sanu Resources http://www.sanuresources.com/ SNU also Burkina Faso,Morocco

Companies exploring mostly in Ghana

African Gold Group http://www.africangoldgroup.com/ AGG -- also Mali
African Queen Mines http://africanqueenmines.com ------ AQ  (Frankfurt, Berlin-Bremen WKN A0Q7GA)
Azumah Resources  AZR   http://www.azumahresources.com.au/  (AZM on Sydney ASX) -- also  Burkina Faso
Moydow Mines http://www.moydow.com/ ---------MOY  also Liberia, Sierra Leone
PMI Ventures Limited http://www.pmiventures.com/ PMV (Frankfurt, Berlin-Bremen WKN 888063)
AMI Resources Inc http://www.mininggroup.com/ --------AMU
Golden Star Resources Limited http://www.gsr.com/ GSC (GSS on American Exchange) (operating mines) -- also Sierra Leone
Kinross Gold Corp www.kinross.com --- K (KGC on NYSE) (operating mines) -- also Mauritania
Midlands Minerals Corp. http://www.midlandsminerals.com/ -- MEX
Keegan Resources, Inc. http://www.keeganresources.com/ -- KGN
Pelangio Exploration http://www.pelangio.com/ -- PX
Tres-Or Resources http://www.tres-or.com/  -- TRX  (placer)
Volta Resources http://www.voltaresources.com/ ---- VTR -- also Burkina Faso, Mali

Companies exploring mostly in Burkina Faso

Concordia Resources http://www.concordiaresourcecorp.com --- CCN
Channel Resources http://www.channelresources.ca/ ---CHU
Goldbelt Resources http://www.goldbeltresources.com ---GLD
Goldrush Resources http://www.goldrushresources.ca/ --- GOD
High River Gold Mines http://www.hrg.ca/ --------HRG (operating mine)
Indigo Resources www.indigoexploration.com/ --- IXI
Orezone Resources http://www.orezone.com/ ---------OZN (operating mine)(OZN on American Exchange) -- also Niger, Ghana
Riverstone Resources http://www.riverstoneresources.com ---RVS
Solomon Resources http://www.solomonresources.ca/ ---SRB also Mali

Companies exploring mostly in Guinea

Cassidy Gold Corporation http://www.cassidygold.com/ --CDY
Crew Gold http://www.crewgold.com/ --CRU on TSX and Oslo exchanges, CRUGF on Pink Sheets
Navasota Resources http://www.navasota.com/ -- NAV

Companies exploring in other or several countries

Africa West Minerals  http://www.africawestminerals.com/    Liberia  ----- AFW
African Aura Resources http://www.african-aura.com/ Liberia, Cameroon --- AAZ
Axmin http://www.axmininc.com/ Central African Republic, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Cameroon ---- AXM
Central Asia Gold Ltd. http://www.cgamining.com/ Nigeria ---CGX (CGX in Sydney)
Cluff Gold PLC  http://www.cluffgold.com/ Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, Senegal, Ghana --- CGF (CLF on London AIM)
Diamond Fields International http://www.diamondfields.com/ Liberia --- DFI
Etruscan Resources http://www.etruscan.com/ Niger, Mali, Côte d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Ghana-------EET (operating mines)
First Quantum Minerals http://www.first-quantum.com Mauritania --- FM (FQM on London AIM)
Greencastle Resources http://www.greencastleresources.com/ VGN Niger
Iamgold http://www.iamgold.com/ Mali, Niger, Guinea, Senegal, Ghana IMG (IAG on American Exchange, IGD on Australian Exchange, IAMGOLD on Botswana Exchange) (operating mines)
Island Arc Resources http://www.islandarcexploration.com/s/Home.asp  Niger --- IAX
La Mancha Resources http://www.lamancharesources.com Côte d'Ivoire-------LMA
Lihir Gold http://www.lglgold.com/ Côte d'Ivoire ---- LGG (LGL in Sydney, LIHR on NASDAQ, LGL in Port Moresby) (operating mine)
Mano River Resources http://www.manoriver.com/ Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea ----- MNO
MaxTech Ventures http://www.maxtechventures.com/ Liberia --- MVT
Oromin Explorations http://www.oromin.com Senegal ----- OLE
Searchgold Resources http://www.searchgold.ca/ Burkina Faso, Guinea, Gabon, ---------RSG (S10 in Frankfurt)
Semafo Inc. http://www.semafo.com/ Guinea, Niger, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire SMF (operating mines)

Companies listed outside Canada
~~~~ in USA major markets:
AngloGold Ashanti (AU on NYSE, ANG on JSE, AGD in London, AGG in Sydney, AGA and AAD on Ghana Stock Exchange) http://www.anglogold.com/ Ghana, Guinea, Mali (operating mines)
Gold Fields (GFI on JSE, NYSE and Dubai DIFX) http://www.goldfields.co.za/ Ghana, Burkina Faso (operating mines)
Randgold Resources (RRS in London, GOLD on the NASDAQ) http://www.randgoldresources.com/
Mali, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal (operating mines)
~~~~ in London, includinng AIM
AIM Resources Ltd. http://www.aimresources.com.au/ --- Nigeria (AIMR on London AIM, AIM in Sydney) Ghana
Avocet Mining PLC (AVM in London, AVM in Oslo) http://www.avocet.co.uk/ Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea (operating mine)
Central African Gold PLC (CAN on Londom AIM) http://www.centralafricangold.com Ghana, Mali
Glencar Mining PLC (GEX on London AIM, GCM on Irish Stock Exchange) http://www.glencarmining.ie/ Ghana, Mali
Golden Prospect PLC (GOL on London AIM) http://www.goldenprospectplc.com/ Sierra Leone
Goldplat (GDP on London AIM) http://www.goldplat.com Ghana (gold recovery)
Mwana Africa PLC (MWA on London AIM) http://www.mwanaafrica.com/ Ghana
Nordgold (NORD in London) http://www.nordgold.com/ Burkina Faso (operating mine)
West African Diamonds PLC (WAD on London AIM) http://www.westafdiamonds.com/ Sierra Leone
~~~~ in Sydney, Australia:
Adamus Resources (ADU on Sydney ASX and Venture Exch.)) http://www.adamusresources.com.au/ Ghana  (operating mine)
Ampella Mining (AMX on Sydney ASX) http://www.ampella.com.au  Burkina Faso
Australian Mines (AUZ on Sydney ASX) www.australianmines.com.au/ Nigeria
Australian United Gold (AUL on Sydney ASX) http://www.austunitedgold.com/ Guinea
Bassari Resources (BSR on Sydney ASX)  http://www.bassari.com.au/ Senegal
Birimian Gold (BGS on Sydney ASX) http://www.eagleeyemetals.com/  Mali, Liberia
Burey Gold (BYR on Sydney ASX) http://www.bureygold.com/ Guinea
Blackthorn Resources (BTR on Sydney ASX) http://www.blackthornresources.com.au/ Burkina Faso
Canyon Resources (CAY on Sydney ASX) http://www.canyonresources.com.au/ Burkina Faso
Carbine Resources (CRB on Sydney ASX) http://www.carbineresources.com.au/  Burkina Faso
Caspian Oil & Gas (formerly Afminex) (CIG on Sydney ASX, Berlin-Bremen, Frankfurt) http://www.afminex.com Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana
Castle Minerals, Ltd. (CDT on Sydney ASX) http://www.castleminerals.com/ Ghana
Chester Mining Ltd. (CHT on Sydney ASX) Guinea
Drake Resources (DRK on Sydney ASX) http://www.drakeresources.com.au  Mauritania, Guinea
Gold Rim Resources (GRM on Sydney ASX) http://www.goldenrim.com.au/irm/content/home.html Burkina Faso, Mali
Gryphon Minerals Ltd. (GRY on Sydney ASX) http://www.gryphonminerals.com.au/ Burkina Faso, Mauritania
Hodge Resources, Ltd. (HDG on Sydney ASX) http://www.hodgesresources.com.au Ghana
Mincor Resources NL (MCR on Sydney ASX) http://www.mincor.com.au/other_operations/africa.phtml Guinea
Mineral Deposits, Ltd. (MDL on Sydney ASX,MDM on Toronto TSX) http://www.mineraldeposits.com.au/index.html Senegal
Mt. Isa Metals (MET on Sydney ADX) http://www.mtisametals.com.au  Burkina Faso
Newcrest Mining (NCR on Sydney ASX, NCMGY on OTC) www.newcrest.com.au Côte d'Ivoire (operating mine)
Noble Mineral Resources Ltd. (NMG on Sydney ASX) http://www.nobleminres.com.au/ Ghana
Papillon Resources Ltd. (PIR on Sydney ASX) http://www.papillonresources.com/ Mali
Paramount Mining (PCP on Sydney ASX) Ghana
Perseus Mining, Ltd. http://www.perseusmining.com/ (PRU on Sydney ASX;PRU.TO) Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana (operatinng mine)
Resolute Mining (RSG on Sydney ASX, RMGGF on OTCBB, Pink Sheets) http://www.resolute-ltd.com.au/ Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali (operating mine)
Signature Metals, Ltd.  http://www.signaturemetals.com.au/ (SBL on Sydney ASX) Ghana
Takoradi, Ltd. (TKG on Sydney ASX) Ghana
Viking Ashanti Ltd. (VKA on Sydney ASX) http://vikingashanti.com/ Ghana
Vital Metals (VML on Sydney ASX) http://vitalmetals.com.au/ Burkina Faso
Volta Mining (VTM on Sydney ASX) http://www.voltamining.com.au/ Burkina Faso
~~~~ American over-the-counter:
Gold Coast Resources http://www.goldcoastresources.com/ (GSRS on the Pink Sheets) Ghana
Columbia River Resources (CRVV on the Pink Sheets http://www.pinksheets.com ) Ghana
Centurion Gold Holdings (CGHI on OTCBB) http://www.centuriongold.com/ Gabon, Mali
General Metals Corp http://www.generalmetalscorporation.com/s/Home.asp (GNLM on the Pink Sheets) Ghana
Green Technology Solutions  http://www.GTSOgold.com (GTSO on OTCBB) Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana
Hidalgo Mining International (HMIT on OTCBB) http://www.hidalgominingint.com/home.html Guinea, Sierra Leone
Norman Cay Development  (NCDL on OTCQB) Ghana
Pinnacle Resources http://www.pnrr.net/ghana_proj.html (PNRR on OTCBB, PIN in Frankfurt) (website http://www.sbmining.com/ "under construction") Ghana
Sierra Gold (SGCP on the Pink Sheets) http://www.sierragoldcorp.com/ Sierra Leone
Siguiri Basin Mining (website http://www.sbmining.com/ "under construction", SBMI on the Pink Sheets) Guinea
~~~~ Other exchanges:
Managem (has large stake in Searchgold) (MNG on the Casablanca Stock Exchange http://www.casablanca-bourse.com/ ) http://www.managem-ona.com/english/ Morocco, Guinea, Niger, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Gabon (operating mines)
Cambrian Mining PLC (CBM on London AIM) http://www.cambrianmining.com and Investika (IVK on Sydney ASX and London AIM, KIZ in Berlin-Bremen and Frankfurt) http://www.investika.com share the Subranum project with unlisted Samtua Mining Resources Ltd. Ghana
Areva (FR0004275832 or PCEI on Paris bourse) a French government-controlled nuclear firm, owns Cogema http://www.cogema.com which in turn owns Compagnie Miniere D'Or ("Cominor") SA, which owns gold properties in Cote d'Ivoire and Mali (operating mines)

Companies not listed on any stock exchange:

Marine Mining Inc. http://marinemining.com/ Ghana offshore, Consolidated Mining http://www.consolidatedmining.com/home.html Guinea,
Alligator Mines Côte d'Ivoire, Boure Gold Fields, SARL Guinea, Bendon International Ltd. Senegal, Arab African Petroleum Company ("Arapco") Senegal, Pyramide-M Burkina Faso,  Somika SARL, Burkina Faso, Gold City, Inc. (of Nevada, not GC on Toronto Venture Exch.) Ghana, Equator Resources Ltd. Ghana, Med Mining Co. Ltd. Ghana, Tropical Mines Ltd. Nigeria, Don King International Development Corp. Nigeria
OTHER LINKS Mineweb: http://www.mineweb.co.za/ Kitco: http://www.kitco.com Goldsheet: http://www.goldsheetlinks.com/compa.htm Gold Review: http://www.goldreview.com/ Contact information: http://www.sigafrique.net/organisme.asp?id_lien=LIE009
(USGS 1998 reports: Burkina Faso: http://minerals.usgs.gov/minerals/pubs/country/1998/9250098.pdf Ghana:
http://minerals.usgs.gov/minerals/pubs/country/1998/9213098.pdf Niger: http://minerals.usgs.gov/minerals/pubs/country/1998/9247098.pdf )


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#2131   Mali's interim govt raises gold sales tax 2% FL 05/19/12 01:21:06 PM
#2130   Ghana to Make Mines Pay Royalties Every Month, FL 05/19/12 12:50:20 PM
#2129   Axmin (AXM.TO) Reverse Stock Split 1-share-for-10 FL 02/24/12 10:54:57 PM
#2128   NEW: Vital Metals (ASX:VML) in Burkina Faso FL 02/21/12 11:33:02 PM
#2127   Papillon (ASX:PIR) 75m@4.12g/ton,32m@6.7.35g/ton; Gryphon (ASX:GRY) buys 6.72% s FL 02/20/12 09:40:35 PM
#2126   50% POP in Volta Resources (VTR.V), Avnel (AVK.TO) FL 02/16/12 09:05:24 PM
#2125   VTEM-plus survey with magnetic gradiometer. GeoRobert 02/01/12 07:32:48 AM
#2124   Volta Mining (ASX:VTM) (not Volta Resources VTR.V) in FL 01/28/12 01:53:57 AM
#2123   NEW: Birimian Gold (ASX:BGS) in Mali, Liberia, was FL 01/18/12 08:46:47 PM
#2122   NEW: Drake Resources (DRK in Sydney); Mauritania, Guinea FL 01/15/12 09:32:51 PM
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#2120   Oromin (OLE.V) price pop; almost doubled, low volume. FL 12/08/11 01:08:15 PM
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#2118   Burey Gold (Sydney:BYR) Announces Guinea holes FL 11/20/11 02:54:10 AM
#2117   New: Green Technology Solutions (GTSO), ridiculously named, now FL 11/17/11 12:59:30 PM
#2116   High River Gold (HRG.TO) net income almost doubles FL 11/15/11 09:29:32 PM
#2115   SEMAFO (SMF.TO) Admired FL 11/01/11 08:35:30 PM
#2114   Axmin Gold (AXM.TO) drilling in Cameroon FL 11/01/11 08:20:16 PM
#2113   NEW: Volta Mining (VTM in Sydney) in Burkina FL 10/19/11 02:02:23 AM
#2112   Burey Gold Limited : 6 October - Results FL 10/07/11 07:43:15 PM
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#2109   Merrex (MXI.V) on OTC echange; Mali property; FL 09/28/11 10:34:53 PM
#2108   Yes, and it's much resented in places like FL 09/28/11 10:30:44 PM
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#2106   China has MUCH interest in AFRICA GOLD MINING supervalue 09/25/11 03:10:29 PM
#2105   Semafo's (SMF:TO) Guinea equipment attacked FL 09/22/11 01:03:24 AM
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#2103   NEW: Papillon Resources (Sydney:PIR) exploring in Mali FL 09/14/11 08:42:41 PM
#2102   Australian gold stocks poised to shine FL 09/13/11 10:13:42 PM
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#2100   Yeah but Caledonia's not active in West Africa. FL 09/07/11 11:17:13 PM
#2099   REMOVED: Fundy Minerals out of Liberia (not trading FL 09/07/11 11:13:36 PM
#2098   NEW: Norman Cay Devel.(OTC:NCDL) now in Ghana FL 09/07/11 10:59:58 PM
#2097   Caledonia Mining Corporation is a well diversified company - NYBob 09/03/11 09:58:32 PM
#2096   Guinea transitional council debates draft mining code FL 08/31/11 10:43:01 PM
#2095   Ampella (Sydney:AMX) results in Burkina Faso FL 08/31/11 10:40:15 PM
#2094   Gryphon Minerals (Sydney:GRY) in Burkina Faso FL 08/31/11 10:37:02 PM
#2093   Adamus Resources in $US600m gold deal with Endeavour FL 08/22/11 07:26:57 PM
#2092   NEW: Golden Rim (GMR in Sydney): Mali and FL 08/19/11 07:37:46 PM
#2091   Right but hope for a change in thinking supervalue 08/19/11 06:09:01 PM
#2090   Haber Systems (HABE) ceases in Ghana, ceases trading FL 08/18/11 08:50:20 PM
#2089   Why? I've seen large and small FL 08/18/11 08:31:48 PM
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