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Stock Symbol - GLEC


GEC Organics (“GECO”) was formed in late 2011 and has developed a 70 acre site in Southern Alabama for the production of an all-natural soil amendment. The use of our organic fertilizers will restore the soil to its original healthy condition while working to promote the sustainability of the environment.

Located in Castleberry Alabama, our 70 acre composting site can produce up to 20,000 yards of the most nutrient rich organic fertilizer and over 30,000 gallons of organic compost teas and soil inoculants each month.

Our goal is to help farmers dramatically improve the quality and health of their soil and crops, while reducing their dependency on synthetic fertilizers!



What We Do

The Science of Organic Soil Amendments

Initially, Nitrogen enhances leaf and green stem growth. If used in excess, as in the application of synthetic fertilizers, the quality of the stems and leaves are diminished and weak. However, a Nitrogen deficiency will result in plants that can become stunted and wilted. This delicate balance is easier to achieve with the use of organic products because they contain other essential elements in the proper proportions for successful fertilization. The key to this balance is the interaction of Nature’s own process with the enhancement from our product OSA1000. The important role of humus in agriculture has been known since ancient times and GEC Organics (“GECO”) has relied on Humic Acid for the development of its products.
Humic Acid properties and the quality of the nutrients in our OSA1000 are what make the blend so effective in the development of the soil and as a result the healthy plant.  Our product is made up of nutrients which stay in the root zone exactly where they are distributed as opposed to conventional, synthetic fertilizers which wash away with a single heavy rain.  It is for this reason that many agricultural experts equate the nutrient value, or NPK of an organic fertilizer with three times that of synthetic fertilizers.  It has bee the practice of force feeding plants and killing pests that created the perception in modern agriculture that the higher the NPK, the better.  Organic programs of solid and liquid compost are based on developing healthy soil and working with the natural biological activity of the soil.

The use of Humic Acids is the key for
OSA1000 to work with Nature.  Water is tightly kept between Humic Acid molecules with the help of hydrogen bonds allowing the storage of moisture during dry periods.  By reacting with calcium, magnesium, aluminum and iron, which are always present in soil, humates form organic mineral bridges.  These "bridges" form a protective net connecting the soil's particles in a structure helping to resist erosion, keep more oxygen and moisture and create a favorable environment for micro flora development.  This humates are essential in maximizing agricultural health, while influencing the matrix of water, plant and soil.



Restoration of Soil Through Bio-remediation

Check out the process on the company's website:

The environment-positive benefits will be as follows:

  • Treatment and disposal of sludge removed or dredged from hazardous sources
    Treatment of organically and inorganically polluted water from rivers and lakes
    Utilization of local waste water sludge, green waste (grass, crop waste, dead trees and foliage) and food waste from all sources
    Conversion of waste water sludge into a beneficial byproduct
    Conversion of food and "green" waste into a beneficial byproduct
    Significant reduction of land needed for waste disposal
    Establishment of desirable pH levels in soil
    Eliminating the use of polluting synthetic fertilizers


The economic benefits directly generated by the soil technology will be significant and affect many of the country's agricultural regions.
They are predicted to be as follows:

  • Substantial expansion of organic fertilizer industry
    Increased agriculture yields
    Increased fertile land available for profitable farming
    Reduced costs for fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides
    Increased organically grown agriculture for export producing higher profit yields
    Reduced dependence on imported agriculture chemical products


"We've  succeeded in taking organic and inorganic waste materials that were too dangerous for a landfill and produced a valuable byproduct. Our process has efficiently and economically created a highly fertilized soil amendment that will greatly improve soil conditions and crop yields wherever it's used." Peter Ubaldi, President and CEO, Global Ecology Corporation.

Future Projects

Clean Water Tecnnology

Water Purification uses its Health Canada, NSF and EU certified approved Ionized Mineral Solution IMS1000™ for numerous applications, from treating reservoirs and other large bodies of water; to large HVAC systems, waste water systems, restaurant grease traps, and various agricultural applications. It is also a vital component of the company's Mobile PureWater System™. The chemical not only safely cleans the water, but provides the added benefit of keeping water infrastructure delivery systems free of harmful bacteria and bio-fouling organisms. IMS 1000™ is produced for GEC by Canadian company EnvirEau Technologies.

Mobile PureWater System™ is a flexible and mobile water purification system for use in areas where safe and clean drinking water is scarce or affected by natural disasters. It is the most cost effective, transportable; high-volume purified water production system available in the market today and can meet the daily cooking, sanitation and drinking water consummation needs of up to 5,000 people with a single machine.

Clean Tower Tecnnology

More to follow....


Security Exchange Commission (SEC) filings

The company's filings on Edgar are still found under previous name, Homeland Security Network, Inc. The name change and symbol change have been completed but the SEC still has not updated as of 7-20-2010.

SEC Filings



Contact Information  

Peter Ubaldi
Global Ecology Corporation
96 Park Street
Montclair, New Jersey 07042



GEC Management Team, Associates and Consultants

Peter Ubaldi, CEO, President, and Director
Mr. Ubaldi has over 40 years experience in corporate finance and commercial lending and has worked for CPA firms, banks, specialty lenders and investment banks. Mr. Ubaldi has been employed by the Company since 2004 and has used his vast financial experience to guide GEC through its development in the environmental remediation business. Mr. Ubaldi is a Director of Water Purification for a United Nations Private Partner; Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization (IREO), and has a Bachelors degree in accounting from Villanova University.

Joseph Battiato, Board Chairman, and Managing Director
Mr. Battiato has over 34 years experience in the financial industry and the capital markets. Mr. Battiato has provided assistance to both public and private companies in connection with mergers, acquisitions and asset securitizations. Mr. Battiato was President of Aegis Consumer Funding Group, where he oversaw all aspects of business operations with an emphasis on consumer and auto finance. During his Wall Street tenure he held a number of high level positions at some of the top banking organizations including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Mr. Battiato also serves in an official capacity as a special advisor to the UN Global Center for Health Education and the Environment.

Advent Consulting Group, LLC
Advent Consulting Group, LLC is a firm that specialized in the administrative support of public companies to insure that these corporations maintain their regulatory requirements as set forth by the SEC and FINRA. Advent is staffed by professionals in this field who are familiar with all public company regulations. Advent assists in the preparation of accounting records, transaction descriptions, support schedules and other internal procedures for the completion of our Quarterly Reports, Annual Reports and 8-K filings.

OTC Market Tier - GLEC


"The OTCQB market tier helps investors easily identify companies that are Registered and current in their reporting obligations with the SEC or report to a U.S. banking or insurance regulator. OTCQB. See OTCQB FAQ.


Share Structure

as of March 25, 2012

Transfer Agent (TA)
Holladay Stock Transfer

2939 N. 67th Place
Scottsdale, AZ, 85251


-Authorized - 500 million
-Outstanding - 476,413,525
-Float - not divulged by TA





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The Daily View

The Big Picture Weekly View


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