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In this geopolitical and inflationary climate it seems flattire69 08/10/22 10:11 PM
Honestly I hope somebody comes along and buys joepcf 08/10/22 7:10 PM
YEP joepcf 08/10/22 6:13 PM
With their current share structure and $400 million flattire69 08/10/22 8:15 AM
Yes still follow and have plenty. Ironically I joepcf 08/09/22 11:53 PM
How's it going Joe. Always interested in your flattire69 08/09/22 7:44 PM
Thanks. Yea, its all about timing, and Vipyr 12/08/21 1:35 AM
Great pickup. Unfortunately I'm unable to watch the flattire69 12/07/21 5:48 PM
I caught the bottom of this one or Vipyr 12/07/21 3:54 PM
The last two major runs topped at 7.50 flattire69 11/24/21 9:13 PM
You are right but it has increased revenue joepcf 11/24/21 8:04 AM
Well Joe should we put a fork in flattire69 11/23/21 6:56 PM
Probably so. joepcf 03/22/21 12:47 PM
Well for the time being the shorts are flattire69 03/22/21 11:11 AM
Yes one of their biggest problems is communication joepcf 03/22/21 10:09 AM
I really don't understand why they took the flattire69 03/20/21 12:24 AM
One thing is for sure, this stock is flattire69 03/03/21 2:37 PM
I'd include TTD in that excellent group. Glider549 02/22/21 1:23 PM
Looking for $10+ by earnings next month and joepcf 02/09/21 6:28 AM
Whats your opinion of where this is going? flattire69 02/08/21 11:54 AM
They are in a hot sector with both joepcf 02/07/21 11:35 PM
Almost 6 million in volume during Fridays trading. flattire69 02/06/21 3:03 PM
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Looks like it might be trying to break OTC_Buyer 08/27/20 12:03 AM
$FLNT / #Fluent Earnings Trade TFMG 08/10/20 5:54 PM
This was originally a Phillip Frost play, the flattire69 01/16/20 11:55 AM
If I can remember correctly I believe what OTC_Buyer 01/16/20 11:45 AM
I believe this to be a big winner flattire69 01/16/20 11:43 AM
You timed that just right ... congrats on OTC_Buyer 01/16/20 2:09 AM
$51 million traded on Jan 15th ... that OTC_Buyer 01/16/20 2:05 AM
Most volume in 3 years, wow ... there OTC_Buyer 01/16/20 2:00 AM
About time ... their spin off is doing OTC_Buyer 01/16/20 1:42 AM
* * $FLNT Video Chart 01-15-2020 * * ClayTrader 01/15/20 5:33 PM
FLNT looking great! Stock Logics 01/15/20 10:02 AM
I've picked up a few at these wholesale flattire69 11/15/19 12:31 AM
It going to be real cheap tomorrow morning. Novo311 05/20/19 10:36 PM
I too thought the earnings were good. I flattire69 05/16/19 7:39 PM
I think it is wellington, there is no joepcf 05/16/19 7:15 PM
definitely going in the wrong direction now. flattire69 05/16/19 5:31 PM
wasn't expecting this after the earnings. A lot flattire69 05/16/19 5:18 PM
Does anyone have the earnings cliff notes that Novo311 05/08/19 6:29 PM
Can’t go up everyday.... or can it!!! Novo311 04/30/19 2:27 PM
FLNT was a sell on the extended volume TrendTrade2016 04/30/19 4:56 AM
Some huge volume today and a bulk buy Novo311 04/29/19 9:16 PM
FLNT really starting to show off. What a monster TrendTrade2016 04/29/19 12:51 PM
FLNT what an amazing long play. Hang on TrendTrade2016 04/24/19 5:39 AM
I would imagine after they get fully get Novo311 04/13/19 7:48 AM
Another huge win and again as the best TrendTrade2016 04/12/19 5:16 AM
FLNT such a beautiful set up///a lot more coming!! TrendTrade2016 04/10/19 4:57 AM
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Fluent Inc (FLNT)

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Tiger Media, Inc. is a leading
nationwide multi-platform media
company and one of the largest
operators of LCD screen,integrated
outdoor billboard, advertising
networks in China.

                   LUXURY MALL LCD                                                    OUTDOOR BILLBOARD                                                           HOME INN AD SPACE


Tiger Media is building a new network                              Tiger Media represents a network of                                Tiger Media is establishing a variety
of large format LCD screens at prominent                          outdoor billboards, which are mostly                               of advertising formats including
entry points of high end shopping centers                          built on rooftops and with good visibility                          billboards, elevator advertising and
located at major central business district                            from long distances.                                                         lobby advertising at certain existing
locations in Shanghai.                                                                                                                                                 Home Inn locations and future new



Tiger Media,Inc., formerly known as SearchMedia Holdings Limited, was formed in 2005, and with a nationwide coverage in many cities throughout China and Hong Kong, Tiger Media operates one of the largest outdoor advertising networks in China


Tiger Media's LCD screen, outdoor billboard media network provide a multi-platform, "one-stop shop” services that enable us to attract a highly diversified advertising base of national and international clients, in addition to a broad client list of local advertisers. These advertising clients are from industries ranging from telecommunications, insurance and banking, to automobiles, real estate, electronics and fast moving consumer goods

On October 30, 2009, SearchMedia completed a merger with Ideation Acquisition Corporation and became a public company. We were listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the name of SearchMedia Holdings Limited. On December 14, 2012, SearchMedia Holdings Limited changed its name to Tiger Media, Inc. (NYSE MKT: IDI)


Tiger Media's goal is to own and operate the leading integrated out-of-home media network in China with a focus on existing and emerging media platforms with low capital requirements and high returns. Tiger Media will achieve these goals by pursuing the following strategies:


  • Solidify our leadership position through increased penetration of existing markets and expansion into new markets
  • Diversify and increase media offerings and optimize our portfolio
  • Continue to implement an integrated sales approach and engage in cross-selling efforts
  • Continue efforts to strengthen brand name
  • Pursue strategic alliances and acquisitions and integrate acquired businesses


Luxury Mall LCD Screens

Tiger Media is building a new network of large format LCD screens at prominent entry points of high end shopping centers located at major central business district locations in Shanghai, mainly located along the Huai Hai Road and Nanjing West Road vicinity.

Screens for the network are approximately 70 inches in length, allowing advertisers to promote their brands with large digital billboards in high impact locations with prominent street level views. Advertisements are broadcast in intervals which attract more attention to the screens. In addition, many of the screen locations are located adjacent to subway stations and busy intersections, providing an even wider consumer reach.

The LCD project will acquire the rights to many prestigious high end shopping centers in prime locations in Shanghai including CITIC Plaza, Cloud Nine Mall, Grand Gateway Mall, Hong Kong Plaza, Jiu Guang Emporium, K11 New World Malls, Metro City, Printemps China, Raffles City, The 6th Goods Shopping Mall and Xin Tian Di. Tiger Media will thus establish a very strong presence in heavily trafficked, Grade A shopping centers.

Advertisers strongly desire access to these prominent locations with high scarcity value, especially since these LCD displays are very close to the point of purchase.This Luxury Mall LCD project will provide a very attractive long term advertising solution for many international, national and local advertisers, especially luxury good brands.

This network will be built out first within Shanghai and then be expanded to other Tier I and Tier II cities throughout China.


Outdoor Billboard

Tiger Media, Inc. is a leading nationwide multi-platform media company and one of the largest operators of integrated outdoor billboard, LCD screen and transit advertising networks in China.

Tiger Media represents a network of outdoor billboards, which are mostly built on rooftops and with good visibility from long distances.

Tiger Media’s target audiences for these advertisements are mid- to high-income shoppers, pedestrians and car-driving consumers. Our billboard sites are mostly in high traffic locations and strategic commercial districts that maximize the catch of eyeballs and media exposure. Our billboard advertisements can increase our advertising clients’ brand awareness with high efficiency

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