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Last Post: 9/13/2011 8:39:13 PM - Followers: 2 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0

EUROTECH Ltd. ( EURO--OTCBB Eurotech Ltd. is a diversified holding company for emerging technologies. They have many products that have been developed and many more that are in varying stages of development. A few of the products that are on the verge of production are EKOR- a silicon polymer gel that is capable of encapsulating nuclear waste. It has been tested to 10 gigarads of exposure (thats a lot) without breaking down and is reported to last a few hundred years. Most products in use now last only a few years before significant breakdown. They have successfully tested EKOR at Chernobyl where they encapsulated the fuel containing mass (thats the worst spot) in the sarcophagus that contains the area of the explosion that occued there. Now EKOR does not stop the radiation (meaning if you stand next to a radioactive pile of cow dung that is encapsulated by EKOR you are still dead) but rather encapsulates it so it can not escape and leak out. So it will likely be used in conjunction with various other products. Example line the lead and steel drum that would normally break down in a few years with a coat of EKOR then insert the radioactive material seal the lid with EKOR and close and it will now last hundreds of years before breaking down. The annual budget in the US alone is in the BILLIONS for nuclear waste disposal. Thats annual and BILLIONS. There are over 100 (113 I believe) sites in the US alone that have a need for EKOR. Euro has just finished up a demonstration for the DOE (dep't of energy) at Hanford in Washington State. It was extremely successful and there are initially 12 projects at Hanford that have been sited for EKOR usage. The smallest project is less than $100,000 and the largest is more than $100 MILLION. And there are 10 in between. The US has taken samples of EKOR in varous forms to Miami for final US certification. After this is complete LOOK OUT. God I have babbled. Other products that are very close to commmercialization and revenue producing contracts are SORBTECH-an oil absorbing material that is at least twice as effective as the best product on the market now and it can be recycled after it is used to clean up an oil spill. RBHM-a plastic like material that bidegrades into the environment quickly and can be used for many purposes on the food industry. HNIPU-a type of paint product that is non toxic to the environment and may revolutionize the paint industry. It has many possible uses including automotive,aerospace, construction and a host of others. Look out Dupont. Hopefully they don't try and buy EURO out. I could go on and on about the products but go to the website and read up. They have also applied for Nasdaq listing and fron all indications are within a month or so from getting that listing. Now rumored to be a NMS large cap listing. They have a line of credit for 25 million and now have 17 million cash in the bank after last week selling 1.333 million restricted shares of stock to Woodward LLC an institutional investor(that paid 7.50 per share),that just injected 10 million into the company. They must be pretty confident in EUROs future topay more than 1 1/2 times the market for restricted shares. They have a total af approximately 47 million shares outstanding now and they are almost completely used up. They are looking to increase that number to 100 million and that is a matter up for vote at the next stockholders meeting on JUne 13th in about a month. They are also still in the development stage (at least for a very little while longer) and therefore have no revenues as of yet. This will be short lived as they have promised there will be contractys and revenues before this year is through. My fingers are cramping now so I am going to stop. If you have any questions feel free to call the company, they are very accessible, or ask me and I will try as best to answer. But, if you are thinking pf taking a position, do not wait long as they are extremely close to executing there plan and this company will be trading at much higher levels (IMHO) in a very short time from now. Good Luck Waxman (Brett)
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