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 ...specializing in complete solutions in the 
water and wastewater industry...

Equisol, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Environmental Infrastructure Holdings (OTCBB: EIHC), announced the receipt of a $250,000 contract with LyondellBasell for the design, build, and installation of multiple critical chemical feed and monitoring systems for several Cooling Towers. LyondellBasell is a major NYSE company known as one of the world's largest plastics, chemical, and refining and chemical companies, in Houston, Texas.

Lyondellbasell trades on the NYSE as LYB at over $27.00+ per share and brings a huge shot of credibility in the arm of EIHC:


Equisol, LLC is a unique equipment solutions provider, delivering environmentally friendly products, services and engineering solutions to our customers. Solving our customer's problems with valuable, timely solutions and conducting business in a professional manner without compromising integrity are part of our culture and core values. It is our goal to recommend and implement cost effective equipment strategies that allow our customers to achieve profitability while focusing on their core business activities.

...Growth through Partnership...

Through our association with world technology leaders, we are able to supply a broad spectrum of high quality products and services. Our National Sales and Service Team, with over 600 man-years of experience in engineering, equipment automation, industrial construction and maintenance, uses this expertise to select the most effective solution for our customer's applications.


The Rainmaker DD as of 03/09/2011

1)EIHC settled a debt they had for stock and priced it at 25 cents per share with warrants priced at 50 guys need this stock back up over that 25 cents..........Baby PSPW in the making? 

As of December 3, 2010, the Company's Xiom subsidiary obtained the agreement of the parties to discontinue a lawsuit without prejudice regarding certain of Xiom's convertible debentures. Specifically, holders of $820,000 of Xiom's 7% Convertible Exchange Notes Due: April 1, 2012 previously commenced an action against Xiom and Environmental Infrastructure Holdings Corp. ("EIHC") in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Queens County (the "Court"), under which action those holders alleged the occurrence and continuance of certain defaults under those notes. Under the agreement, in addition to cancelling the lawsuit, the holders have also agreed to forbear from prosecuting the action, or any other lawsuit related to the defaults under the Notes, until at least May 12, 2011. In consideration of this agreement, Xiom and EIHC have issued, respectively, restated notes and warrants to the holders. The restated notes provide for a conversion price of $0.25 per share and extended their due date to April 1, 2014. The restated warrants provide for a conversion price of $0.50 per share  and extended their expiration to April 2014. Each warrant gives the holder the right to purchase 2 shares for each $1 face value of their original notes. Under the restated notes, EIHC agreed to reserve shares for issuance, to register any conversion shares within 90 days, and to anti-dilution provisions. Under the restated warrant, EIHC agreed to piggyback registration rights for shares acquired under exercise of the warrants. Xiom and EIHC also agreed to pay the holders' legal costs for the settlement and related filings. 


Manhattan Transfer Registrar Co.-- Transfer Agent
57 Eastwood Road
Miller Place, NY, 17764

Authorized Shares (AS) = 125,000,000 Shares
Outstanding Shares (OS) = Approx. 94,000,000Shares
Restricted Shares = N/A
Float = N/A

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