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Eco-Tek Group, Inc. (ETEK)

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Eco-Tek Group, Inc.
65 Woodstream Blvd.
Building 15
Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
L4L 7X6
Tel: 888-970-3265









Eco-Tek Group Inc. is committed to the manufacturing and world-wide marketing of green lubricants and specialized systems with an emphasis on the automotive sector but also applicable to a variety of industrial, farm and virtually all mechanical equipment.

Our major priorities are a cleaner environment, a reduction in fuel and oil consumption and longer lasting engines and equipment. Through many years of product development and extensive testing, we are fully confident that our products will most often exceed the performance results of our competition and always offer significant benefits to our customers.

For a response to any questions and inquiries regarding our company, please forward an e-mailto or contact us directly @ 613-322-6633.


Eco Tek Products


Eco-Tek bypass oil filtration

Early automobile engines did not use oil filters. For this reason, along with the generally low quality of oil available, very frequent oil changes were required. The first oil filters were simple, generally consisting of a screen placed at the oil pump intake. In 1923, American inventors Ernest Sweetland and George H. Greenhalgh devised an automotive oil filter and called it the Purolator, a portmanteau of "pure oil later". This was a bypass filter: most of the oil flowed directly from the oil pan to the engine's working parts, and a smaller proportion of the oil was sent through the filter via a second flow path in parallel with the first. The oil was thus filtered over time. Modern bypass oil filter systems for diesel engines are becoming popular in consumer applications, but have been in commercial use for some time due to potential reduction in maintenance costs. Oil filters are generally located near the middle or bottom of the engine.

Clean, dry oil can extend equipment life between failures up to 8-10 times the normal operating life. The Timken Co., a bearing manufacturer in Canton, OH, reports that reducing water levels from 100 ppm to 25 ppm increases bearing life two times. British hydraulics research indicates that if solids contamination with particles larger than 5 micron is reduced from a range of 5000-10,000 particles/ ml of oil to 160-320 particles, machine life is increased five times.

It is clear there is great benefit to be gained in having clean oil and that it may well be worth spending a lot of money to achieve it. This would be the case where expensive equipment was used and the cost of maintenance was high or where the equipment was costly but not highly profitable to operate. Increasing the equipment life and the period between maintenance up to 10 times normal would be highly profitable in both cases.


The patented Eco-Tek filter element is based on the axial flow principle and combines micro and depth filtration. This setup forces the oil to pass 102 mm particles, and to pass through 3 stages of different density, offering the best filter purification possible.



  1. Big particles are retained on top of the filter element, smaller particles (100-10µ) in the 1st stage and the smallest particles in the lower compressed part of the filter element(>10 µ).
    The cellulose filter material allows water absorption up to 255ml. by filter element.
    The combination of a special cellulose material with a long flow distance (102mm.) through the filter element results in Eco-Tek's unique ability to remove sludge and oxidation products. Our filter element products are perfect for any industrial or manufacturing use. Our filter purification process has helped earn our reputation in the industry.

Important: note: all our filter elements have passed the official Multipass test to ISO 4572. It is the only world-wide accepted test to define filter purification, efficiency and to publish absolute micron ratings and BETA-ratio's!

Axial filtration combined with special cellulose industrial filter material enables us to achieve within one element:

  • Solid particle filtration and water absorption.
    Sludge, resin and oxidation products absorption


Since it is a bypass system on a vehicle, the oil will still go through the regular filters. Our Nano filter will keep the oil clean so you almost never have to change the regular filters,

Most regular filters only filter down to about 30 microns. Some will filter down to 20 microns,  But even the best OEM filter does not filter down below 10 microns and a regular oil filter does practically nothing. Economy filters are actually filtering oil contaminants only down to about 150 microns. Our bypass system filters oil down to 3 microns.

Our bypass oil filtration system on your truck will keep your oil clean approx. three to four times the usual life. It will extend oil drain intervals, save you money on oil, oil changes (downtime), fuel consumption and equipment replacement. Clean oil also keeps emissions at a minimum.

Plus, your equipment will have a higher resale value down the road.

If you have any questions concerning our products or if you wish to inquire about dealer opportunities, please forward an e-mail or contact us directly @ 888-970-3265.

Click to See Locations

Lube Centres EcoTek Group Inc. is developing environmentally focused quick lube centres across North America. These state of the art centres will provide the finest and cleanest products for vehicles including high quality and high performance synthetic motor oils, non-toxic fuel and oil system lubricants and cleaners, less toxic windshield washer fluids.....a full range of products designed to fully utilize ecological technology to reduce your fuel consumption, lower emissions, extend the life of your engine and vehicular parts and add pleasure to your driving experience. 

Our mission is to dramatically reduce dependency on fossil fuel consumption and seek to minimize harmful emissions by providing affordable and accessible green products of the highest quality to the automotive, transportation and industrial  sectors with the ultimate goal of making a positive contribution to a cleaner and healthier planet.  

With all the benefits of Eco-Tek products, our lubricants and accessories will be available at very competitive prices. If you have interest in exploring a special opportunity and joining our team, please forward an e-mail to email or contact us at 1-888-970-3265 for more information.


Eco-Tek Ontario Inc.

Manohego Inc.

Media Environmental Inc.

North Central Supply LLC
Bismarck, North Dakota

ANC Inversiones
(514) 571-3194

Kefren Preoveedores Industrialee

Eco-Tek Ukraine
+38 (067) 572-20-80



Our Inventor

Dr. Sabatino Nacson, Ph.D.

A Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, he has 25 years of comprehensive experience and knowledge in new product development, engineering, chemistry, instrumentation and field applications. His experience covers pharmaceutical, security, life science, environmental and industrial environments.

He has a vast experience ensuring that norms, regulations and standards are observed by engineers, technicians and other personnel within the context of ethics, safety and regulations. He is a problem solver and decision-maker who is constantly upgrading skills while innovating new ways to improve efficiencies. As well as being a strong individual contributor, he is an effective leader and co-operative team player who contributes to the achievement of team targets. Dr. Sabatino is fluent in English, French, Italian and Arabic.


  • Ph.D. (Analytical Chemistry) University of Toronto, 1986
    Master of Engineering -Institute of Aerospace Studies 1981
    Honor B.S. (Chemistry), York University, 1978
    Electrical Technologist, Don Bosco Institute of Technology (Italy) 1971

Professional Experience
Dr. Sabatino also holds a position with TeknoScan Systems Inc., Vaughan, Ontario as CTO & Co-CEO focusing on new product development in the security, environmental and pharmaceutical markets. His areas of research leading to new product development include developing the company IP, patent filing and publications. As head of the R&D department, he handles daily managerial functions of a team of engineers, scientists. He possesses excellent software and hardware skills.

Managerial functions include budgeting, allocation of resources, applications for government funding and working with various security agencies in responding to their technological needs, improvement to existing instrumentation, consumable markets analyses and upgrading existing screening equipment for cost saving and reliability.

Dr. Nacson in addition holds a position at the prestigious University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario as Adjunct Professor of Chemistry.

Here he has conducted joint research and supervised PHD and Masters level students in chemistry. Joint publications on research were also done at UW and TSI.

Teaching interests cover analytical chemistry presented on instrumentation analysis, lectures based on ion mobility, spectrometry and mass spectrometry. He has been an invited speaker at the Department of Chemistry, Waterloo University, an invited lecturer at Ryerson University and an invited speaker at a mass spectrometry group meeting.


  • Association of the Chemical Profession of Ontario
    Canadian Spectroscopy Society
    Canadian Society of Mass Spectrometry
    Society of Chemical Engineering of Ontario
    American Chemical Society


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    S. Nacson Past experiences with sampling Cargo containers and vapour/particle pre-concentration of trace sampling Worksop TSL, Atlantic City, NJ, Nov.18-19, 2008.
    Y. Wang, S. Nacson, J. Pawliszyn. The Coupling of solid-desorption Microextraction/ Surface enhanced laser desorption/ionization to ion mobility spectrometry for drug analysis. Analytical Chimica Acta 582, 2007 50-54.
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    S.Nacson, Greenberg, A.Grigoriev, R. James, P.Lynds. Proceedings of the 8th Int. Symp. On the analysis and detection of explosives, June 6-10, 2004, Ottawa, Canada, pp.55-68. A novel solid-phase desorption/gas

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