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(Overview and Future of PNMS.pk)

I believe Pedro is a large part of the reason we are in this situation, either due to his incompetence or blind neglect and I do not dismiss the possibility that he has cheated investors for his own personal gain, whether that means financial gain or to service his ideological goals. I do not believe Pedro is a dishonest man and I do believe he will make things right for investors at some point...but only Pedro is able to prove himself to investors, either as the self proclaimed protector or a common pink sheet scam artist. Pedro is responsible for our losses and it is up to Pedro to make things right! I don't blame investors for not trusting Pedro and think this was all a scam. We simply don't have any hard evidence to prove otherwise. I chose to believe in Pedro for three reasons, 1) He still communicates with investors, even though he has nothing to gain unless he has been honest with us all along, 2) I have too much invested to just walk away or give up all hope, 3) I have taken the time to get to know Pedro over the years and I believe in my heart he will make things right in the end, however, he will do so when it is right for both investors and for Panamersa both in a business sense and a moral sense. No amount of name calling or insults will make him change his time line one minute.
In the mean time, blind pumping and hateful bashing must be kept under control. The bottom line is we are all blind to the truth, all we have to go by is past performance which is clearly horrible. All we can do now is give this even more time to get the answers we all deserve. In the mean time Jim F. and the new board members are hard at work trying to build pnms.pk into a stand alone company, independent of Pedro in every way. Time is also required for the new officers to prove themselves to us and they must prove themselves to us all. As I have said before, I do not advise anyone to invest one single dime at this point...although that may change at some point. The bottom line is...both Pedro and the new board have to prove themselves to investors. However, the constant name calling can only hurt the investors we all want to protect. By the same token, pumping does just as much harm to investors by giving more credence to the notion that this was a scam from the beginning. The best thing both sides can do is give it a rest and give our new officers time to prove themselves to all of us. If your goal is to destroy pnms.pk and all of it's investors, then keep up the bickering on this board, you just may get your wish? If you want investors to make it out of this alive, whether you are a supporter or a hater, the best thing to do now is to just ease up on the fighting and wait. Very little has been said on this board in the last year which is new or important, so lets just give it a rest and walk away for awhile.

As of 3-3-2010 all we know for sure is PNMS.PK is an empty shell. There has been an endless stream of claims and promises so far, and all of them have been either broken or remain unverified.

Reverse Split Coming Soon,

New Corp. Officers


Share Structure: (valid until after the upcoming 1 for 10 RS)
A/S: 6,000,000,000
O/S: 5,629,010,600
FLOAT: estimated to be approx 1.2 - 1.3billion shares
Transfer Agent:
Nevada Agency and Trust
50 W Liberty St.
Suite 880
Reno, NEVADA 89501
Telephone 775-322-0626
Fax 775-322-5623
E-Mail: info@natco.org
Panamersa Corporation:
CEO Blog:
Pan America News Network:
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#114947   Thanks. Added to my watchlist. PepsiMan 04/18/19 10:14:15 AM
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