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UPDATED JULY 2001 Ezcony Interamerica Inc. distributes major brand name consumer electronics to Latin America. The Company's products are sold principally to other wholesalers and distributors, and directly to retail chains. Ezcony distributes brands such as Sony, AIWA, Pioneer, and Sharp,Daewoo HOME PAGE http://venus.unete.com/ COMPANY PICTURE http://venus.unete.com/images/entrance_large.jpg DD FROM DIMGROUP.COM http://www.dimgroup.com/cgi-bin/simple2.cgi?symbol=ezco DD NEWS INDUSTRY PARTNERS http://www.caraudioelectronicsweb.com/archives/0701_issue/CAE0701_specialrockford.shtml EZCONY INTERAMERICA INC (EZCO) is a distributor to Latin America of major brand name consumer electronics, including but not limited to, Sony, Pioneer, AIWA, Samsung, Sharp, Daewoo, Brother and Philips. See "Major Brand Name Products." The Company’s consumer electronics products are sold principally to other wholesalers and distributors as well as directly to retail chains. Financial Summary: For the quarter ending 2001-03-31, revenue was 13.96M while net income was 256.3K. Financial Profile Shares Items Shares Outstanding 4.19M Market Capitalization 502.6K Income Statements quarter ending 2001-03-31 Revenue 13.96M Net Income 256.3K Ratios Price/Earnings 0.50 Price/Sales 0.01 Price/Book 0.30 Financial Strength Cash on Hand 449.8K Total Liability 23.51M Total Assets 25.19M Per-Share Data Book Value 0.40 Earnings 0.24 Sales 13.33 Cash 0.11 Notes: Rockford Fosgate Invades Latin America…Panama Style! Rockford Technical Training Institute (RTTI) Trainings Held for Latin American Rockford Fosgate Clients For Release: May 30, 2001 Contact: Charlie Leib, 480.517.3078, leibch@rockfordcorp.com Colon, Panama - Rockford Fosgate recently went on a vicious mission to Panama to conduct a Rockford Technical Training Institute (RTTI) seminar. Hosted for the first time by Ezcony Trading Corp., Rockford Fosgate's authorized distributor for Latin America and the Caribbean Islands, the seminar was held at the beautiful Melia Panama Canal Hotel off the shore of Gatun Lake, the principle source of water to the Panama Canal. More than 50 fanatics throughout all of Latin America--from Mexico to Argentina--attended the seminar to be "Rockfordized". "This was a tremendous achievement for everyone who planned and participated in putting this successful event together," explains Bob Chanthavongsa, America Sales Manager for Rockford Corporation. "Rockford Fosgate will continue to support our clients with these types of trainings as we expand our international markets." Adds Bryan Schmitt, RTTI's senior designer/fabricator, "The training seminar focused on the superior technologies of Rockford Fosgate products and to help better educate our customers about installation techniques. It is extremely important at Rockford that our international clients know how to stay one step in front of the competition." Ezra Cohen, president of Ezcony Trading Corporation, Rockford's authorized Latin America distributor, explains, "We want all of our distributors, installers and business associates to think Rockford, breath Rockford, dream Rockford and install Rockford so next year when we will gather again we will see Rockford share becoming #1 in Latin America." The mission was complete after RTTI Training Certificates were awarded to all fanatics in attendance. The vicious cycle will continue next year as more fanatics will be trained for their next assignment in 2002. Rockford Fosgate is a division of Rockford Corporation in Tempe; Ariz., a publicly traded company under the NASDAQ stock symbol ROFO. Company websites can be viewed at rockfordfosgate.com and rockfordcorp.com. COMPANY STORE ( EZCO ) EZCONT INTERAMERICA http://venus.unete.com/images/sony_1.jpg http://venus.unete.com/images/showro~4.jpg http://venus.unete.com/images/showro~2.jpg http://venus.unete.com/images/show_a~1.jpg PIONEER http://venus.unete.com/images/pionee~1.jpg DAEWOO http://venus.unete.com/images/show_a~2.jpg SONY http://venus.unete.com/images/sony_1.jpg SAMSUNG http://venus.unete.com/images/samsun~1.jpg http://venus.unete.com/images/showro~4.jpg Ezcony Interamerica, Inc. is one of the largest independent distributors of Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Computers and Cellular Phones in Latin America, representing brands such as: Selling directly to customers, importers, chain stores retailers in 21 countries. http://venus.unete.com/pioneer.htm MODEL DESCRIPTION PRECIO US$ S-P9C CENTER SPEAKER 68.42 S-P77 SURROUND SPEAKER 45.26 S-P55 SURROUND SPEAKER 24.21 S-P33 SURROUND SPEAKER 12.32 S-X7 SURROUND SPEAKER 35.26 S-X1A SURROUND SPEAKER 25.26 PD-F25 25 CD FILE CHANGER 188.42 HIFI MINI SYSTEM A880 3000W PMPO LPWER 25+1 353.68 A770 3000W PMPO LPWER 25+1 304.21 A660 2000W PMPO 3CD 221.05 A550MD 2000W PMPO 3CD MD PLAYER 386.32 A550 2000W PMPO 3CD 200.00 A330 1400W PMPO 3CD 173.68 RECEIVER VSX-D906S THX5.1 DOLBY DIGITAL 100W X 5 747.37 VSX-D606S DOLBY DIGITAL 100W X 5 596.84 VSX-D607S DOLBY DIGITAL 100W X 5 464.21 VSX-D506S DOLBY PROLOGIC 100W X 5 317.89 VSX-D507S DOLBY PROLOGIC 100W X 5 284.21 VSX-456 DOLBY PROLOGIC 100W X 5 212.63 VSX-D457 DOLBY PROLOGIC 100W X 5 212.63 VSX-D307 DOLBY PROLOGIC 100W X 4 158.95 VSX-295 115W X 2 A/V RECEIVER 155.79 SX-205 115W X 2 STEREO RECEIVER 138.95 TUNER F-93 STEREO TUNER 484.21 F-205 STEREO TUNER 97.89 AMPLIFIER A-705R 130W X 2 INTEGRATED AM P. 410.53 A-405 105W X 2 INTEGRATED AMP. 208.42 A-307R 80W X 2 INTEGRATED AMP. 174.74 A-207 55W X 2 INTEGRATED AMP. 133.68 A-107 30W X 2 INTEGRATED AMP. 108.42 ADD - ON ITEMS GR-555 7-B GRAPHIC EQUALIZER 147.37 GR-333 7-B GRAPHIC EQUALIZER 82.11 EX-9000 DYNAMIC EXPANDER 186.84 SR-60 REVERBRATION AMP. 170.53 A-K90 MIXING AMPLIFIER 332.63 MA-55 MIC MIXER 225.79 MA-990 MIC MIXES 245.26 DJM-500 MIXING AMP FOR DJ 688.42 TURNTABLE PL-335 STEREO TURNTABLE 87.37 CASSETTE DECK CT-W806DR DOUBLE CASSETTE DECK 276.84 CT-W706DR DOUBLE CASSETTE DECK 197.89 CT-W606DR DOUBLE CASSETTE DECK 172.63 CT-W404R DOUBLE CASSETTE DECK 144.21 CT-W205R DOUBLE CASSETTE DECK 134.74 CT-W106 DOUBLE CASSETTE DECK 94.74 SPEAKER S-HF10 230W 4WAY 4 SPEAKER 241.05 S-HF9 160W LINEAR POWER 201.05 S-HF7 160W LINEAR POWER 161.05 S-HF5 126.32 S-D99 230W 4WAY 4 SPEAKER 177.89 S-D77 180W 3WAY 3 SPEAKER 132.63 S-D55 180W 3WAY 3 SPEAKER 109.47 S-D33 150W 3WAY 3 SPEAKER 90.00 S-D11 150W 3WAY 3 SPEAKER 75.26 S-W200 LINEAR POWER SUBWOOFER 336.84 S-CR505 LINEAR POWER HOME TEAHTER SPEAKER X 3 203.16 S-F505 LINEAR POWER HOME THEATRER SPEAKER X 2 135.79 S-C505 LINEAR POWER HOME THEATER SPEAKER X 1 71.58 S-C605 LINEAR POWER CENTER SPEAK 112.63 S-C705 LINEAR POWER CENTER SPEAK 157.89 HTP-102F FRONT HOME THEATER SPEA 25.26 HTP-102SW SUBWOOFER HOME THEATER 49.47 HTP-102CR CENTER REAR HOME THEATE 33.68 HTP-202F FRONT HOME THEATER SPEA 29.47 HTP-202SW SUBWOOFER HOME THEATER 89.47 CD PLAYER PD-F1006 101 CD FILE TYPE PLAYER 304.21 PDF906 101 CD FILE TYPE PLAYER 197.89 PD-F957 101 CD FILE TYPE PLAYER 197.89 PD-F706 25+1 CD FILE TYPE PLAYER 175.79 PD-F606 25 CD FILE TYPE PLAYER 157.89 PD-F507 25 CD FILE TYPE PLAYER 147.37 PD-F407 25 CD FILE TYPE PLAYER 135.79 PD-M426 6CD MAGAZINE TYPE PLAYER 137.89 PD-M406 6CD MAGAZINE TYPE PLAYER 128.42 PD-S904 LEGATO LINK CD PLAYER 347.37 PD-S705 LEGATO LYNK CD PLAYER 248.42 PD-206 COMPACT DISC PLAYER 142.11 PD-106 COMPACT DISC PLAYER 122.11 CD-J500II PRO CD PLAYER FOR DJ`S 580.00 PDR-04 RECORDABLE CD PLAYER 757.89 PDR-05 RECORDABLE CD PLAYER 1,251.58 HEAD PHONE SE-M750 STEREO HEAD PHONE 50.53 SE-M550 STEREO HEAD PHONE 42.63 SE-M350 STEREO HEAD PHONE 20.53 SE-M250 STEREO HEAD PHONE 16.84 SE-A40 STEREO HEAD PHONE 16.32 SE-A20 STEREO HEAD PHONE 11.05 SE-Al0 STEREO HEAD PHONE 6.74 MICROPHONE DM-C930 MICROPHONE 74.63 DM-C820 MICROPHONE 67.37 DM-C530 MICROPHONE 26.32 DM-33 MICROPHONE 32.63 DM-23 MICROPHONE 21.05 JD-M300 MULTI CD MAGAMNE 9.47 LASER DISC PLAYER CLD-D99 CLD PLAYER 30 Y/C SEPA 1,200.00 CLD-D500 CLD PLAYER BOTH SIDE PLAY 370.53 CLD-D790 CLD PLAYER BOTH SIDE PLAY 637.89 LASER KARAOKE PLAYER CLD-2760K BOTH SIDE LASER KARAOKE 453.68 CLD-200K BOTH SIDE LASER KARAOKE 420.00 CLD-100K LASER KARAOKE PLAYER 353.68 PROJECTION TV SD-P50A3K 50" PROJECTION TV 1,727.37 SD-P62A3K 62" PROJECTION TV 2,446.32 SD-P55A3K 55" PROJECTION TV 2,096.84 CAR STEREO DIN SIZE KEHP9750 40W X 4, MCD-CON, DFS ALARM 442.11 KEHP8850 40W X 4, MCD-CON, DFS ALARM 378.95 KEH-P7850 40W X 4, MCD-CON, DFS ALARM 152.00 KEH-P5850 40WX4, EEQ,MOSFET45WX4 128.00 KEHP4850 40WX4, EEQ,MOSFET45WX4 115.00 KEHP4750 35W X 4, MCD-CON, LOGIC 122.11 KEHP3850 40WX4, EEQ,MOSFET45WX4 88.00 KEH1850 40WX4RCA 78.00 KEH-1750 35W X 4 67.00 TUNER CD FH-P750 40W X 4, IP-BUS DOUBLE DIN 587.37 FH-P404 40W X4,IP-BUS DOUBLE DIN 326.32 DEX-P1 TUNER COMPO DSP HIGH 500.00 DEH-P9050 45W X 4, DFS AL, OEL, CD 424.21 DEH-P8050 45W X 4 DSP CONTROL 376.84 DEH-P7050 45W X 4 DSP CONTROL 236.32 DEH-P6050 45W X 4 DSP CONTROL 192.50 DEHP4050 40W X 4, DFS ALARM, SLIM REMOTE 172.00 DEHP2050 35W X 4, DFS 135.00 DEH1050 35W X 4 125.00 MULTI CD CHANGER CDX-P2000 12 CD LEGATO UNK 308.42 CDX-P5000 50+1 CD CHANGER 264.21 CDX-P1250 12 CD CHANGER 153.00 CDXP1250 12CD CHANGER 153.00 CDX-P650 6 CD CHANGER 133.00 CDX-FM1257 12 CD FM TYPE CHANGER 172.00 CDX-FM1257 12 CD FM TYPE CHANGER 172.00 CDX-FM657 6 CD FM TYPE CHANGER 163.00 CDX-FM633S 6 CD FM TYPE CHANGER 162.11 CAR AMPLIFIER GMX924 130W X 4 /300W X 2 MAX. 4CH 247.37 GMX922 100W X 2/300W X 1 MAX. 2CH 209.47 GMX722 150W X 2 /460W X 1 MAX. 2 CH 161.05 GMX624 100W X 4 / 240W X 2 MAX. 4 CH 171.58 GMX622 100W 2 /300W X 1 MAX. 1 CH 108.42 GMX334 60W X 4 / 140W X 2 MAX. CH 129.47 GMX332 70W X 2 /200W X 1 MAX. 2CH 83.68 GM-232 70W X 2 / 200W X 1 MAX. 2CH 73.16 GM-62 35W X 2 MAX. 2 CH 47.89 CAR EQUALIZER DEQ-9200 3-BAND P.EQ, DSP, 28B.SPE.ANA 281.05 DEQ7600 D-SIZE, 15B SPEANA,DIG.SURR.SYST 182.11 EQ-6500 9B, GRAPH.EQ, SUBWOOFER OUTPUT 129.47 EQ-4500 9B,GRAPH.EQ,DUAL-AMP BALANCER 101.58 BP-880 20W X 4 PRE-AMP, FADER 121.05 BP-650 25W X 2 POWER FADER 98.95 BP-450 25W X 2 BOOSTER 87.37 ACCESORIES CD-MA1 MIC, MIXING CD AMP 152.63 AN-5 ANTENNA PREOUT 36.32 CD-635 3WAY ELECTRONIC CROSSOVER 104.21 CD-625 2WAY ELECTRONIC CROSSOVER 65.26 UD-G302 SUBWOOFER GRILL FOR TS-W302F/C 13.68 UD-G252 SUBWOOFER GRILL FOR TS-W252F/C 11.58 UD-G202 SUBWOOFER GRILL FOR TS-W202F/C 9.47 CD-P44 MULTI INST.ADAPTOR 63.16 CD-P33 MULTI INST. ADAPTOR 73.68 CD-VC50 VOICE COMMANDER 142.11 AD-933 DETACHABLE FACE CASE 2.32 JD-T1212 12 CD MAGAZINE 21.05 JD-612S 6 CD MAGAZINE 14.74 JD-T1212S 12 CD MAGAZINE 20.53 CD-SR77 STEERING WHEEL REMOTE 25.26 CAR SPEAKER 6X9 OVAL TYPE TS-6975 3WAY 300W 91.58 TS-6955 2WAY 250W 72.63 TS-E6990 3WAY 240W 89.47 TS-A6990 3WAY 200W IMPP 120.00 TS-A6999 3WAY 240W 78.95 TS-A6987 4WAY 200W IMPP 69.00 TS-A6977 4WAY 200W IMPP 58.00 TS-A6957 44.00 TS-A6947 2WAY 130W IMPP 35.00 TS-G6910 DUAL 120W IMPP 23.79 CAR SPEAKER 20 CM ROUND SPEAKER TS-E2060 3WAY 200W 76.84 TS-E2090 3WAY 250W 90.53 CAR SPEAKER 16.5CM/16CMROUND TYPE TS-1766 2WAY 180W HR CONE 51.58 TS-E1790 3WAY 180W 64.21 TS-E1770 2WAY 160W 58.42 TS-E1690 3WAY 180W 60.00 TS-E1670 2WAY 150W 45.26 TS-E1630 2WAY 130W IMPP 42.11 TS-A1678 2WAY Y 180W SWIIVEL MOUNT 49.47 TS-A1668 3 WAY 180W IMPP 41.05 TS-A1648 2WAY 120W IMPP 33.16 TS-G1650 3WAY 120W IMPP (GRAY) 33.68 TS-G1640 2WAY 120W IMPP(GRAY) 25.26 TS-G1610 DUAL 120W IMPP(GRAY) 17.89 CAR SPEAKER 13CM ROUND TYPE TS-E1390 3WAY 120W 52.63 TS-E1370 2WAY 100W 38.95 TS-A1397 2WAY 120W 42.63 TS-A1387 2WAY 100W 36.84 TS-G1350 3WAY 80W IMPP (GRAY) 30.53 TS-G1340 2WAY 80W IMPP(GRAY) 20.63 TS-G1310 DUAL 80W IMPP(GRAY) 17.16 CAR SPEAKER 10CMROUND TYPE TS-E1070 2WAY 80W 41.05 TS-1066 2WAY 100W 36.84 TS-A1086 2WAY 70W IMPP 33.68 TS-G1050 3WAY 70W IMPP (GRAY) 29.47 TS-G1040 2WAY 70W IMPP(GRAY) 23.79 TS-G1010 DUAL 70W IMPP(GRAY) 13.89 MULTI-WAY CAR SPEAKER TS-WX100 25CM SUBWOOFER 300W MAX 117.37 TS-WX80 20CM SUBWOOFER 250W MAX 106.84 TS-WX75 20CM SUBWOOFER 250W MAX 70.53 TS-WX65 l6CM SUBWOOFER 200W MAX 51.05 TS-WX75A 20CM SUBWOOFER 160W MAX W/AMP 140.00 TS-WX65A 16CM SUBWOOFER 160W MAX W/AMP 126.32 TS-WX50 SPARE TIRE SUBWOOFER 150W MAX 72.42 TSWX10LPA 100W MAX. W/AMP LINEAR PW 189.47 TS-WX20LPA TS-W1200F 30CM 800W FREE-AIR SUBWOOFER 82.11 TS-W1200C 30 CM 800W FREE-AIR SUBWOOFER 82.11 TS-W1000F 25CM 600W FREE-AIR SUBWOOFER 76.32 TS-W1000C SEALD ENCLOSURE SUBWOOFER 76.32 TS-W303F 30CM 450W SUBWOOFER 44.75 TS-W303C SEALD ENCLOSURE SUBWOOFER 44.75 TS-W253F 25CM 400W SUBWOOFER 37.40 TS-W253C SEALD ENCLOSURE SUBWOOFER 37.40 TS-W203F 20CM 350W SUBWOOFER 29.50 TS-W203C SEALD ENCLOSURE SUBWOOFER 29.50 TS-W383F 38CM 500W SUBWOOFER 63.16 TS-W161 l6CM 150W SUBWOOFER 49.47 TS-M871 87MM 150W MIDRANGE 38.42 TS-M133 l3CM 150W MIDRANGE 43.16 TS-M101 10CM 150W MIDRANGE 40.95 TS-S20 20MM 200W SUPER TWEETER 22.50 TS-T31 25MM 150W SOFT DOME TWEETER 118.95 TS-T15 20MM 120W SOFT DOME TWEETER 39.89 TS-T22 25MM 150W SOFT DOME TWEETER 52.63 SURFACE MOUNT CAR SPEAKER TS-X350 4WAY 100W 107.37 TS-X200 3WAY 80W 68.21 TS-X150 3WAY 60W 53.47 TS-66 l3CM 40W FULL RANGE 30.32 TS-44 10CM 40W FULL RANGE 20.32 CAR SPEAKER CROSS AXIAL/COMPO / CUSTOM FIT TS-2150 3WAY 200W 113.68 TS-1750 2WAY 150W 68.11 TS-R1600 2WAY 120W 46.32 TS-C1602 l6CM 150W PACKAGE 60.00 TS-C1302 l3CM 150W PACKAGE 51.58 TS-C1002 10CM 150W PACKAGE 45.26 TS-C1652 16CM 150W PACKAGE 82.11 TS-C1352 13CM 150W PACKAGE 77.89 TS-174 2WAY 60W W/O GRILL 33.05 TS-172 DUAL 60W W/O GRILL 20.21 TS-1018 2WAY 40W/ GRILL 34.95 TS-1744 DUAL 100W W/O GRILL 22.00 TS1754 2WAY 100W W/O GRILL 32.21 TS-1344 DUAL 80W W/O GRILL 16.63
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