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Warning!  This company may not be making material information publicly available

Buying or selling this security on the basis of material nonpublic material information is prohibited under Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Rules 10b-5 and 10b5-1 thereunder. Violators may be subject to civil and criminal penalties.
Take special notice of the 3 reverse splits.  Two of them were within 8 months of each other and during that 8 month period Dennis and his insiders were able to dump almost 20 BILLION SHARES into the market. He then applied for a 4th reverse split and was denied by Finra.


Multiple Lawsuits against a EGPI Firecreek, Inc. 
In October 2010 we received notice of a lawsuit filed against the Company by St. George Investments, LLC relating to certain Agreements entered on January 15th, 2010 by EGPI Firecreek Inc. and St. George Investments LLC which include: i) Note Purchase Agreement, ii) Convertible Promissory Note, iii) Judgment by Confession and iv) Registration Rights Agreement. St. George Investments LLC believes that EGPI Firecreek is in breach of terms agreed upon pursuant to the aforementioned agreements and sought damages totaling $262,585 (includes principal, interest and all penalties/fees pursuant to plaintiff's initial disclosures dated 3/28/11). In July 2011, the Company and St. George Investments LLC entered into a settlement agreement where the Company agreed to pay $202,000 on various payment terms beginning with $10,000 on signing of agreement, followed by five payments beginning August through December 2011, and thereafter payments for 18 months in the amount of $6,158. St. George now claims EGPI defaulted on the payment schedule and entered a Confession of Judgment. On September 23, 2011, EGPI Firecreek, Inc. received notice that St. George Investments LLC had filed a second lawsuit arising out of the same claims. The Company is moving to set aside the Confession of Judgment on this basis and is answering and vigorously defending the second lawsuit. As of January 31, 2012, the Company entered into a Settlement Agreement with St. George Investments, LLC whereas among other terms due the Company agreed to two principal options for settlement with summary terms as follows: 1. A settlement payment in the total aggregate amount of $200,000 with $20,000 due January 21, 2012, and $10,000 per month thereafter on the 21 st of each month thereafter going forward until paid or 2. A payment balloon of $100,000 paid by April 21, 2012 less $30,000 in payments as credited or $70,000 total upon which the Company or its parties shall have no further obligation to make settlement payments or pay any other amounts to St. George Investments, LLC thereafter. The Company having negotiated settlement payment is current in its payment through October 21, 2012 in accordance with recent modifications to forbearance agreements (for the August payment) having negotiated a stock payment for June and July 2012 and recently for August 2012. The Company did not timely make its August 2012 payment but has been in communication with St. George Investments, LLC as to its current position with both parties now agreed to a current status based on resumption of payments due for August 2012 by resuming payments on May 31, 2013. The entire amount owed is accrued in notes payable in the financial statements.

In November 2010, EGPI Firecreek Inc and South Atlantic Traffic Corp., a former wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, received a lawsuit from two of the former owners of SATCO, Mr. Jesse Joyner and Mr. James Stewart Hall. Mr. Joyner and Mr. Hall have subsequently resigned from their positions with the company. On December 17, 2010, EGPI Firecreek Inc. filed its answer to the claim and filed a counterclaim against Mr. Joyner and Mr. Hall. As of August 2011 and through April 2012, the Company is in settlement negotiations and believes the matter will be resolved for less than the amount currently accrued and included in notes payable and accrued interest, which are the subject of the lawsuit. SATCO was sold to Distressed Asset Acquisitions, Inc. in March 2012. As of July 2012 the case has been settled for $177,000 on scheduled payments over three years. The Company has made seven payments of just under $5,000 each, is current through January 2013 and due for February and March 2013, and has negotiated to bring current on two payments due May 8, 2013.

In December 2010 the Company received a lawsuit notice on behalf of our former Terra Telecom (“Terra”) subsidiary from Source Capital Group Inc (“Source”) seeking a judgment for amounts allegedly owed it from Terra in the total aggregate amount of $81,492 plus pre and post judgment interest. In June 2011, the Company filed a motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction. Additionally, the Company also filed a motion to dismiss for Sources’ failure to state a claim. In response to that motion, Source has now, as of July, 2011, dismissed its assumption argument. On October 14 th , 2011, EGPI Firecreek Inc. received notice from Source Capital’s legal representation that they were seeking to withdrawal as counsel for plaintiffs in this matter. The Company believes that this development with further strengthen our position in defense of this matter and will ultimately result in the granting of our pending motions to dismiss. As of May 2013 there has been no communications received further in this matter.

In February 2011 the Company received a lawsuit notice on behalf of our Terra Telecom (“Terra”) subsidiary from Nu-Horizons Electronics (“Nu-Horizons”) seeking judgment for amounts allegedly owed it from Terra in the total aggregate amount of $196,620. The Company believes that it is not liable, and intends to file appeal to remove it from the motion for judgment. The Company will vigorously defend its position. As of May 2013, the Company has not received further communications with respect to Nu-Horizons.

In May 2011 the Company received a lawsuit by Edelweiss Enterprises Inc. dba The Small Business Money Store (“SMBS”) seeking a judgment to collect amounts allegedly owed it relating to an account receivable factoring agreement, to the former subsidiary SATCO, in the total aggregate amount of $48,032. The Company believes that it is not liable, and will vigorously defend its position. In July 2012 the Company attended an arbitration hearing and in August was awarded a dismissal of the case by the Arbitrator. The Plaintiff then appealed and since the appeal the matter has been settled and dismissed for a payment of $5,000 cash and 275,000 shares of the Company’s restricted common stock, which both have been tendered as of the date of this filing.

In August 2011, the Company received a lawsuit notice on behalf of our wholly owned subsidiary Energy Ventures One Inc whereas Contegra Construction Company LLC (“CCC”) is seeking a judgment to collect amounts owed it relating to a promissory note in the amount of $157,767, which includes interest and late fees. The amount is recorded as a liability in the financial statements.

In August 2011, the Company received a lawsuit notice on behalf of itself and our wholly owned subsidiary Energy Ventures One Inc. and Arctic Solar, LLC by Masters Equipment Services, Inc. (“Masters”) seeking a judgment to collect amounts allegedly owed it relating to a promissory note in the amount of $110,153, including interest and late fees. The Company is one of several parties named in the proceeding and is prepared to vigorously defend its position. In July 2012, the Company negotiated a settlement of this case for $22,000 at the rate of $2,000 per month beginning October 2012. The promissory note is recorded as a liability in the financial statements. The Company has made its first payment of $2,000 and is current at September 30, 2012 but has fallen behind in payments since, and will attempt to resume as soon as practicable.

In January, 2012 a lawsuit was filed in the Middlesex County, Massachusetts Superior Court by Joshua White, against Terra Telecom and the Company. Mr. White was a former employee of Terra Telecom and not the Company. Mr. White alleges the Company should be liable to him for the acts of Terra Telecom. A Motion to Dismiss has been filed for lack of jurisdiction on behalf of the Company, which the Company believes will be granted. In any event the Company believes it has no liability and will defend vigorously if, for some reason, the Motion to Dismiss is not granted. The Company sold its interest in Terra Telecom in March of 2011. On August 3, 2012 the Motion to Dismiss was granted by the Justice of the Superior Court.

In February 2012 the Company received a lawsuit notice on behalf of itself by Morrell Saffa Craige, PC (“Morrell”) seeking the recovery of legal fees in the approximate sum of $25,000 owed to the Plaintiff in connection with its successful defense of a lawsuit styled Thermo Credit, LLC v. EGPI, et al. The Company owes the above fees and intends on paying the bill in full. The amount is recorded in the financial statements in accounts payable.

In May 2012 a lawsuit was filed in the Clark County, Nevada District Court by Lakeview Consulting, LLC (“Lakeview”), against the Company and other various Does 1-V and Roes corporations V1-X. Lakeview alleges the Company failed or refused to convert shares on a Convertible Note in the amount of $35,000 and therefore the sum plus interest, damages, etc. The Company is one of several parties named in the proceeding and is prepared to vigorously defend its position. The Company entered negotiations for settlement and has recently made its first payment, and current for the period ended September 30, 2012, but has fallen behind on all subsequent payments. The Company has negotiated for a payment to be made by May 15, 2013. The amount is recorded as a liability in the financial statements.

In October 2012 the Company received a lawsuit behalf of Solaire Power Technologies, LLC, a subsidiary of our wholly owned subsidiary Arctic Solar Engineering LLC. Robert T Short (“RTS”) , the Plaintiff, is claiming personal injuries and damages relating to alleged fall from the City of Dardene Prairie building, in the City of Dardene Prairie MO, Solaire is one of several parties named in the proceeding. Solaire denies all liability, and is prepared to vigorously defend its position. There is no further activity related to this matter that we are aware of as as of May 2013.
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