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Still yield? Merger one of these days? floridaboy 05/26/23 6:38 AM
OTC seems to be warming up !! LETS-GO-$DRGV Bud-Wiser 05/23/23 9:28 AM
Good to know that CEO owns 90%. CEO kennedytrading 05/22/23 3:14 PM
Looks like it’s time. FunkyT 05/19/23 12:00 PM
$DRGV Decent volume again today. Over 3
US_BLUES 05/19/23 11:50 AM
I am optimistic. Ceo owns 90% of US_BLUES 05/19/23 8:51 AM soon. Till .0001? You would be better Nukin 05/18/23 5:01 PM
Thank you Bud-Wiser 05/17/23 12:02 PM
Yesterday FunkyT 05/17/23 9:27 AM
What’s the date of this release ? TIA Bud-Wiser 05/17/23 7:58 AM
Need management to speak floridaboy 05/16/23 2:41 PM
Anti-aging products, health supplement products, and high growth FunkyT 05/16/23 8:38 AM
Dragon Capital Group Corp. (“we”, the “Company” or FunkyT 05/16/23 8:38 AM
From the report: In 2021, a change of control FunkyT 05/16/23 8:24 AM
Quarterly Green doggie 05/16/23 3:29 AM
Revised annual Green doggie 05/16/23 3:29 AM
Revised annual Green doggie 05/16/23 3:28 AM
DRGV historically updated their filing to pink current. kennedytrading 05/10/23 10:02 AM
That was the shorts. 3 million shares US_BLUES 05/10/23 9:09 AM
Little justified impatience today floridaboy 05/09/23 5:17 PM
Here is the response they sent US_BLUES 05/04/23 9:16 AM
So how did those conversations go? ddineeniv 05/03/23 5:16 PM
I believe you can get an answer quicker archilles 05/03/23 11:08 AM
I emailed otcmarkets to ask why $Drgv isn't US_BLUES 05/03/23 10:35 AM
Current is good, but need CEO to speak... floridaboy 05/03/23 5:26 AM
Assuming that Attorney Letter is good DRGV should Green doggie 05/02/23 11:18 AM
Just need a word from management floridaboy 05/02/23 7:27 AM
Let's go Dragons. US_BLUES 04/28/23 9:51 AM
That would be a beautiful thing floridaboy 04/28/23 9:07 AM
Looking good! Go $DRGV
Power of Emouna 04/28/23 9:02 AM
Something appears to be brewing floridaboy 04/28/23 8:53 AM
Barnett and Linn added to service providers on Green doggie 04/28/23 8:24 AM
Nice. What's next? News from Ceo?
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Attorney letter posted Green doggie 04/28/23 5:27 AM
We are still alive and kicking !! Bud-Wiser 04/27/23 9:32 PM
I really hope they don’t do a reverse Jules73 04/27/23 8:44 PM
Good questions, hopefully they provide us some answers... floridaboy 04/26/23 6:45 PM
Ya they are very secretive. What exactly are FunkyT 04/26/23 2:09 PM
A word from CEO would do wonders floridaboy 04/26/23 2:08 PM
Let’s gooooo! FunkyT 04/26/23 10:23 AM
$DRGV great news. Back to Pink we go. US_BLUES 04/26/23 8:29 AM
Also amended request for shell removal Green doggie 04/26/23 7:22 AM
Amended annual report filed Green doggie 04/26/23 7:18 AM Green doggie 04/26/23 7:18 AM
$DRGV up 20% yesterday US_BLUES 04/25/23 10:04 AM
DRGV is still very relevant.There are so many archilles 04/25/23 1:32 AM
????? floridaboy 04/20/23 12:28 PM
That’s the 64k dollar question Bud-Wiser 04/20/23 8:57 AM
Wish we knew…. ddineeniv 04/19/23 1:21 PM
What’s the latest? marcis 04/19/23 1:12 PM
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Dragon Capital (DRGV)

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Update July 7, 2021: Summary Judgement closing case. This is good.


Update June 9, 2021: New Directors listed on OTC Markets. New President is Yunxia Li (research ongoing), New Secretary is Chongyi Yang (research is ongoing), and Harry/Henry Haining Zhang is listed as Assistant Secretary. We also now have a description of Zhang (An entrepreneur for 20 years) and his facebook page is listed on OTC Markets!

New Address: Rm 1907, No. 1038, West Nanjing RD, Westgate Mall, Shanghai  China 200041. This is a huge Shopping/Business Mall that is also home to the U.S. Consulate General Shanghai American Citizen Services Section.

New Phone: 011-86-15953419. All I, LibertyUguy, have found is that this is a cell number.

Update May 29: DRGV has been registered in North Carolina by Zhang per a filing on April 15, 2021. The registration used Henry Haining Zhang's name and his address as had been the case per the Nevada court filing on January 25, 2021 and the Nevada Business Portal Silverflume on May 27, 2021. Our Henry Haining Zhang's address is 701 Ann Street, #564, Stroudsburg, PA, 18360, USA. This is definately the same Harry Haining Zhang who controls Quanleap LLC. Apparently, this address is also used for Zhang's Dynastar Holdings, per DD from BlueBull on Twitter. (further research late June and early July 2021 shows that this address is used extensively by Angella Collette and Zhang) The April filing also includes a Wake Forest address that belongs to Northwest Registered Agent Inc. The May 27, 2021 Nevada filing disolved the corporation in Nevada. However, the business still exists as an entity in North Carolina due to the registration mentioned above on April 15, 2021.

Per the April 15 filing in North Carolona, the AS is 50,000,000,000, However, this differs from both the January and May filings in Nevada, which had the AS at 5,000,000,000, which was the same as 2018 before Zhang came along. So, something odd has occured here. Some believe there was a fat finger event, but the editor of this section reserves judgement.

Something interesting happened in Nevada before the registration was moved. The original agent, Coporate Creations Network Inc, was removed in early April 2021.

North Carolina Business ID: 2171118; NV Business ID: NV19771003950

Harry has another address 2544 Route 534 Albrightsville, PA 18210, which he has used for other custodianships. This address is the same address used by Imperial Carlyle Group. Imperial Carlyle Group facilitates IPO's for Chinese companies via Reverse Merger with shell companies in the US, just like what Quanleap does. 


TLDR: Zhang granted custodianship October 5. Full powers granted October 21. Zhang is owner of Quanleap, LLC.


July 3, 2020,
Harry Haining Zhang initially applied for custodianship of DRGV.

October 5, 2020, Custodianship was granted.

Minute Order  (Judicial Officer Bluth, Jacqueline M.)
Minutes 10/05/2020
Having reviewed Petitioner Harry Haining Zhang's Petition for Appointment of Custodian and concluding that petitioner has satisfied the requirements of NRS 78.347, the Petition for Appointment of Custodian is hereby GRANTED. Proceedings scheduled for October 8, 2020, are hereby OFF CALENDAR. Petitioner shall promptly submit a proposed order. CLERK'S NOTE: The above minute order has been distributed via e-mail to: Harry Haining Zhang kar 10/6/20

Court Case URL:
Case no: A-20-817530-P

Further information

On August 26, 2020, the court stated that in order to receive custodianship of Dragon Capital, Zhang need to correct a few issues in the filing and was required to provide a status update on a previously granted custodianship, Wirelass Data Solutions (case number A-19-787033-P). On September 22, 2020, Zhang met both conditions. The next hearing was initially scheduled for October, as outlined above. However, several days before the hearing the judge reviewed the new filings and granted the custodianship and removed the hearing requirement.

On October 21, 2020, the court granted him full power to act on behalf of DRGV

Per Nevada court filing on January 25, 2021, which has caused DRGV to receive ACTIVE STATUS in Nevada, our Henry Haining Zhang's address is 701 Ann Street, #564, Stroudsburg, PA, 18360, USA. This is definately the same Harry Haining Zhang who controls Quanleap LLC. 

Per filing in Nevada, AS is 5,000,000,000, which is unchanged from 2018.

NV Business ID: NV19771003950

On April 15, 2021, Zhang Registered Dragon Cap in North Carolina using his Stroudsburg, PA address and an address in Wake Forest, NC.  The Wake Forest address is the address for Northwest Registered Agent Service, Inc.


DRGV's history pre-Zhang custodianship .

DRGV's history - Not American company since 2005.

In 1977 Hartco, LTD was founded in Nevada, but it operated in Washington State. I'm note sure what it did, but it appears to have been a tech company. In 1998, it changed its name to

In March, 1999, EXO-WEB.COM sold 6,500,000 shares of common stock, principally to shareholders of MAC Multimedia Accelerator Corp., so as to acquire software rights from MAC Multimedia Accelerator Corp., and to
enter the business of developing and licensing software.

In 2004, the company changed its name to "Pan American Gold Resources Corp." Here is the archived version of their webpage.
"" rel="nofollow ugc" target="_blank">"; rel="nofollow ugc" target="_blank">

In 2005, the company returned to the tech world by buying Dragon Venture Corporation of Florida, an organization that funded private ventures in China. American Gold Resources Corp subsequently changed the name to Dragon Capital Group Corp on November 21, 2005. During this time, the company also moved itself to China.

Dragon Capital Group's old management last filed a report on December 9. 2015.


History of DRGV website.

The website of DRGV was through May 3, 2015. Between May 3 2015 and October 17, 2015 the official website for DRGV was changed to This change was reflected on OTC Markets by October 17, 2015. Here is what looked like on October 18, 2015.

In late 2015 to early 2016 was suspended by the host, "bluehost." "" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer ugc" target="_blank">"; rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer ugc" target="_blank"> returned October 23, 2020 of this year after it was registered with GoDaddy. whois states that this was done by the custodian Henry Zhang. Later in October 2020, the website returned as . . A few days later the copyright information suggested that an EV company from Beijing controlled the website. Much division existed on the board as to whether or not the website was legit. Questions were initially raised because "Beijing" was misspelled as "Bejing." Some claimed, after calling Zhang/Quanleap, they were informed by Zhang that it was real, while others claimed he said it was fake. Around November 14 several investors called Quanleap to ask about the new website. The information received from a terse unnamed Chinese man during this call cast doubt on the legitimacy of the website. However, questions have been raised as to the possibility that there might have been miscommunication due to language hurdles, that the man might not have been Zhang at all, and that investors did not ask enough questions.
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