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  *** The #1 Penny Stock to BUY right now ***

Carbon Sciences (CABN)


                     Goldman Sachs Research calls it a "MIRACLE" material - Carbon Sciences (CABN) is the #1 Stock to buy right now!   Soon to be the most well known penny stock in America!

CABN has developed a low cost process to successfully produce Graphene of the highest consistent quality that meets global standards!
CABN is now working with the University of Santa Barbara, the # 1 ranked public institution in the U.S. in terms of scientific research impact on a Graphene fiber optics component that will forever change the World!

Fiber optics are just the tip of the ice-berg, with countless applications in all industries ranging from Electronics to Biotechnology to future Space Travel! 

CNBC calls Graphene "the key to the next industrial revolution!" Graphene, a sheet of pure carbon that is only one atom thick, is flexible, transparent, impermeable to moisture, stronger than diamonds and more conductive than gold and 200 times stronger than steel! 

CNN states " are we one step closer to being able to use the world's strongest material" 

Institutions already own over 12% of 36M O/S which is extremely rare for a penny stock and illustrates the massive potential value Carbon Sciences (CABN) represents to big Wall Street players!

Now is the time to buy shares of Carbon Sciences (CABN) while it is under the radar and before it announces it's first commercialization contract!
Do not get left behind!


-Carbon Sciences (CABN) is developing breakthrough technologies based on Graphene, the new miracle material, a sheet of pure carbon that is only one atom thick, is flexible, transparent, impermeable to moisture, stronger than diamonds and more conductive than gold and 220 times stronger than steel and can carry a thousand times more electricity than copper.


-What sets Carbon Sciences (CABN) apart from it's peers is that it has developed a low cost process to successfully produce Graphene of the highest consistent quality that meets global standards! Previously the cost of producing Graphene was so expensive it negated it's incredible potential, no longer, Carbon Sciences (CABN) is now the go to company for the production of low cost yet high quality Graphene! It's revenues are going to be massive!

-Carbon Sciences (CABN) share price is likely to easily rise over 1000% or more from current levels and the company has become a huge BUYOUT target! 
With the run up to the announcement of it's first commercialization agreement projected by the Fall of 2017 the share price will begin to skyrocket! 

-With only 36M O/S and already having over 12% institutional ownership which is unheard of for a penny stock but illustrates the BIG MONEY in Wall Street knows whats coming!


The POWER of Graphene

At just one atom thick and with the ability to conduct electricity at room temperature graphene semiconductors could replace existing technology for computer chips. Research has already shown that graphene chips are much faster than existing ones made from silicon.

Graphene has the potential to create the next-generation of electronics currently limited to sci-fi.
Faster transistors; semiconductors; bendable phones and other electronics.



Graphene supercapacitors could provide massive amounts of power while using much less energy than conventional devices.
Because they are light, they could also reduce the weight of cars or planes.


Graphene could dramatically increase the lifespan of a traditional lithium ion battery, meaning devices can be charged more quickly - and hold more power for longer. Batteries could be so flexible and light that they can be stitched into clothing. Or into the body.
For soldiers, who carry up to 16lbs of battery at one time, the impact of this could be huge. Carrying less weight, and using batteries that can be recharged by body heat or the sun would allow them to stay out in the field for longer.


Our smartphones (and other devices with screens) of the future will be bendy and pliable, thanks to graphene.



Graphene's unique properties allow for ground-breaking biomedical applications.
Targeted drug delivery; improved brain penetration; DIY health-testing kits, 'smart' implants as well as wound care and helping repair spinal-cord injuries!


Imagine fully charging a smartphone in seconds, or an electric car in minutes, Graphene can do it!

Graphene’s large surface area, high electrical conductivity, unique optical properties and high thermal conductivity make it ideal for sensors that can be used to develop building blocks for the Internet of Things.


Image result for internet of things



What others are saying about Graphene


Image result for cnn-CNN states "we are one step closer to being able to use the world's strongest material"


Image result for business insider-Business Insider says "Graphene is the future of our devices"


-Business Insider also states "Elon Musk May Use 'Wonder Material' Graphene To Push Tesla Performance To The Next Level"

Image result for elon musk-Elon Musk discussed his Interplanetary Transport System (ITS) which plans to send human to Mars in 2025...
"It is very promising in future that graphene can play a role in such carbon fiber fuel tank for aerospace application. Graphene can decrease the total weight of the fuel tank while still keeps its hardness and strength. Lightweight is definitely a very crucial part in the spaceship especially for a long interplanetary odyssey"


Image result for the gaurdian newspaper-The UK Based Guardian newspaper calls Graphene "a wonder material" that "could change the World"


Image result for US National Institute of Health-US National Institute of Health says "graphene-based gel, to be used in a scaffold for spinal-cord injuries"


Image result for cnbc-CNBC calls Graphene "the key to the next industrial revolution!

-CNBC also say Graphene is''fundamental to the next generation of electronics' and also 'fundamental to upcoming changes in technology"
Image result for seeking alpha logo-Seeking Alpha - "Graphene having the potential to detect cancer cells, improve 3-D printing, make ammunition and guns more efficient and effective,
produce a super-strong silk that conducts electricity, helps other materials handle 1,000 times more current than regular materials,
build better, safer and longer lasting lithium ion batteries (demand is growing 20% per year), fuel cells, and nuclear reactors"

Image result for boeing-Boeing says they intends to increase the safety of 767 fuel tanks during lightning strikes and a variety of methods
for using a unique new graphite-based material called graphene in aerospace applications

Image result for tech times-Tech Times states "Boeing to utilize World's lightest material for Air Travel


Image result for london telegraph-The London based Telegraph says "Planes will be made from wonder material Graphene 'in 10 years"

Image result for stephen hawking books-Stephen Hawking famed English physicist says "within 10-15 years Graphene will be part of our everyday lives


Image result for goldman sachs-Goldman Sachs Research calls it a "MIRACLE" material 

-Goldman Sachs Research also states Graphene is probably one of the most exciting advanced materials we’ve looked’s stronger than steel; it’s a better conductor than things like copper that are currently in semiconductors.


Image result for scientific american-Scientific American says "Mobile phone giants Samsung and Nokia have also set their sights on graphene-based flexible electronics,
pouring millions into projects to develop bendable screens that use graphene in place of the brittle,
unbending indium tin oxide layer used to make the touch screens found in today’s smartphones and tablets. Although Samsung is said to have produced a few working prototypes, the expensive CVD process needed to make the graphene still presents a challenge, and they are not yet available to buy."

***(NOW Carbon Sciences (CABN) has developed a low cost process to successfully produce Graphene of the highest consistent quality that meets global standards!) A buyout is highly likely!***

Carbon Sciences (CABN) commercialization of Graphene

Carbon Sciences (CABN) first product is a graphene-based optical modulator, a critical fiber optics component that the company believes will be ready for commercialization in the Fall of 2017. However at anytime between now and then one or many contracts could be announced by the company! With the ability to produce high quality Graphene at low cost the World is Carbon Sciences (CABN) oyster! The share price is projected to start rising in the run up to the official announcement of the first commercial deal being signed! To be clear it is not a matter of if but only when this will happen. 

Now is the time to buy shares of Carbon Sciences (CABN) and get in on the ground floor of a potentially life changing stock! Carbon Sciences (CABN) is a true contender for "Stock Of The Year". The fact that it is a penny stock only magnifies the massive potential gains for investors who get in at the current levels!

More on Carbon Sciences (CABN) graphene-based optical modulator, a critical fiber optics component

Fiber optics technology is the backbone of the Internet. With the observed and predicted explosive growth of Internet data -- as a result of Cloud-based services such as Netflix, Facebook, Google and many more -- the fundamental speed limits of current state-of-the-art fiber optic materials are being challenged.



Carbon Sciences (CABN) graphene-based components, such as photodetectors and optical modulators, will overcome the speed limits of today's fiber optics technology.

Carbon Sciences is now developing a new graphene-based optical modulator, a critical fiber optics component that will unclog the existing speed bottlenecks and enable ultrafast communication in data centers for Cloud computing.

By exploring the natural breakthrough optical and electrical properties of graphene, Carbon Sciences (CABN) are researching and developing next generation fiber optics components that are ultrafast, low power and low cost.

Carbon Sciences (CABN) current research and development effort is focused on creating a graphene-based optical modulator device for use in telecommunication systems and Cloud servers.

Carbon Sciences (CABN) has stated that their graphene-based optical modulator research which they are doing in conjunction with University of Santa Barbara, (the # 1 ranked public institution in the U.S. in terms of scientific research) will be completed by Fall of 2017 and the product will be ready to commercialize! Remember that anytime between now and then, commercialization agreements could be announced which will skyrocket the share price to a new orbit! 

It bears repeating: with the ability to produce high quality Graphene at low cost (something no other company has been able to do) Carbon Sciences (CABN) is now the global leader in this field with the ability to commercialize any number of Graphene products!

Do not get left behind! Now is the time to buy shares of Carbon Sciences (CABN). 


Carbon Sciences (CABN) AWESOME Partner:

University of California at Santa Barbara 

University of California at Santa Barbara is the # 1 ranked public institution in the U.S. in terms of scientific research impact

UCSB boasts five Nobel Laureates (four in sciences and engineering) and one winner of the prestigious Millennium Technology Prize. UCSB remains among the top 10 universities worldwide for research impact, as listed by the 2016 Leiden Rankings and is ranked No. 1 among public institutions in the U.S. in terms of scientific research impact.

UCSB’s scientific publications — which include papers in the areas of life, biomedical, mathematics, engineering, computer, natural and social sciences and humanities — are cited an average of 11.72 times. For 2016, 20.5 percent of its scientific publications belong in the top 10 percent of most frequently cited publications, putting UCSB at No. 8 worldwide for that indicator. 

In consideration of the proportion of the university’s scientific publications in the top 1 percent most frequently cited Web of Science core publications, UCSB ranks 7th worldwide. This ranking also places UCSB No. 6 among U.S. universities and No. 1 among public institutions in the country in terms of scientific research impact, with specific strengths in the fields of physical sciences and engineering, as well as in the life and earth sciences.







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