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Diagnos Inc :

Some DD ;

DIAGNOS develops data mining software and offers data mining services. We extend the field of data mining beyond known applications. Our family of products offers simple data mining and knowledge extraction solutions not only in the fields banking, marketing, sales, manufacturing and others, but also helps in the establishment of medical diagnostics, the analysis of blood samples data and satellite images, the management of industrial processes, the prevention of frauds and many more.

Press Release Source: Diagnos Inc.

DIAGNOS and its Partner Hitlab ULC Features Dynamic Hit Scoring (DHS) Technology on

BROSSARD, QUEBEC, CANADA--(MARKET WIRE)--Apr 22, 2009 -- DIAGNOS inc. ("DIAGNOS" or "the Corporation") (CDNX:ADK.V - News), a leader in the use of artificial intelligence and advanced knowledge extraction techniques, announces today that its partner Hitlab ULC successfully launched, last March 23, which features Dynamic Hit Scoring (DHS) developed by DIAGNOS.


DHS is a technology that can predict if a song has the potential to become a hit. DHS breaks down a song into variables such as pitch, tempo, etc. and compares its structure to the top 100 Billboard ® charts of the past six years. The more the song's patterns resemble the ones of hits, the higher it scores. Recently and world renowned Hip Hop singer, song-writer and record producer Akon have teamed up to promote and showcase this technology on

The marketing success of the Hitlab web site is directly related to the importance it will receive on the internet. Since the launch of the new web site, traffic has increased significantly, going from 50 visitors per day to 5,000 visitors per day. DIAGNOS believes that with the support of an artist such as AKON, the traffic generated on the site will grow. DIAGNOS receives a $3.00 royalty for each song analysed on this web site. "We are very exited by this news and we are looking forward to see more results, said Andre Larente, President DIAGNOS."



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