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This board will be dedicated to chart plays mainly focusing on MACD plays, with MA's, RSI, DMI, and other technical analysis backing up the plays. ALL PICKS ARE BASED ON A 6 MONTH CHART OR LESS Please feel free to post any stocks, but attached charts will be much appreciated for myself and others. current plays: 06/04/2007 gpsi - making a turn of the bottom towards moneyline ETIM - At moneyline, ready to go from here PNMS - About to cross moneyline PVNC - Heading towards moneyline (reverse merger anyday now) HOPEFULLY THIS WILL FINANCE A WORLD SERIES OF POKER TOURNAMENT, LOL BSLM - crossed moneyline, but overbought will low volume FMLY - about to cross moneyline SPZI - crossed moneyline, still positive, needs a little momentum USXP - headed towards moneyline PDGT - above moneyline could see more action, 5 and 10 MA's still above 20 day MA xkem, nvmg, gshf - all bottom plays, great entry pts. soon too head up towards the moneyline RSDS looks interesting, chart iffy PBLS got like it, chart tells all others to come
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