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DRM Digital Rights Management

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This board is an open forum to discuss an emerging industry, Digital Rights Management, its' players and their: positions, progess, pitfalls and impacts. Of course, The $$$$$ potential of it all is on topic and barnyard animals are included. The Mother Of Invention by Necessity is its' own Computer Software Industry. An incestuous relationship indeed, DRM software has been equated to a metaphoric Cure for Cancer and accused of representing all that is Draconian. Does that mean all that is Draconian is the Cure for Cancer? Or incest is best kept in the family? Currently, Global scrutiny of DRM is being tested in a number of Courts, Parliments and Legislatures reaching conclusions as varied as the cultures struggling with the issues. Of course, opportunities and challenges for Producers, Protectors, Artists and Consumers of Digital Content shall be downloaded guidance. All wishing to steer the New World Order, those who just want to make $$$$$ off it and last but not least, anyone feeling divinly inspired to scream, bleat, crow, moo, cluck, roar or bitch about it...... Set your post here! Mr. Fence p.s. All posts on this board should be construed as the humble opinion of the poster and may or may not contain bias, half truths and doctored quotes from outside sources. Furthermore, forward and backward looking statements are encouraged. Finally, message #20 is linked to an excellent, objective and well thought overview of the "big picture" (DRM included). Much food for thought. conveys a compelling message as well.
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#36   Ever hear of the stock market crash of mrfence 04/08/06 10:15:52 PM
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#34   mrfence, Im sure there are, but SEC and kenco 04/07/06 08:09:08 AM
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#28,70548-0.html?tw=rss.partnerfeed This link is another interesti mrfence 04/03/06 02:43:21 AM
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#18   With regards to the shift key, that bypass mrfence 03/29/06 08:17:31 PM
#17   With or without the glass? Computers run mrfence 03/29/06 07:59:04 PM
#16   mrfence, but the music buyers dont want the kenco 03/29/06 07:30:13 PM
#15   Newly manufactured glass comes dirty, that's a fact. mrfence 03/29/06 01:43:51 PM
#14   mrfence, the DRM mechanism IS the dirty window kenco 03/29/06 01:34:58 PM
#13   updates to this saga will continue. Insights mrfence 03/29/06 01:03:25 PM
#12   Kenco, I see your point and agree but mrfence 03/29/06 12:48:12 PM
#11   mrfence, the problem is that, just as people kenco 03/29/06 12:32:28 PM
#10   Seems like all software has deep flaws but mrfence 03/29/06 10:47:50 AM
#9   Uh Ohh, I just bought a pavillion and mrfence 03/29/06 10:39:01 AM