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This board will cover all aspects of DDAmanda. We can also talk about 8KSpy and DailyListSpy:

We get a lot of comments on how 'expensive' DDAmanda is.

People who think like that are completely missing the point. They think nothing of spending $20 for a round trip on One Trade (and hundreds of dollars/month on commissions), yet look at the subscription price and have a

The purpose of DDAmanda is to make you money. One can easily find a runner using DDAmanda, and make Hundreds if not Thousands of dollars on One Trade.

Members find numerous runners like that all the time.

SO, the subscription price SHOULD be Pocket Lint for you. If you're not making major bank using DDAmanda, then yes the subscription price will be 'expensive'.....and you should probably find another hobby.

Otherwise, the equivalent of a Starbucks Coffee/day is a minuscule price to pay for this great tool.

Remember that DDAmanda development took Thousands of man hours in programming...and close to 2 decades of development. That's why she is so good.......and why it costs to use her.

If you want to make money trading stocks, and be ahead of the crowd, you need the right tools, like Level 2, Advanced Charting, etc. And good tools aren't free.

PS. Make sure you get a paying subscription to IHub. That way you can search ALL of IHub to see what people are saying about a particular stock. This is GOLD.

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#531   Thanks BD! could have thought it was over, Zardiw 01/15/18 04:42:28 PM
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#523   Yep that for sure was a good one Yo-Yo 01/06/18 04:21:03 PM
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#521   Well, when you find winners, it will more Zardiw 01/05/18 12:02:20 PM
#520   Well I got a crazy schedule with my Yo-Yo 01/05/18 11:20:34 AM
#519   Doing good!......when you gonna sign up? z Zardiw 01/05/18 10:08:04 AM
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#517   Got the 8KSpy Alert on $ z Zardiw 01/04/18 01:29:27 PM
#516   Gotcha! Elcappy1 01/03/18 11:21:33 AM
#515   What I meant was when you do DD Zardiw 01/03/18 11:18:41 AM
#514   Roger that, I'll PM you next time ;) Elcappy1 01/02/18 12:23:30 PM
#513   DDAmanda® Chart (CLASSIC Insider Play) on: $CBGH CBGH Zardiw 01/02/18 11:28:51 AM
#512   Need to do DD on all of these.....See Zardiw 01/02/18 11:28:42 AM
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#508   Lol!!! I hear ya!!! Yo-Yo 12/28/17 10:18:39 AM
#507   Thanks YoYo!.....Amazing how weird everything looks after a Zardiw 12/28/17 10:18:15 AM
#506   Cool z glad you made it back and Yo-Yo 12/28/17 10:09:43 AM
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#504   Got the 8KSpy Alert on $STCC yesterday......BOOOOOM z Zardiw 12/28/17 10:08:07 AM
#503   DDAmanda® Chart on: $TGLO TGLO #TGLO : Zardiw 12/25/17 08:34:41 AM
#502   Merry Christmas z!!!!! Thank you for all you Yo-Yo 12/25/17 07:53:52 AM
#501   DDAmanda® Chart (CLASSIC Insider Play) on: $ANDI ANDI Zardiw 12/25/17 07:33:06 AM
#500   Merry Christmas DDAmanda Team!!! Zardiw 12/25/17 07:09:07 AM
#499   Will do.........Hey..I was thinking.....isn't there any oil out Zardiw 12/22/17 08:53:43 PM
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#497   Well, no time for much roaming...but damn....there is Zardiw 12/22/17 05:35:48 PM
#496   TGLO $$$$$ Company got bought out with a Giantsgal22 12/22/17 10:05:31 AM
#495   z that’s awesome I’ve roamed those SW Texas Yo-Yo 12/22/17 06:56:04 AM
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#491   Just checking in DD, hey z hope all Yo-Yo 12/20/17 02:43:30 PM
#490   DDAmanda Chart on $MYDX: Zardiw 12/19/17 01:48:07 PM
#489   Got the 8KSpy Alert on $PHIL PHIL #PHIL....BOOOOOOOM: Zardiw 12/19/17 01:46:56 PM
#488   Don't know about TRON....seemed pretty weak today....fwiw.....z Zardiw 12/18/17 09:36:04 PM
#487   How does MYDX look? Check out the weekly 2Relax 12/18/17 05:56:10 PM
#486   Awesome z you still like TRON? Have a Yo-Yo 12/18/17 11:21:34 AM
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#483   Missed it on the 6th....but got in on Zardiw 12/16/17 05:58:24 PM
#482   Nice!!! z so I gotta ask did ya Yo-Yo 12/16/17 09:52:02 AM