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CRPT Token

We love it, yet we burn it

Always in demand

Just as a machine operates on fuel, Crypterium payment solutions are powered by CRPT tokens. Every time someone makes a payment, a fee equal to 0.5% of the value of the trade in CRPT is taken from user’s account and burned.
0.5 %Fire

Your money - your way   : https://crypterium.com/products/cards

CRPT: Youtube Channel :  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChl-t3ilQK9mKj0jgXCdaxA

We change the financial industry for good allowing you to pay with digital assets in everyday life. Your money - your choice.

HOW TO BUY CRPT TOKEN> DOWNLOAD APP , Inside the APP CHAT With customer service 24/HOURS /365  BANK THAT NEVER Sleeps!
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What is Crypterium? 

Crypterium is a Cryptobank: a new kind of bank that provides normal banking services with cryptoassets like cryptocurrencies and tokens rather than our everyday money.

Crypterium Cryptobank is developing a mobile technology that will enable customers to use cryptocurrencies to pay for fiat based goods via a mobile App without transaction limits and with low commission on any of the world’s existing 42 million payment terminals and many internet stores and payment points.

Crypterium Cryptobank will be made available for download on the IOS and android marketplace and ready-to-use on mobile devices. Unlike conventional mobile banks that take weeks to process and issue payment cards, Crypterium Cryptobank provides an instant payment processing engine for both fiat and crypto based currency transactions in a process known as Contactless Payment

In developing the contactless payment solution described above, Crypterium Cryptobank is about to release its cryptobanking payment platform, which will in turn use its own cryptocurrency?—?CRPT, to feed the payment transactional process.This cryptocurrency (CRPT) is expected to have high utility value and grow rapidly in value as it feeds the Crypterium payment solutions. Here are the reasons why:

1. CRPT Tokens Are Used As Gas To Power The Crypterium Payment Engine

To use the Crypterium cryptobank platform, one must hold some CRPT tokens. Every time a payment is made, a fee equal to 0.5% of the value of the transaction is taken from the CRPT token holder’s account and is burnt as fuel for the transaction. This will continually create demand for CRPT tokens for use in the Crypterium platform.

2. Delivering Needed Solution In The Crypto-Economy That Will Result In Immediate Massive Adoption

The crypto-economy is booming. Millions of users are engaging with cryptocurrencies daily. Cryptobanks are expected to become popular given the demand of crypto users to transact with cryptocurrencies in their everyday lives. Already, there are some crypto-payment solutions offering card payment systems, but Crypterium Cryptobank is offering crypto contactless payment system.

As such, we expect that the contactless payment solution delivered by Crypterium Cryptobank to help solve this payment need will result in immediate adoption of the system. And since the CRPT tokens will be used to feed the payment system, the demand for it will be huge, thus driving up its value.

3. Payment Gateway Integrated With Third-Party Payment Services Like Paypal Eliminates The Need For Exchanges

Crypterium contactless solution can be integrated with payment services like Paypal and Alipay, thus eliminating the need for exchanges (with the attendant exchange fees) when paying for goods and services with cryptocurrencies. This will further push up the popularity of this service and create higher demand for its tokens?—?CRPT.

4. Loyalty Reward Scheme Paid In CRPT

Up to 30% of Crypterium’s transactional income will be applied to a Monthly Loyalty Program which will be used to reward users in order to stimulate users to make more transactions via Crypterium and also to encourage active users. Loyalty rewards are made in CRPT tokens, which are purchased by Crypterium from exchanges. This will further drive CRPT’s demand and value.

5. Scarcity Of CRPT Tokens Will Drive Value Upwards

CRPT tokens will get burned as gas during payment transaction as described above. Also, during the ICO, all unsold and unallocated tokens will b? destroyed and additional release ?f tokens will not be possible. This scenario will ensure higher values for CRPT tokens at all times as demands increase and tokens’ supply reduces.

6. Crypterium Is Powered By A Large Experienced Team And Ranked In The Top 50 Digital Banks By Financial IT In 2017

Crypterium is ranked 37th place among top 50 most promising digital banks by Financial IT. This is a true testimony of the prowess and experience of its team and leadership. Crypterium is powered by a large team of highly qualified professionals made up of highly experienced digital payment professionals from some of the most innovative FinTech sectors in Europe, who have spent the better part of 10 years developing digital payment and banking solutions.

In 2013, two of the founding partners of Crypterium (Vladimir Gorbunovand Gleb Markov) launched PayQR, a Cyprus based company establishing a contactless payment platform that works with any smartphone. This lends credence to the fact that the team is well able to develop and launch the Crypterium platform and deliver value for CRPT holders.

Final Words.
Website - https://crypterium.com/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/crypterium
Telegram chat - https://t.me/crypterium
Telegram news channel - https://t.me/crypterium_en
Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/crypterium_com/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/crypterium.org/
Medium - https://medium.com/crypterium
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/crypterium_com

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