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Cross Click Media, Inc. is a marketing and media services company, which engages in affiliate network, call center, and an enterprise solutions division that can provide design, web development, ecommerce, data management and more through an integrated plat.

It provides commercial guarantee services for residential leases through its wholly-owned subsidiary,, Inc. The company was founded by Richard Tyler on February 23, 2010 and is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV.

Company announced it's total authorized stock remains at 3 billion shares with a current outstanding of 2,630,071,594 shares.

Call us today at: 702-930-9255

About CrossClick Media, Inc.

CrossClick Media, Inc. is a publicly traded, innovative marketing and media services company that merges best practices of traditional marketing and sales methods and standards with the power of innovative technologies, the depth and breadth of new media channels and ease of advanced systems. We can expand your business or product brands, create relevant marketing campaigns inclusive of social and new media content, and invigorate your sales efforts that build revenues and provide market reach and depth. Our call center operations and multi-level distribution channels are available to fulfill or expand your branding, marketing and sales goals.


Phone Campaigns->-The days when it was sufficient for a call center to simply take orders over the phone are gone. We provide complete customer care for your callers, using our extensive product knowledge to help them select and purchase the right products in a secure transaction. We answer their questions, process their returns and exchanges, and solve problems of every kind. And we do it all while delivering an outstanding customer experience that reinforces and differentiates your brand. 

Chat Support->-Today’s younger customers often prefer chat, and we take a proactive approach to offering chat sessions to all your website visitors. We quickly respond to queries with personalized assistance, and can rescue customers from such situations as check-out errors or zero search-return results. Via chat, our agents can interact with more one customer at a time, reducing your costs without sacrificing the quality of the customer experience. 

Email->-We meet your performance standards for email support, including contractually specified response times, branding requirements, escalation rules and more. By adding agents and rescheduling assignments, we can scale to handle even unexpected email volumes from a big sale or unexpected website issue. We also take care to route emails to the queue of the Brand Care Specialist best qualified—in terms of product expertise, client policies, order status, or other factors—to answer your customers’ questions. 

Brand Support & Social Media->-CrossClick Media can support your strategy for monitoring, measuring and engaging in the online conversation. Conversations are our business, so we’re especially well suited to participating in the multi-party conversations that take place on your website and the forums, blogs and microblogs where your company and products are discussed. We can respond quickly to posts and keep you informed about the online discussion as it affects your brand image. Your marketing staff can focus on running effective campaigns while we focus on engaging online consumers to solve customer service issues, thereby protecting and promoting your brand. 

We also provide outstanding service for mobile users, and are accustomed to providing the in-depth information they need to evaluate options and make on-the-spot decisions about product purchases. 

CrossClick Media is more than a call center, we are a multi-channel contact center that speaks your brand passionately and expertly across all channels. No matter how, when or why your customers choose to interact with your brand, we take care of them just as you would and promote brand loyalty by reinforcing the brand image you’ve worked hard to create. 


Investor Relation Services->-Our investor relations expert team books very targeted individual meetings or teleconferences for our clients with fund managers, registered investment advisors, analysts, brokers and wealth managers who have anywhere from $5 Million to $5 billion or more under management. We begin by researching the peer landscape and creating detailed competitive analysis reports. Then, accessing our proprietary internal data, we pick up the phone and start creating personal introductions while using the latest in technology to your advantage. 

Public Relations Services->-The public relations team at CrossClick Media is equally responsible for our clients’ overall success. Our PR foundation is cemented by our expertise in positioning our corporate officers as “thought leaders” and the “go-to source” within their respective industries. As an innovator, why shouldn’t you be leading the discussion within your industry? With CrossClick’s communications team behind you, you are. By properly feeding the media with strong story ideas that highlight current issues and trends with commentary from our clients’ corporate officers we help busy reporters do their work. Our senior journalist staff writers are fully capable of ghostwriting industry “issue” pieces that are then placed in a full array of relevant publications by our experienced PR staff. 

Social Media Monitoring->-In-depth social media knowledge is a must today. In times of crisis, it is the fastest way to control the message and greet the masses. On the cutting edge of new media tactics, CrossClick knows how to use best-of-breed strategies to broaden access to investors and the media worldwide. Twitter and Facebook are only the beginning. We utilize many other social media options as appropriate. We maintain our own email list of of subscribers who have opted-in to receive our weekly newsletter.



October 15, 2014

December 2, 2014
CrossClick Media to Lead National Call Center Effort for Voters for Hillary

CrossClick Media Signs Telepoint Communications for Voters for Hillary

January 8 2015
On January 2, 2015, our board of directors authorized management to engage in a stock buy-back program



CrossClick Media, Inc., formerly known as Co-Signer, Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary,, Inc., provides commercial guarantee services for residential leases, creating a new U.S. industry that addresses the need for rent assurance in an increasingly restrictive approval environment, facilitating housing for tenants and enhancing occupancy rates and cash flow for landlords. The service replaces the discomfort and administrative headache of personal guarantees from friends or relatives with a reliable, professionally administered, commercial assurance., Inc. provides its fee based tenant service to those who may have marginal or no credit due to a short sale, a bankruptcy, inconsistent employment, a long-term health issue or other circumstances. Typically these tenants are able to afford the rental payment for the new residence they seek. However, superficially their credit scores and financial profile do not readily qualify them with the prospective landlord. Cosigning services are available whether the tenant seeks a single family home, condominium, townhouse, or apartment anywhere in the United States.

Used overseas, residential rent assurance has been available in the U.S. on a limited basis for the past 6 years. Co-Signer has perfected this service, is the leading provider markets its services along with tenant screening and residential placement services through and through direct contact with landlords and property managers. Co-Signer uses a proprietary underwriting process with an approval algorithm with state of the art information services to achieve low default ratios that maximize company profitability. offers rental guarantees on behalf of tenant clients to landlords, property managers, leasing agents and others that may be responsible for residential leasing. Fees are borne by the tenant and are less than the additional rent and security deposits required for tenants with low credit scores.

The Company's business strategy is to make the use of commercial residential rent assurance otherwise known as a rent guarantee for residential lease standard industry practice by focusing resources on landlord and property manager awareness in order to educate the market on the simplicity and value of the service. With almost 39,000,000 rental units in the United States and 1 out of every 4 adults having poor or bad credit, the demand for commercialized cosigning services provides a real growth opportunity.

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