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Contax's Five & Dime and a Couple of $$ too Investment Fund! (CFDTDF)

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Last Post: 10/18/2007 9:42:16 PM - Followers: 26 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0

***First and foremost, I want this board to be absolutely transparent. What I mean by that is that every trade that is posted here must be easily verifiable, by anyone with a real-time quote feed. This board, above all else, should always maintain its integrity. ALWAYS!*** On this board I will concentrate on finding stocks with the following two criteria: a) At the time of their initial posting on this board, the stock should, at the most, trade for around a couple of dollars. b) The selected stock should be sound both technically and fundamentally. This is not a board for short-term flippers, day traders etc. I find day trading to be extremely stressful and those who are successful at making money in that endeavor, are few and far between. I believe that if those who successfully partake in day trading, were to take stock of their initial invested capital over a one year period, they will be hard pressed to find a decent appreciation of their investment. And the heartaches and tension that come with the territory is, imho, just not worth the effort. Here on this board, I hope to undertake a very simple strategy: Invest in stocks which need very low maintenance, in other words, just buy them and forget about 'em. And while I am in that state of forgetfulness, my investments must yield, say over six month to a year period, returns that should handedly beat the best performing funds in the country AND the S&P 500 Index, which these funds use as their benchmark. S&P's close on Friday, Nov 7th. 2003: 1053.21 Funds Initial Equity: Contax's Five & Dime and Two Dollars Too Fund (CFDTDF) will start with an initial equity or Net Asset Value (NAV) of $20,000 in cash. Maximum and Minimum Outlay per Investment: The minimum initial investment per stock will be 5% of the Fund's NAV, and the maximum initial investment in any one stock will not exceed 20% of the Fund's NAV. If the Fund's NAV increases, the percentage allocation for the purchase of any equity will still stay the same, though the dollar amounts may increase. Likwise, if the Fund's NAV decreases, the above mentioned percentages will remain constant and the dollar amounts allowable for any purchase will obviously decrease. No single investment in the Fund will exceed 25% of the the Fund's NAV. Though the maximum purchase limit on any investment is still 20% of the Fund's NAV, the investment will be allowed a 5% grace in the case that it appreciates in value. The Fund will be deemed to be non-compliant with its Charter if an investment, which initially comprised 20% or less of the Fund's Nav but after appreciating in value, exceeds 25% of the Fund's NAV. The Fund will be allowed a period not to exceed 15 days from the day the Fund first becomes non-compliant, to bring the investment's value below 25% of its NAV and thus become compliant again. In any given quarter, the Fund must be in compliance with its Charter for the majority of that period. Stock Picks and Initiating a Trade: Once I post a pick on this thread, I will only initiate the trade after I post my intent here, with either a "Market" price or at a pre-determined "Limit" price which will also be posted, before the trade is entered. At all times, $11 for commission will be deducted from the trade's value. Therefore, in the event of a purchase, $11 will be deducted before initiating the trade and in the case of a sell order, $11 will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale. EDIT: Since I posted the above, I have moved the Fund's holding(s) from Ameritrade to OS Securities and thus the trading cost there is now $8.99 Keeping Track of my Pick(s): Here is how I will keep track of my stock picks...Once a purchase is made, the stock's purchase price and the number of shares purchased will be posted on this message board in real-time for easy tracking. If at any time there is a change in either the technical or fundamental read on that stock, I will immediately update the board and initiate a sell order on that stock. Any profit or (loss) will be added to or subtracted from the Fund's NAV. Immediately after the last trading day of the month, but before the first trading day of the new month, the Fund's updated Net Asset Value will be posted and all new trades will be based on this current NAV. To get a more detailed overview of the Fund's trading activity, please check out the following link(s): http://www.investorshub.com/boards/manage_msg.asp?message_id=1731626 http://www.investorshub.com/boards/read_msg.asp?message_id=9089459 http://www.investorshub.com/boards/read_msg.asp?message_id=10472522 **************************************************** FUND's CURRENT INFO********************************************************** The S&P 500's original reading (On Nov. 9th, 2003) : 1,053.21 points The S&P 500's The S&P 500's current reading (On February 28th, 2006): 1,280.66 Net change to-date in the S&P 500 since the Fund's inception: + 227.45 points Percentage change to-date in the S&P 500: + 21.59% Value of the S&P 500 Index on January 1st. 2006: 1,248.29 Net change Year-to-Date in the S&P 500 : + 32.37 Percentage Change in the S&P 500 Index Year-To-Date (YTD): + 2.59% The CFDTF Fund's original Net Asset Value (NAV): $20,000 (On Nov. 9th. 2003) The CFDTDF Fund's current Net Asset Value (NAV): $40,840.63 (2/28/2006) Net Gain or (Loss) in CFDTF Fund's value since the Fund's inception: + $20,840.63 The percentage change in the CFDTF Fund's Net Asset Value since the Fund's inception: + 104.20% Value of the CFDTF Fund on January 1st. 2006: $35,343.93 Net change Year-to-Date in the NAV of the CFDTF Fund : + $5,496.70 Percentage Change Year-To-Date in the NAV of the CFDTF Fund: + 15.55% Head to Head comparison of the CFDTDF Fund's Performance since its inception vis-à-vis the S&P 500: + 82.61% Head to Head comparison of the CFDTDF Fund's Performance Year-to-Date vis-à-vis the S&P 500: + 12.96% ***Please take note that the "Fund's Current Info" displayed above is only updated at the end of each month.*** ***********************************************************************************************************************************************
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