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SEC Obtains Final Judgments Against Two Defendants in Renee 02/09/23 4:40 PM
That was an interesting case... janice shell 01/04/23 4:57 PM
Codesmart Holdings Inc. SEC Litigation: Renee 01/04/23 11:05 AM
Test nickdub 04/22/16 5:14 PM
lol, definitely not. janice shell 02/02/16 2:52 PM
Thanks, Renee. About time it was put janice shell 02/02/16 2:52 PM
maybe not. lucky, mydog 02/02/16 9:46 AM
ITEN revoked: Renee 02/02/16 9:31 AM
Why is there no ask? Nobody wants to jwdroptine 01/14/16 1:12 PM
On Something. Janice if you can not name tundra1 01/11/16 8:18 PM
On what? janice shell 01/11/16 3:43 PM
Hmm 3/10 of a bases point. It' s tundra1 01/11/16 12:25 PM
You can get time and sales for ITEN janice shell 12/31/15 1:44 PM
really??? not possible TAFAZI69 12/31/15 12:50 PM
Scottrade does not provide updates on Gray sheet trades tundra1 12/31/15 7:49 AM
Of course they are. Time and sales janice shell 12/30/15 7:54 PM
Ok, Grays buys are recorded on IHUB and tundra1 12/30/15 7:49 PM
That's not exactly exciting news. Most Greys janice shell 12/30/15 7:42 PM
Janice, really want to commend you for not tundra1 12/30/15 7:41 PM
What utter bullshit. btw, Codesmart is janice shell 12/30/15 6:18 PM
I SMELL BUYOUT,[001]TO START THINGS MOVING.THAN OFF GRAYS,AND show me the money 10 12/30/15 6:14 PM
Probably whoever bought it didn't even realize it janice shell 12/30/15 5:10 PM
1,000 shares is nothing to write home about mimimumu 12/30/15 5:08 PM
Nothing is happening. ITEN is dead and janice shell 12/30/15 5:05 PM
Who really knows Janice, it is happening in tundra1 12/30/15 5:03 PM
There're probably tons of potential sellers. Just janice shell 12/30/15 4:45 PM
Another opinion. All I can say, it was tundra1 12/30/15 4:40 PM
Some idiot put in a market buy for janice shell 12/30/15 4:27 PM
My scottrade shows right now that it jumped vlay 12/30/15 3:41 PM
Just until ITEN's registration is revoked. Good luck. mimimumu 12/30/15 10:35 AM
So you all know, there was a buyer tundra1 12/30/15 10:30 AM
Some real things or hypothetical values never die. tundra1 12/22/15 9:53 PM
AMEN! Fraud as Fraud is BillChanger 12/01/15 11:04 AM
Eh....what happened!!!! Load up...Load Up...this is going to urkidding1 11/27/15 5:56 AM
You are not a "victim". Shapiro's indictment janice shell 11/23/15 6:46 PM
Collateral damage is a general term for unintentional tundra1 11/23/15 5:51 PM
Yes... janice shell 11/17/15 1:58 PM
Kaput TAFAZI69 11/17/15 1:57 PM
No. The suspension ends at 11:59 p.m. janice shell 11/17/15 1:55 PM
hope to hear great news soon ChampFox 11/17/15 3:18 AM
Today start to be quoted? Ad sec write? TAFAZI69 11/17/15 2:38 AM
You understand it's still suspended, don't you? janice shell 11/15/15 3:50 PM
ITEN 0.0003 trader53 11/15/15 1:48 PM
I left over a year ago when Diego Stock_Gambit 11/12/15 1:14 PM
Some feel they need to buy more stock integral 11/12/15 1:12 PM
Shocker. The CEO was arrested how long ago?? Stock_Gambit 11/12/15 12:00 PM
The SEC suspended, and will ultimately revoke this integral 11/10/15 8:36 AM
Collateral Damage. tundra1 11/09/15 9:16 PM
I am calling the FBI 1manband 11/09/15 6:02 PM
It doesn't. It comes down to your janice shell 11/09/15 6:01 PM
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CodeSmart Holdings, Inc.(fka ITEN)

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Graphic Connecting Need For ITEN Code training and EBOLA

***********Academic Credibility and Endorsement*********

OS 24M
52 WK RANGE $6.00 - .002
Interested in a Medical Coding Career?


Medical coders are very well paid; there are many job opportunities in hospitals, physician practices, insurance companies and all other healthcare providers. Coders are in great demand as there is a severe shortage. This demand will only increase with the transition to the new ICD-10 codes. Individuals that become certified in ICD-10 Codes early will certainly have the greatest opportunities. ICD-10 Online Training is available now. The career path is unlimited, as a coder can move into many areas of a healthcare organization as they grow. This is because medical coding is the key to reimbursement for providers, accuracy in revenues, and it touches everything from finance, management, IT and clinical areas. ICD-10 Training will be invaluable. The medical coder has many options to grow and is viewed as a key person in the organization. How a medical procedure is coded determines the financial reimbursement for the company and accuracy in coding also ensures quality data for future sound medical decisions. It affects everything in a healthcare organization. Now you can be a part of this exciting industry with our ICD10 Classes. Start your ICD-10 Training today.

Medical coding is one of the fastest growing professions in the country according to many government agencies and associations. Additionally, the healthcare industry is the fastest and most stable sector of the economy. A main reason why this is happening is the medical industry’s switch to ICD-10 coding system. The industry is going from approximately 13,000 codes to over 400,000 variations. During the ICD-10 transition and because it affects every aspect of a healthcare organization’s business process, it is projected that coding productivity will decrease by over 50%. The field is going to require many more people to accommodate all the changes in needs for human capital that will be taking place. In such a busy industry, it is very difficult to find time for new training. Our ICD-10 Online Classes allow you to gain ICD-10 Certification in your schedule. Find out more about our ICD-10 Training Courses.

Medical Coding is the life blood of a healthcare organization as the medical codes determine financial results, regulatory compliance and also good quality of care for patients. If you want to be come a vital part of a growing industry, start your ICD-10 Education today with in-depth courses to get ICD-10 Certification.

Coding is a highly specialized and much respected field. Coders are in high demand everywhere in healthcare. Getting the right education is critical in order to position yourself as the best in the coding field. CODESMART™ UNIVERSITY ICD-10 Online Classes will help you become a coder who sets the standard for excellence in medical coding. Contact a CODESMART™ representative to find out more about our ICD-10 Training so you can become a CODESMART™ coder and embark on a most respectable and fruitful career path in healthcare.

Youtube Video:


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Shapiro has over 23 years’ experience building more than 50 management teams within the healthcare industry. He is a national expert in how to hire and assimilate “A” players into companies, fueling their financial success. He has an extensive background in evaluation of management teams, talent, and cultural issues relative to acquisitions and roll ups.
Since 1989, Mr. Shapiro has been an innovator in executive recruiting, hiring the best talent, coordinating and leading management teams, and in leadership development training. He has worked for 10 years as CEO of New World Healthcare Solutions, a national executive search firm in healthcare, where he developed a hiring process product which yielded over a 95% retention rate of candidates placed and functioning as “A” players which has been among the highest in the industry.
Mr. Shapiro has been a successful entrepreneur within the healthcare industry and has been responsible for developing 2 other new startup companies, as well as helping major healthcare organizations build their success.

Chief Sales Officer

Mr. Crews is a dynamic, results-driven sales strategist with more than 20 years of achievement and demonstrated success driving multimillion-dollar revenue growth while providing visionary sales leadership in highly competitive markets. Mark has a solid track record securing key clients and increasing product distribution to grow market share. His success comes from tenaciousness in building new business, securing customer loyalty and forging long standing strong relationships with external business partners. He is also recognized as being an exceptional mentor and coach, combining business acumen with innate leadership abilities to recruit and retain top-performing sales teams. Mark’s most recent experience reflects success in helping clients resolve challenges in transcription and computer assisted coding while working with major national companies. As a result, Mr. Crews has an excellent understanding of ICD-9 and ICD-10 Coding, EHR Integration, Computer Assisted Coding (CAC), Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), Revenue Cycle Management and Meaningful Use for EHR Adoption. He’s had experience with SL-7 interfacing to most EHR's such as Epic, Cerner, Meditech and McKesson, with Medical-Legal Compliance and Core Measures Analytics Reporting for Electronic Medical Records. Mr. Crews holds a BS in Engineering from Piedmont VA College, a BSEE in Engineering from the University of VA and has completed coursework towards his RHIT.

President and Chief Operations Officer

Ms. Franey founded The Performance Group in 1993, which grew to become a $26 million business. She structured that business into several divisions that included a regional managed staffing division, a national HT outsourcing division, a translation division, a healthcare network, and a global healthcare consulting division. Ms. Franey has overseen the deployment of as many as 8,000 consultants to clients on a simultaneous basis. She has also served for 6 years as President of the Pennsylvania Staffing Association, and she currently serves on several other executive and advisory boards. In addition to graduating from Messiah College, Ms. Franey also graduated from MIT's Birthing of Giants program. She has been recognized as being one of the 50 Best Business Women in Pennsylvania, and was a finalist for Ernst and Young's Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Vice President Consulting

Ms. Kruse is a recognized expert in Medicare regulations and excels at providing education, project management and process improvement. Her expertise is in ICD-10 and the various severity adjusted DRG systems and she has performed ICD-10 assessments and implemented clinical documentation improvement programs for small and large hospital systems. In addition to her experience as a bedside, recovery room nurse and utilization case manager, she has knowledge of medical records, coding, charge analysis, patient accounts and billing compliance. Prior to her work in the advisory services, Ms. Kruse served as a director of clinical consulting in a large not-for-profit hospital system in the Midwest, where she was responsible for the strategic direction of the clinical documentation program and providing leadership for various revenue cycle, observation and APC projects. She also worked with a number of rural hospitals to solve APC and DRG revenue cycle related issues. Ms. Kruse’s qualifications include AHIMA approved ICD-10-CM/PCS trainer, knowledge of MS-DRG, APC, diagnostic and procedural code assignment, Medicare quality measures, CMS present on admission regulations, physician documentation requirements, medical necessity, UR, case management, and hospital throughput. A recognized expert, she has presented on ICD-10-CM/PCS and CDCI for American Health Information Management and Healthcare Financial Management Associations and has spoken at national seminars. She authored the Physician Queries Handbook Second Edition (2013) and co-authored the Physician Queries Handbook (August 2009) and The Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist’s Handbook (February 2011) for HCPro. She has been quoted as an expert in numerous national trade publications and has provided oral and written testimony at the CMS APC panel meetings. She currently serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for "Report on Medicare Compliance" an Atlantic Information Services healthcare publication and DeVry University’s College of Health Sciences’ Health Information Technology Program Advisory Board. Ms. Kruse holds an M.B.A from Franklin University and a B.S. in Nursing from Ohio State University.

Vice President of Quality and Analytics

Harvey Bair, VP of Quality and Analytics for The CODESMART™ Group, has more than 25 years of healthcare provider experience. His expertise in healthcare includes clinical documentation processes, project management, quality process improvement and clinical nursing and administration. He has served a variety of healthcare clients, including academic medical centers, integrated delivery systems and community hospitals. Dr. Bair has specialized in clinical documentation processes, facilitating accurate patient severity documentation, improved regulatory compliance and increased facility reimbursement. He has also specialized in process and system improvement within the healthcare environment. His CDI projects have resulted in efficient and effective utilization of limited resources while promoting a return on investment for the facility. Dr. Bair is a registered nurse with diverse experience in critical, acute, chronic, and long-term care settings relating to clinical nursing, education, management, performance improvement, case management and infection control. He has held several director level positions in nursing, performance improvement, case-management and infection control.
Dr. Bair’s previous responsibilities also include project management of a multiple hospital system; development, implementation and education of diverse CDI programs and projects, including oversight and direct CDI training on ICD-10, MS-DRG, APR-DRG, physician education and oversight of other consulting staff during the project implementation; meeting with executive level members and reviewing CDI progress reports, financial impact and program recommendations; performing follow up visits for clinical documentation specialists and tracking program progress as well as mature program assessment and reinvigoration; and developing various tools supporting APR-DRG and ICD-10 systems.

Dr. Bair holds a PH.D. and an M.S. in healthcare administration, an AHIMA approved ICD-10 Trainer and is a certified clinical documentation specialist.

CodeSmart™ Group Announces $1.3M in Commitments to Provide ICD-10 Education and Consulting Services

logo unavailable
NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- CodeSmart Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: ITEN), with its subsidiary, The CODESMART™ Group, Inc. (collectively, "CODESMART"), a premier ICD-10 education and solutions group that offers CODESMART™ UNIVERSITY, its on-line education solution and customizable training solutions, announced today that it has agreed to terms with 5 hospitals and healthcare organizations and three of CODESMART's teaming partners to provide ICD-10 consulting services and education to their professional coders and clinicians. CODESMART™ will enter into Service Agreements with these new clients during the month of December with a total collective contract value of approximately $1.3M. The collective Agreements consist of a blend of services to be provided from each line of business provided by CODESMART™. The total also includes their direct marketing new coder program.

Among the new clients is Mennonite Health System, a non-profit organization that provides healthcare services and has hospitals and clinics in several towns of Puerto Rico; HeartPlace, a cardiovascular treatment center located in North Texas with over 25 locations; and WorkBeast, a staffing industry expert which will utilize professional coders trained and provided by CODESMART™ to various healthcare organizations. Collectively the above mentioned healthcare organizations account for approximately $1.1M of the services to be rendered.

"It appears that the era of procrastination has ended and healthcare facilities are ready to move forward with ICD-10 training," said Ira Shapiro, Chairman and CEO of CODESMART™. "With the deadline quickly approaching, we welcome the opportunity to assist our new and existing clients with their transition to ICD-10."

About CodeSmart™

CodeSmart Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: ITEN) with its subsidiary, The CODESMART™ Group, Inc., is a premier national subject matter expert for ICD-10 education and compliance in the United States. Its product, CODESMART™ UNIVERSITY, is an on-line program of study for existing coders, new coders, clinicians, and healthcare roles of all types. Created by a combination of a leading panel of ICD-10 subject matter experts and a major four-year accredited university, which contributed the nation's top course designers and a platform that already provides interactive education to more than 60,000 students per year in degree programs. The ICD-10 training also includes live professors who work with and guide students through the programs of study in ICD-10.

CODESMART™ UNIVERSITY is endorsed by over 60 colleges and universities nationwide for its quality of education. The CODESMART™ Group, Inc. also provides solutions for ICD-10 transition, outsource coding, coding audits, critical documentation improvement and the revenue cycle continuum.

To learn more about CODESMART™ UNIVERSITY's proprietary programs, visit or

FORBES Magazine and the Department of Labor =>
Medical Coding will be the fastest growing profession. Due to ICD-10, there will be a shortage of over 500,000 coders. 


- BOTH Short & Long Term multibagger here!

- Old Management Removed, New Management news & 8K soon

- 2014 Q1 Revenue up 2200% from 2013 Q1

- Super thin L2, AT LEAST 16M+ shares left to cover!

- RSI 33, Upward STO Reversal, Confirmed float in STRONG hands today






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