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Chronic pain treatment and management in the United States is a fragmented $4 Billion market.

-Over 100 Million Americans suffer from chronic pain.

-Approximately 2,500 doctors and 1,500 private clinics specialize in pain management and treatment.

-Estimated average annual revenues per clinic are US$2.6 Million with pre-tax profits of 25%.

-Annual revenues for private pain management clinics in the US are estimated at $4 Billion.

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The acquisition of pain management clinics is seen to be a growth opportunity.

-The number of patients needing treatment is increasing as the population ages.

-Funding agencies want more effective, economical and enduring approaches to pain management.

-New restrictions on opioids make the Champion Pain Car Protocol (the Protocol), a non-pharmaceutical treatment plan that is highly effective in reducing pain, attractive to patients, doctors and funding agencies.

-General practitioners who are reluctant to treat pain patients send them to pain specialists.

-Selling their pain clinics is attractive to doctors who want to:

-retire with the option to take payment in cash and public company shares,

-offload their administrative burden to a parent company,

-reduce their exposure to liability or sanctions from prescribing pain medications,

-increase their opportunities, compensation and liquidity under public company ownership,

or, a combination of these considerations.


We will pursue growth and improved profits by:

-implementing the Protocol in addition to existing services,

-securing internationally recognized CARF accreditation,

-improving CPT coding, billing and collections,

-providing professional management of all business functions and medical practices,

-adding nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physiotherapists, dieticians, counsellors, and rehabilitation specialists as required,

-developing standard operating procedures and economies of scale,

-identifying and using best-practices from all clinics and

-ancillary services, including:


-facilities for physiotherapy and rehabilitation and

-durable medical equipment


Our team has experience in the health care market and with creating and managing public companies.

Terrance Owen, CEO and Director

Dr. Owen obtained a BSc (Honours) in Biology from the University of Victoria in1968, a MSc in Biology from the University of New Brunswick in 1970, a PhD in Zoology from the University of British Columbia in 1974 and a MBA from Simon Fraser University, British Columbia in 1991. From 2000 to 2013, Dr. Owen was the President, CEO & Director of ALDA Pharmaceuticals Corp. and serves as a Director and on the audit committees of a number of other public companies that are listed on the TSX Venture Exchange. From December, 1980 to April 2002, Dr. Owen was the President of Helix Biotech ULC, a laboratory providing DNA identity testing services for paternity, immigration and forensic cases. He was the President and a director of Helix BioPharma Corp. from July, 1995 to June, 1998. Dr. Owen has been advising Champion Toronto since April, 2012 and was appointed as our CEO in July, 2013.
Jack Fishman, President and Director
Mr. Fishman is one of our co-founders and leads the development and the integration of corner office strategy to front line solutions. Mr. Fishman has a successful 22-year career track record of business growth, innovation and experience in general management, sales and marketing. He has provided strategic leadership for a diverse range of major corporations and has helped develop and launch new consumer award winning business initiatives for Snap-On-Tools and Honda. He is often sought out for keynote speeches at marketing conferences, most recently the National Public Relations Conference. He has been with Champion Toronto since its formation in and was appointed as our President and as a Director on our incorporation date.
Emil Schiller, COO and Director
Mr. Schiller is a co-founder of the Company. Under his leadership, his operational and team building programs have benefited a number of companies. Mr. Schiller is responsible for financial, operational, planning and distribution systems. Mr. Schiller is a seasoned executive with more than 22 years of international business experience. He has a broad range of high-level management experience within several industries. He has an extensive business background, having initiated several culture change initiatives, including the introduction of quality improvement programs to ensure consistent delivery of standards of excellence for major retail chains across North America. He has also been with Champion Toronto since its formation in and was appointed as our COO and as a Director on our incorporation date.

We have identified qualified advisors who will be assisting us in the following areas.

-CPT coding, billing and collections.

-Recruitment and human resources.

-Health care administration and marketing.

-CARF accreditation and clinical trials.

-Securities, corporate and health care law.

-E-commerce and social networking media.

Our goal is to achieve clinical excellence and develop a national brand for pain management.

Listing information



CUSIP Number


Shares issued and outstanding


Transfer Agent
Island Stock Transfer



Postal Address:
15500 Roosevelt Boulevard, Suite 301
Clearwater, Florida 33760

E-mail Address:

Proposed name change

We are planning on changing the name of the Company to Champion Pain Care Corporation




EDGAR filings

-All of our filings can be seen at:

-Our Form 8-K filed on October 23, 2013 provides a full description of the information set forth above.

-The Form 8-K filing of February 28, 2014 provides an Executive Summary of our business and discloses our Corporate Finance Engagement with Xnergy Financial LLC, of New York and California.


Recent events

-On August 19, 2014, we filed our Form 10-Q for the quarter ended June 30, 2014 on EDGAR.

-We are no longer filing our reports as a shell company.

-We have executed Memoranda of Understanding to acquire two pain management clinics and have identified approximately ten additional clinics that are prospects for acquisition.

-On June 10, 2014, we received notification that our shares became DTC eligible and on July 15, 2014 we saw trading commence.
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