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Capstone Companies, Inc. (OTC:CAPC)           

SEC CIK 0000814926         Shares Outstanding  49.543.031 as of May 03,2021
Consumer inspired products that bridge technological innovations with today’s lifestyles.
About Capstone Companies Inc.
Address:        431 Fairway Drive Suite 200 Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 United States
Contact:         https://capstonecompaniesinc.com/contact   Phone: (954) 252-3440      Fax: (954) 570-6678
Homepage:    https://capstonecompaniesinc.com/
News:             https://investors.capstonecompaniesinc.com
Twitter:           https://twitter.com/CAPC_Capstone
Facebook:      https://www.facebook.com/capstoneindustries/

Transcripts:   https://docoh.com/transcript/by/companyId/814926

SEC Reports: https://sec.report/Ticker/capc / https://investors.capstonecompaniesinc.com/CAPC/sec_filings
Leadership:   https://capstonecompaniesinc.com/about/capstone-leadership/
Insider Trades: https://sec.report/CIK/0000814926/Insider-Trades Last Buy April 8, 2021/Last Sell Okt.15, 2013

IRS Number:     8410471159
Investor Relations: Aimee C. Brown (954) 252-3440 ext. 313         aimee@capstonecompaniesinc.com

Financial Tearsheet: https://investors.capstonecompaniesinc.com/CAPC/tearsheet
- Emerging Product Segment – Connected Surfaces
- Broadening Social Media Footprint
- Channel Development
- Supply Chain Transition
- Shaping Capstone’s Future

Core Subsidiary Capstone Connected  
Innovative Technologies - Delivering the mobile experience to the walls of your home
Homepage:       https://capstoneconnected.com/ 
Contact:            https://capstoneconnected.com/contact/           IT : IT@irreach.com
Newsroom:       https://capstoneconnected.com/press/

Facebook:        https://www.facebook.com/capstoneconnected/
Twitter:             https://twitter.com/hashtag/CapstoneConnected?src=hashtag_click
Instagram:        https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/capstoneconnected/

Pinterest:         https://www.pinterest.de/CapstoneConnected/
Youtube:         https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMX5W8PV0Q59qoAdMxKcAig
Video Guide: https://capstoneconnected.com/help/
Production Update: https://capstoneconnected.com/capstone-production-update/

Marketing:                Marketing@CapstoneConnected.com

Core Product Smart Mirror Collection
Touch Enabled  Built in Speakers   Voice Assistance
 Always in Sync…
Check the  weather,  Commute,  Stock,  News.

 Entertainment Factor…
 Video,  Downloadable Apps,  Social Media.
 Organization Matters…
Calendar, Email, Events and Reminders..
 Everything Else…
The Story Behind Our Mirrors
Video Guides: https://capstoneconnected.com/help/#
The Capstone proprietary approach to accessing content and downloadable applications is unique. Depending
on your preference, our Smart Mirror
can be operated like a tablet when in the Smart 1 setting. The Smart 2
setting shares your Android or Apple phone screen onto the mirror. This convenient mirror allows users to
access voice assistance and other preferred content through the Thin Cast feature which connects your
mobile phone screen with the mirrored display. 
Simply expanding today’s connected lifestyles.

Smart 1 Featuring Thin Touch™ Capstone’s Full Touch Screen Control.
Capstone’s proprietary touch screen technology allows user full display control when set to the Smart 1 display.
Expand the display with your preferred downloadable applications. Browse channels ranging from YouTube,
Beauty Tutorials, Fashion Guides, Exercise, DIY, Cooking, Health and so much
without incurring any additional
costs or subscription fees from Capstone
. Use your preferred Browser to search the web. Pair your preferred
Bluetooth devices
like headphones, external speakers, etc. to the Smart Mirror.
Smart 2 Featuring Thin Cast™ Share Your Android or iOS Smartphone Experience with Your Smart Mirror.
How To Use Siri https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZXypdT00N0 Alexa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGgZIiI_y3s
Mirroring iOS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umzZ4SHtl4A Android https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-aQY1OBlUA
Toggle to Smart 2 setting by accessing mirroring and casting capabilities on your mobile phone. All content
available on your smart phone is shared to your Smart Mirror display
. Gain access and control to all your
Smart Phone Apps/Widgets from the Smart Mirror through Capstone’s proprietary Thin Cast™ technology.
Any user on the same WiFi network can securely share their Smart Phone screen to the mirror. 
No data from
your phone is stored onto the mirror
. Select your favorite music directly from your phone and play through the
Smart Mirror speakers. Your phone will allow access to your preferred voice assistance when in proximity.

Thin Client Smart Mirror   $ 699

Our Thin Client Smart Mirror will be available to purchase soon.
Capstone will notify you via email when your mirror is ready to ship.


Thin Cast Fitness/Wardrobe Smart Mirror   $ 899
Fitness/Wardrobe Mirror Smart 1 & Smart 2 Video Guide
Our Thin Cast 
Fitness/Wardrobe Smart Mirror will be available to purchase soon.
Capstone will notify you via email when your mirror is ready to ship.

Capstone Connected plans to develop and bring to market a variety of sizes and shapes of its Smart Mirror
program throughout 2021. These product line extensions will offer varying feature sets, configurations,
and pricing options.

The Future of Capstone Connected
Our entire commitment is to the Connected Surfaces portfolio.
The future market is ambient computing. This is the theory that we will be completely surrounded by content
in our living spaces. You'll walk into your home it will be seamless. You won't really even see it at times.
You'll just be talking to it.

This was our vision when we started developing connected surfaces.
Entry into this market took place via the mirror. Mirrors haven't changed in centuries. In every household
there are mirrors that be able to adapt to the trends in the digital lifestyle.
We are receiving numerous inquiries from the hospitality industry, Fitness centers, Health baths, Luxury
apartments, home development industry, conventional big box retail. The cost-effective just-in-time demand
will be a clear advantage for our connected surfaces in the future.

Our strength is embed technology in hardware that accesses content.
We are a start-up with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing products and software. The management
has demonstrated their acumen for over a decade and is highly motivated. Our certified electronic supplier in
the OEM factory in Thailand has a qualified experience in the development of televisions, displays and
monitors - Similar products to the Smart Mirror program.

Thailand has a free trade agreement with the United States, this stabilizes our prices and is a strategic
competitive advantage. Insiders like Stewart Wallach and Dr. Postal continues to invest in the company and
provide support when needed.

The Smart Mirror will be available on the Capstone Connected website and through Amazon Direct.
The Advertising campaign will be continued stationary and digitally in specialist journals and magazines for
technology and lifestyle. Production will be increased in the summer for the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2021.

Our qualified knowledge of inventing a product, of building it effectively,
will lead to considerable profits in the coming months.

Ambient Computing

It refers to technologies that allow people to use a computer without realizing they’re doing it.
Ambient Computing is guided evolution - making conscious choices about the direction in which we want
to see computing go.
The definition of computing that we’re working with here being a broad one that
encompasses hardware, software, user experience and human machine interaction
. Evolution implies that
it builds on what has come before it,
with an emphasis on familiarity and inclusiveness.
Computing You Can’t See
Over the last few years, technology companies have been pushing to deepen the integration of computing
platforms with our daily lives. One of their goals is to assimilate computers into our surroundings to the
point that we don’t notice we’re using them at all.
Referred to as “ambient computing,” these technologies
perform computations for you without a direct command.
As ambient means “in your environment,” these
devices are intended to be so integrated into your surroundings that you’re no longer conscious of them.

This is significantly different from smartphones and smartwatches that we have to actively check to use.
Most computing systems rely on active input from humans. For example, if you want to search for the
movie schedule on your phone, you type the name of the movie and the cinema in the Google search box.

The goal of ambient computing is to eliminate friction between you and the computer. Instead of actively
setting or interacting with devices, you would interact with your surroundings, and the devices would
respond to your actions. Ambient computing uses a variety of technologies, including motion tracking,
speech recognition, gestures, wearables, and artificial intelligence to achieve this goal.

Ambient Computing Today
The smart speakers and personal voice assistants millions of people have in their homes are the most
widespread example of ambient computing devices. For many people, asking a smart assistant to turn
on the lights, read the day’s headlines, or play a song is a normal part of everyday life. Instead of
speaking into something, you speak to your surroundings.
This is why most smart speakers are
understated and plain - you’re not supposed to notice them.

You’ve likely heard of the “Internet of Things” (IoT). It refers to the network between objects that allows
them to transfer data to one another. For example, if you have smart appliances, you can use a connected
smartphone or voice assistant to turn them on and customize their settings. To seamlessly blend, different
devices have to communicate with one another, and IoT makes that possible. Working with AI, these
devices can pattern themselves based on your behavior
Ambient Computing in the Future
We’re likely headed to a future with even more ambient computing. As soon as you walk in the living room,
a room-sensor could detect your presence, and your speakers might start reading you the day’s news.
Many hardware manufacturers are integrating ambient computing with both their marketing and design
Enterprises are entering the ambient computing area, the hardware line will be expanded to
include additional devices and the current range of integrated services will be expanded

More Sources

                      A person needs visions, my personal vision for CAPC is.
After a successful market strategy with sales successes worldwide (25%), not only in the USA (75%), annual
sales of 25 million US dollars can achieved in the year 2021! Then it should be possible that CAPC gets
                                        a listing in the CompositeIndex (^ IXIC).

I believe in the skills of the management team at CAPC and in the Quality of the products the company sells.
I have a firm confidence in the very successful economic future of Capstone Companies Inc. (CAPC).
CAPC has lots of growth potential.
                                                          Read my Sticky Post,
                                                     to see a lot more information about CAPC.

               CAPC is a long term Investment, 5 to 10 years, from February 2021,
               this long-term strategy will pay off for owners and shareholders.

              CAPC is FINALLY thinking, acting and selling globally,
  to meet the very ambitious goal of US $ 100 million in annual sales this decade!!!

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