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CaoPanShou De GouPi


Discussions of my personal picks and advice on trading techniques useful in the underworld of the OTC. 
Common topics may include custodianship plays, GAP technical trades, recipes for HuangJiu...


Some stocks I am watching or invested in: $SNRY, $BRRN, $MEDH, $PGLO, $SNVP, $AMZA, $CEN, $LICH, $GGN, $INCT, $PFWIQ, $BLPG, $BLLB, $XCPT, $UPCO, $ESPIQ, $SUTI.....

When suggesting tickers for discussion please include AS & OS from OTCM



(Long history of success)

(Almost no history or bad for investors)

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Custodian Ventures / David Lazar
Barbara Bauman
Synergy Management / Ben Berry

Small Cap Compliance / Rhonda
JTD Holdings / 
First Global Ventures
Harry Zhang / Quanleap Capital
Universal Management 
Bridgeview Capital Partner
Ion Dixon
The most common problem (complaint) with custodian plays is the potential for an RS.
%90 of Reverse Mergers will RS to get a clean slate and control over shares.
Many custodian plays are hyped as having the perfect share structure with no need for an RS.
SS has little to do with it, RS's are about control.
It is only unlikely if the SS is already way too small (less than 75 million).
Reduce risk by not staying in a custodian play until the RM happens unless you have high hopes for the suitor who buys the shell.
The best strategy is to sell early in the process and then only risk free shares on a RM.

Some names to be wary of:

Paul Strickland,
Eddie Vaskar,




no Two things most often found at the top of the Break-out Board list; The latest P&D and the latest crash. Scammers and Angry Bagholders are who make the most noise that propels tickers to the top of the BB. 
Don't believe float numbers hyped on boards; Unless you can prove otherwise assume the Float = OS as stated on OTCM (even float numbers on OTC are suspect.)

Any fool can pee in a corner, it takes a real man to scat on the ceiling!

There is no such thing as a locked up float. Everyone is a flipper when it hits their price.




#490   $ADHC Addresses fake news and refutes its claims.: https://www.otcmarkets.c CaoPanShou 03/05/21 03:19:28 PM
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#484   $INCT running on high early day volume. CaoPanShou 03/04/21 10:16:25 AM
#483   $BBRW Drops http://newsfile.refinitiv.com/getnewsfile/v1/story?guid=urn:new CaoPanShou 03/04/21 08:20:56 AM
#482   $ADHC https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/ADHC/news/American-Diversified-Holdi CaoPanShou 03/04/21 07:29:36 AM
#481   $INCT: Update on getting OTC current. https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/c25530f7-0c29-4703-b21d CaoPanShou 03/03/21 02:14:49 PM
#480   $XCPT; A lottery play for sure but, the CaoPanShou 03/03/21 12:38:09 PM
#479   $MIKP Released news this week of their acquisition CaoPanShou 03/03/21 09:47:14 AM
#478   $SKDI: Dropped some news about sales today. https://www.newsfilecorp.com/re CaoPanShou 03/03/21 09:29:26 AM
#477   TEN YR;$VIZC mick 03/03/21 12:05:29 AM
#476   DARES NEWS TODAY $MIKP mick 03/02/21 11:01:37 PM
#475   A point worth repeating here. The $DRGV board CaoPanShou 03/02/21 08:21:58 PM
#474   I have been watching MIKP for years now, CaoPanShou 03/02/21 07:12:52 PM
#473   thank you for opinion $ACCR CHECKOUT $MIKP mick 03/02/21 06:04:50 PM
#472   $PFMS RS has been processed by FINRA. 1:750 today CaoPanShou 03/02/21 09:19:22 AM
#471   $ACCR is complicated. Might be a while before CaoPanShou 03/01/21 07:31:08 PM
#470   dips today $ILIM mick 03/01/21 05:44:38 PM
#469   I think ILIM is dead in the water. CaoPanShou 03/01/21 05:37:35 PM
#468   $CIVX mick 03/01/21 05:11:34 PM
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#463   maybe $LAZAR ????? mick 03/01/21 05:07:21 PM
#462   $APSI: Drops 8K; ITEM 4.1 Engagement of Auditor CaoPanShou 03/01/21 02:07:32 PM
#461   $BLLB: OS grew by 700 m while they CaoPanShou 03/01/21 10:52:55 AM
#460   $MJNA: AS;5b OS;4.2b, pink/current. One of the healthier CaoPanShou 03/01/21 10:30:38 AM
#459   $GRLT: Attorney letter filed. Should be Pink/current before CaoPanShou 03/01/21 10:05:35 AM
#458   With the SEC actions lately many are wondering CaoPanShou 03/01/21 09:29:11 AM
#457   Syneregy https://www.synergymgtgroup.com/updates/update-22821 UPD CaoPanShou 02/28/21 05:21:52 PM
#456   $UPCO has filed its annual list at the CaoPanShou 02/28/21 08:36:02 AM
#455   SEC is waging a war against social media CaoPanShou 02/27/21 09:17:00 AM
#454   $PFMS is now S.A.M Trade: CaoPanShou 02/26/21 12:00:45 PM
#453   Gold continues its crash today, $GGN is starting CaoPanShou 02/26/21 10:07:38 AM
#452   $INCT getting early heavy volume gains. CaoPanShou 02/26/21 09:53:34 AM
#451   $PGLO Breaking away..up 50%. New 52W high! CaoPanShou 02/26/21 09:35:41 AM
#450   $NCPL: 8K filed today. Looks like more promotional materials. CaoPanShou 02/26/21 09:18:48 AM
#449   $ENMI: A Bauman custodianship. A small mystery to CaoPanShou 02/26/21 09:08:32 AM
#448   $DRNK: Failing under its own considerable weight and CaoPanShou 02/26/21 09:03:30 AM
#447   What Democrats think of people... https://rumble.com/ve1u57-joe-biden-black- CaoPanShou 02/26/21 08:18:15 AM
#446   $BBDA: I don't see this one getting current. CaoPanShou 02/25/21 07:41:16 PM
#445   $ILIM Is now a big unknown. It was CaoPanShou 02/25/21 11:53:59 AM
#444   $GGN: Support at 3.43 finally collapsed. Now to CaoPanShou 02/25/21 11:28:22 AM
#443   $MSMY: Broke out of a short lived consolidation CaoPanShou 02/25/21 10:38:44 AM
#442   $GRLT: Chart has the beginnings of the bottom CaoPanShou 02/25/21 09:47:56 AM
#441   $MJNA First to Address the United Nations About CBD SpotOnTrade 02/25/21 09:28:09 AM
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