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Caledonia Mining Corporation
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Caledonia Mining Corporation (TSE:CAL)

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Caledonia Mining Corporation

Caledonia Mining Corporation (CAL)
Exchange: Toronto Stock Exchange

Caledonia is an African focused mining and exploration company with an operating gold mine in Zimbabwe, two platinum-nickel exploration projects in South Africa and a cobalt-copper exploration project in Zambia amongst its exploration portfolio in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia .

Blanket has claims and exploration permits in the vicinity of the existing mine operations.
Blanket intends to undertake exploration on these areas to assess their suitability for further
development as potential satellite operations, feeding crushed ore into the existing
Blanket milling and CIL plant.
Blanket claim incl. many past gold producing gold mines operations ...

Caledonia is listed on the TSX (CAL), and on AIM (CMCL).



Presentation welcome to CALVF -

CALVF's A target production rate of 100,000 oz per annum -

Blanket Gold Mine - Photographic Tour 2011 - 

Owned 100% of Caledonia Mining Corporation - 

Caledonia Mining Corporation - Mineral claims - 

One of Richest Gold Belts in the World -
Mined since 1000s of years back - 
History often repeat itself - 

Gwanda Area - Blanket Gold Mines Goldfield - 

is a large Goldfield but only a small part of the total - 

CALVF large Goldfield Belt - 

Blanket Gold Mines Target Au 100,000 ounces per year Gold Production - 

CALVF's BLANKET GOLD MINE Production Au 40,000 oz/year

A Profitable Gold Miner! (CAL:TSE) (CALVF:US) (AIM,LONDON:CMCL)

CALVF Production Cost Au $648.-- per ounce -

79th Minesite Forum - Caledonia Mining Corporation -
Mark Learmonth -- 19/05/2011 - VIDEO -

Rooipoort Platinum Project

(including Grasvally) -PGE/Ni/Cu


In 2002, Caledonia acquired the Rooipoort PGE/Ni/Cu Project from Anglo Platinum Limited. The property is in an area that is presently undergoing a surge in platinum group elements ("PGE") exploration along a well-mineralized feature known as the "Platreef". An additional 342 hectares on the farm Grasvally, immediately adjacent to and south of the Rooipoort property was optioned in 2004 and granted a New Order Prospecting Right in May 2005 (3 year period), with a further 43 hectares portion granted in April 2006 (5 year period). Application for conversion of the Rooipoort property into a new order right in terms of the Mineral and Petroleum Development Act ("MPRDA") was granted in November 2006.


images/bushveldmap1x1.gif images/bushveldmap1x2.gif images/bushveldmap1x3.gif
images/bushveldmap2x1.gif images/bushveldmap2x2.gif images/bushveldmap2x3.gif
images/bushveldmap3x1.gif images/bushveldmap3x2.gif images/bushveldmap3x3.gif

Caledonia Mining Corporation -
a Canadian registered mining, exploration, development
a Gold & Silver production corporation -
owns a diversified portfolio of carefully selected,
high quality mines and exploration properties -
in Southern Africa and Canada.

Caledonia Mining Corporation
Sector: Mining and Metals
Industry: Mining

Interview With:
Stefan Hayden
President and CEO
Dated February 01, 2008

In June 2006 Caledonia Mining acquired -
The Blanket Mines in Zimbabwe -

Mineral Reserves total 3.2 million tonnes with an average
grade of 4.24 grams per tonne and contain 439,600 ounces
of Gold.

Blanket Gold Mines commenced the production ramp-up to
the targeted annualized rate of 40,000 ounces of gold
by the end of 2010.

A proposed $2,5-million project aimed at completing the new
number four shaft and increasing milling throughput to 1 000
t/day and gold production to over 40 000 oz/y, is scheduled
for completion by mid 2007.

"This acquisition is an important step in reaching Caledonia's
objective of developing its asset base into a significant
diversified international mining company through profitable
gold production.
The acquisition of this high-class low-cost
gold-0producing asset, the development of our Nama cobalt
property, and our successful PGE, nickel and copper
exploration activities underline our focus on Southern Africa
and should rapidly begin to add shareholder value," said
Caledonia CEO and president, Stefan Hayden.

He added that the greenstone gold deposits found in Zimbabwe
were the company's speciality, and provided considerable
opportunity for the further expansion of gold mining and
production interests.

Caledonia's two South African Gold mines have a total measured
and indicated Gold resource of 470,500 ounces and an
additional inferred resource of 2.0 million ounces -
They have considerable potential for additional Gold resources.
Active exploration is ongoing on the highly prospective
Rooipoort Platinum Project and the Eersteling Gold Mines.

Caledonia Mng. is involved in diamond exploration itself and
in Joint Ventures with major mining companies in Zambia
and Canada.

Caledonia also holds a large land position on and around the
prolific Zambia Copperbelt on which exploration continues
for copper and cobalt -

The Nama Cobalt Project in Zambia -
A World Class Deposit -

images/nama_infr1x1.jpg images/nama_infr1x2.jpg images/nama_infr1x3.jpg images/nama_infr1x4.jpg images/nama_infr1x5.jpg images/nama_infr1x6.jpg images/nama_infr1x7.jpg
images/nama_infr2x1.jpg images/nama_infr2x2.jpg images/nama_infr2x3.jpg images/nama_infr2x4.jpg images/nama_infr2x5.jpg images/nama_infr2x6.jpg images/nama_infr2x7.jpg
images/nama_infr3x1.jpg images/nama_infr3x2.jpg images/nama_infr3x3.jpg images/nama_infr3x4.jpg images/nama_infr3x5.jpg images/nama_infr3x6.jpg images/nama_infr3x7.jpg
images/nama_infr4x1.jpg images/nama_infr4x2.jpg images/nama_infr4x3.jpg images/nama_infr4x4.jpg images/nama_infr4x5.jpg images/nama_infr4x6.jpg images/nama_infr4x7.jpg
images/nama_infr5x1.jpg images/nama_infr5x2.jpg images/nama_infr5x3.jpg images/nama_infr5x4.jpg images/nama_infr5x5.jpg images/nama_infr5x6.jpg images/nama_infr5x7.jpg

Caledonia Mining CALVF/CAL Cobalt market price -

Caledonia Mining about to open a unique property -

CAL BigChart Long Term LT -

CALVF BigChart 20 year Long Term -

CALVF:Nasdaq OTCBB SChart Daily 3 year Long Term -

CAL:TSX 3mon. Short Term Chart -

CALVF:Nasdaq OTCBB SChart Daily 6 mon. Short Term -

CAL:TSE SChart Daily 6 mon. Short Term -

CAL TA is ready for a LT Bull wave -

history often repeat itself -

What if you invest in Caledonia Mining Corporation and it become a LION -
ex. in 1975?..
take a look at the past gains in a few juniors:

$GOLD INDX Chart TA TI P&F Alert Bullish Price Objective $2,040.0 / oz$GOLD,PLTCDANRBO[PA][D][F1!3!!!4!20]&pnf=y

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Caledonia Mining Corporation (CAL)
Exchange: Toronto Stock Exchange

The Caledonia Mining Corporation Stock:


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Caledonia Mining Corporation (CAL)
Exchange: Toronto Stock Exchange

T.CAL MSP Detailed Quote -

CALVF MSP Detailed Quote -

Caledonia Mining Corp. (CAL:TSX) -

Caledonia Mining Corp. DD ...,xag,xpt,xpd%7Ct3.kCopper,Lead,Nickel,Zinc%7Ct1.k21,9%7Ct2.keur,gbp&client=2&img=1&w=220

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Gold Spot - Au & Ag The Only Real Money -


Caledonia Mining Corporation (CAL)
Exchange: Toronto Stock Exchange

Masons -

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Money Masters: Federal Reserve History part 3 of 3

A good presentation of market is explaned -
in below link -

Caledonia Mining Corporation (CAL)
Exchange: Toronto Stock Exchange

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