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Calcitechs Revolutional Recycling process

Calcitech Turning Waste into a Marketable Product


CalciTech has developed a process for transforming waste minerals into a new high value material which can be used in large, stable end markets such as paper, polymers, sealants, paints, inks, food and pharmaceuticals. These markets are also looking to improve the sustainability of their processes by using raw materials that have been recycled and have a lower carbon footprint (eco-minerals).The new material brings additional benefits that are cost effective: higher filler loadings that reduce the amount of costly polymers, reduced use of titanium dioxide, reduced use of imported specialist clays and ground marble and increased process efficiencies.

The new material, Synthetic Calcium Carbonate (SCC), is produced using a patented process from lime (calcium oxide or hydroxide) and carbon dioxide. The SCC is exceptionally pure and of a unique particle size and shape which bring excellent rheological characteristics as well as the benefits of higher brightness, whiteness, opacity and gloss over existing forms of calcium carbonate. These qualities enable SCC to compete with high priced white minerals such as titanium dioxide, aluminium silicate, calcined clay, and specialist kaolins. This positions SCC above commodity minerals such as Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC) and Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) and kaolin.


CalciTech Ltd. (CalciTech) has developed a process for manufacturing Synthetic Calcium Carbonate (SCC) from waste lime and carbon dioxide. SCC is a white filler pigment and is used for paper filling and coating, and is used in paint. It is also a calcium source for pharmaceuticals and food. The Company's SCC process can utilize most grades of lime, including lime or industrial waste lime, such as carbide lime. CalciTech initially developed SCC products for the paper industry. However, it has developed two non-paper SCC products targeting the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, and the plastic, sealant, rubber and adhesives industries.



Share Structure

  • Estimated Market Cap

    $18,563,909 as of Mar 26, 2010
  • Outstanding Shares

    185,639,086 as of May 14, 2009
  • Authorized Shares

    300,000,000 as of Nov 12, 2009
  • Number of Shareholders of Record

    1,350 as of Apr 17, 2008

CalciTech is predominantly owned by long-term private investors. No one individual or institution holds a declarable stake in the company. Over 95% of the company is held by long-term European investors.


Officers and directors
Roger A. Leopard President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
Age: 67
John M. Smith Director
Age: 73
Howard Edmund Browning Non-Executive Director

http://www.calcitech.com - Tel:                +41 22 710 4020  +41 22 710 4020           +41 22 710 4020  +41 22 710 4020



Address; 10 route de laeroport
Geneva, 1215 - Switzerland


Key Management 

Roger Leopard, President & CEO, has been associated with CalciTech through its technology development phases. His background is chartered accountancy (Deloitte & Co), then The Great Universal Stores Ltd, where he developed the finance division. More recently Roger Leopard was President and Chairman of Computer Investors Group, Inc, a New York-based public company, and then established and ran a Geneva-based corporate finance and financial services business.

Thomas Livingstone-Learmonth, COO, Extensive senior management experience in various industries among which Chairman and Managing Director of various paper mills in France

François Roux, product Development Director, a leading coatings engineer in Europe, joined CalciTech as Technical Paper Services Manager with an in-depth expertise in paper coating research and development gained at Ahlstrom Paper Group, International Paper and Huber Engineered Materials. At Huber, he was applications manager for precipitated calcium carbonate. His remit was extended in 2005 and now includes the applications of SCC in all relevant industries.

Christoph Jensen, Project Director, is a mechanical engineer with significant project experience gained through planning and building process plants for the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. Christoph Jensen has extensive experience in the building of PCC plants through his role as project manager for Faxe Paper Pigments (now Huber Engineered Materials). He was closely involved with projects in South-America, the US, Canada and Europe.

Charles Kunesh, Business Development Director - Americas, has 25 years involvement in the mineral pigments industry through a successful career with the Minerals, Pigments and Metals Division of Pfizer, where he held positions of increasing responsibility. After Pfizer spun off this business to become Specialty Minerals Inc, he served there as Director of Research for 10 years.

Robert Higgs, Sales Director Polymer Applications, has over twenty-five years experience, particularly with Imerys, the French world leader in industrial minerals, Dr Higgs has held a variety of senior technical and commercial posts within the industrial minerals field. Amongst wide-ranging responsibilities, he led product development and marketing programmes for specialised ground calcium carbonate (GCC) in polymer applications. Dr Higgs also worked with other large corporations such as Dunlop and the Cookson Group.

Yvan Hequet, Manager Raw Materials Sourcing. Mr Hequet has extensive commercial and technical experience in the lime industry, having previously been sales director for ten years at Lhoist, the global market leader in burnt lime. Based on Mr Hequet's knowledge of, and experience in, the lime industry, CalciTech looks to introduce a considerable range of feed materials for the Company's SCC process, both for currently planned and additional production facilities.

Michael Watts, Marketing Director, a strong track record in bringing new technologies to commercialization. Currently on the Board of Alpine Venture Partners and BTG S.A., both of Switzerland, he most recently spent 6 years as President and CEO of the BTG Group, a multinational company owned by Spectris plc with €100 million in sales and 450 employees. BTG provides instrumentation and consumable products to the pulp and paper industry.

Jean-Claude Masson, Marketing Manager Food & Pharma, brings to CalciTech a broad international experience in the specialty chemicals arena as an executive with major companies including Shell Chemicals International. At Batelle in Geneva, he was Director of the Applied Economic Division, where he advised large corporations in the pharmaceutical, specialty chemicals, food and biotech sectors on their product development, diversification and acquisition strategy.

Marc Lakmaaker, Director of Corporate Communications, originally trained as a chemical engineer, has since gained considerable experience in advising public listed companies on their communication strategy. He has worked as a consultant to a both large and small market capitalised companies. While working for the Investor Relations Society, Marc Lakmaaker developed the first UK qualification for financial communications.


"Spinning Straw into Gold"

Industrial Minerals Magazine
March 2009
Recycled Lime Waste Finds New Life in Calcitech's Coating Grade Synthetic Calcium Carbonate

SCC Products
CaciTech's SCC based products show a number of superior characteristics across a wide variety of applications due to their unique production process.

With the ability to fabricate exceptionally pure synthetic calcium carbonate from low grade raw materials the CalciTech process leads to globally consistent specifications. Impurities and large particulate contaminants are removed prior to the formation of the calcium carbonate. The table below provides some typical values for SCC physical properties.

StockProfiler.US: Stock Watch: CLKTF, TNXI, SPMI
Trading Markets - Nov 11, 2009
November 11, 2009 Calcitech Launches Sustainable Product for Plastics Industry
November 02, 2009 Calcitech Reports Major Shareholder Filing
October 27, 2009 New Ultrapure Calcium Supplement
October 12, 2009 Calcitech Attends Eurocoat Exhibition
October 05, 2009 Calcitech Files New Patent
September 29, 2009 CalciTech at German Paper Coating Symposium
September 23, 2009 Calcitech Reaches Agreement With Calcinor
September 03, 2009 CalciTech Establish European Operating Company
June 30, 2009 CalciTech Files 2008 Results
June 08, 2009 CalciTech completes debt conversion, renewing credit facility.




not sure about share count.

Estimated Market Cap
$7,999,893 as of Nov 13, 2009
Outstanding Shares
99,998,665 as of Mar 31, 2008
Number of Shareholders of Record
1,350 as of Apr 17, 2008

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Template: 07/22/2009---RSI-MACD-FULLSTO-ULT-VOLUME-50MA-200MA-BB

20 50 200MA,,,VOLUME - PPO - CMF - SLO STO % PRICES.

20 50 200MA,,,VOLUME - PPO - CMF - SLO STO % PRICES.








"Spinning Straw into Gold"


environment.gif (1KB)

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"Spinning straw to gold" or how to create green parks out of fields of waste

"Environmentally viewed, CalciTech has made an incredible move: We can actually clean up waste lime pits and transform the waste into a commercial quality product," Marc Janssens, COO of CalciTech Ltd., sums up the basic facts of his company's new commercial - and at the same time - environmental strategy: The production of very pure and fine SCC basically out of the combination of waste carbide lime and the omnipresent air-polluting CO2.

The company's innovative product is made by a method developed in collaboration with several Universities and Research Centres. Its simple commercial formula grounds on the decrease of waste and pollution as well as on the economic ideal of exploiting cheap or even free resources. Compared to conventional PCC production, CalciTech has added several new processing steps in order to control the quality of the resulting crystalline substance; compared to the traditional approach, the unique advantage though is the possibility of being able to use waste instead of natural lime resources.

Health and environmental problems of carbide lime

Carbide lime is a problem waste. The primary concern associated with it is its high alkalinity - its pH factor of up to 12,45 - with its potential impacts to soil and groundwater. Moreover, the lime is contaminated by free carbon, ferrosilicon and also small amounts of several metal oxides. Skin- and eye-irritation may result from overexposure to the unwanted substance. Marc Janssens though, likes to remain reasonable about its hazardous effects: "Carbide lime certainly is industrial waste but the ponds are not highly dangerous. Its real problem is the storage, since there is so much of it."

Carbide lime is everywhere

Throughout the industrial world, it is estimated that tens of million of tons of carbide lime sit in huge ponds, ruining the landscape with their endless grey heaps of mud. Particularly affected by these waste pits are the former eastern bloc countries, such as the eastern part of Germany, Poland, and Slovakia. In Schkopau, a small German town close to Leipzig, there is probably more than 40 million tons of the polluted material "stored" in enormous pits. The waste material results from acetylene gas production, which was particularly important for the former eastern bloc economies.

First Site Selected

It is in Leuna, near Schkopau, where CalciTech is currently operating a small-scale production plant, and it is also where the Company plans to build its first full-scale commercial plant. In order to feed this plant, CalciTech has secured the operation rights for two of the pits at the Schkopau site. Furthermore, the Company obtains the required CO2 from Linde AG, an industrial company operating in the same industrial park in Leuna as CalciTech.

Hochhalde-Schkopau Waste Site

Western countries though should be far from thinking they were not concerned: before the 1990's practically all PVC production was based on acetylene, generated from calcium carbide. No surprise, we find large waste ponds also in the U.S.A. and many other countries.

"We will certainly not empty all these waste ponds," comments Marc Janssens, COO, on the amounts of carbide lime needed for future SCC, "but our approach leads in the right direction. We cannot continue forever to create more and more waste."

SCC vs PCC Production

The most widespread traditional method of producing PCC is still the so-called "direct process", which starts from high quality limestone and natural gas as a fuel in order to guarantee a high purity. CalciTech has attempted to avoid natural resources and will still achieve an outstandingly fine, pure and consistent material, attributes previously difficult to achieve conventionally. The first stage for CalciTechs' new production variant was the "bench work" in collaboration with the University of Lyon, France, in 1997, followed by a long period of testing and improvements, with the help of a contracted research company. More information on CalciTech's process can be found on the Technology page of this site.

CalciTech Concept

In the same way the recycled carbide lime in CalciTech SCC can enhance the environmental quality of paint and plastic, partially and increasingly replacing the more expensive fillers based on natural resources.

The introduction of ecological sources for SCC not only turns a page in CalciTech's own environmental engagements, but it marks a new approach towards industrial production in general: The use of waste instead of the exploitation of natural resources and the decrease rather than the increase of industrial waste and pollution.  




President's Letter January 2009

News Releases

11/14/2009; TA and DD Review Calcitech (CLKTF)  

 Industrial Minerals Magazine
March 2009
Recycled Lime Waste Finds New Life in Calcitech's Coating Grade Synthetic Calcium Carbonate





CalciTech Ltd.
Tel: +41 22 710 4020




Board of Directors

John Smith MBE (Non-executive Director)

John Smith holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors from the University of Hull. He enjoyed a distinguished career in international banking and finance. In 1989 he was appointed General Manager and subsequently Managing Director of Rathbone Trust Company SA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rathbone Brothers PLC, an established private banking and trust company quoted on the London Stock Exchange. Mr. Smith retired as a non-executive Director from Rathbone Trust in 2007.

Dr. Howard Browning (Non-executive Director)

Dr. Browning graduated from Oxford with Honours in Organic Chemistry; he also holds an IEP with Insead. His work experience includes plastics, paints, resins, and several other fields. During his career he held several senior management roles within ICI and Zeneca. He was involved in the spin-off of Zeneca out of ICI. He headed the PCC division within the resins group, which moved to Zeneca and which has then been sold to Solvay/ Belgium. Recently he has been chairman of the Tullis Russel Group, a paper group, based in the U.K. 

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