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Welcome to Buy_and_Hold_Pennies

Buy_and_Hold_Pennies is for investors looking for low priced stocks just turning the cormer, or highly performing and highly undervalued companies which have good reason to invest for the long term.

Finding the highly performing yet highly undervalued picks that have long term potential, and enough evidence to show they are on the right path.

We are trying to buy future multi dollar stocks for pennies now, understanding not everything will be in place. But, the evidence suggests it has a much greater chance of real success.

General ticker profiles this board is looking for:

- Ideally has revenues, or a short clear path to revenues
- General fundamentals are reasonable for a company at this stage, no toxic death level financing, guaranteed heavy dilution to keep the lights on
- Reasonable A/S and O/S: Over 1 Billion O/S better have a legit reason for being that high
- CEO looks to be trustable, will protect shareholder value for the long term
- There will never be enough DD directly from the company, so what other DD is there to tell the story?
- Has a reasonable narrative, a clear path to success, a business model that passes the general 'this looks decent' litmus test

Rules of the Board:

1. Provide information on the stock you feel fits the category
2. All Constructive Conversation is Welcome here, and the more Information the better.
3. While it's fine to be very positive or point out something you don't like, have reason behind it. (i.e. No straight Super Pump or Bash with no support)
4. Please restrict posts to the stocks and friendly conversation - Not about members posting on the board.
5. Please view these stocks as Long Term Investments, and not short term trading opportunities. (i.e. Not so much chatter about the daily pps, but if something is having a super action day, its always exciting to talk about and ok)

Remember Long term in the pennies is NOT an easy go. The pink market is designed around trading and momo. 

Penny Investor Wisdom

The key to investing is finding and buying a few great businesses early and holding on with a death grip. You need to be relentless enough to find them, courageous enough to buy them, diligent enough to hold them, and patient enough not to sell them. Until the story changes.
The hardest part about owning a concentrated portfolio is worrying and overthinking/overanalyzing every little nuance about your positions. You need to be able to step back a little and breathe and let your positions breathe. Find the balance that works for you.
Every multi-bagger will have long periods of stagnation as fundamentals backfill, old shareholders get bored, and new shareholders enter. If you are lucky enough to get in early, will you be patient enough to stay the course, or will you miss the big money by trying to trade it
To be right in the long term you must be willing to look wrong in the short term.

Best Investing Wishes to All!

NOTE: This is a Premium Board and requires a Paid IHub Membership to post. We just renewed for 3 years, and it was 220.00 or about 70.00 a year.

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