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Last Post: 5/18/2022 3:43:15 PM - Followers: 1147 - Board type: Premium - Posts Today: 4

the following was written by the founding moderator of this board,harbs
for me, the most profitable and consistent trades i make on a daily basis are the bounce trades...typically intra-day bounce plays..and the harder and longer they fall, the higher they bounce...

anything that is crashing down and belongs on watch belongs here...bb's, pinks, big board stocks - all of 'em...we run scans all day long - looking for those dropping at least 15-20%, or a stock that has been beaten down for days or weeks straight and finally turns up, a reversal of sorts..

ideally i'd like this to just be a thread where we can post a ticker during the day and not much more needs to be said...any bad news or anything causing the tank would be helpful, though...

this is not a long term thread, a break-out thread, an accumulation thread, a dd thread...let's nail the bottoms..

THIS IS FOR BOUNCES ONLY...(and reverse bounces - shorting)

the timid and faint of heart need not apply...

ps - i appreciate all of you that make your calls real time...as you can see, that is what i try and do ( sometimes i'll even post where my bid is, before i'm filled, or may never get filled )..bottom line is protect and build your own accounts, but if you have the time it's nice..( obviously, when you're flipping a naz 20 times in a day, it might not make a lot of sense to post all the trades )

and i appreciate the calls real-time because that helps people make money - it's not to say that anyone should buy or sell when i or you do, but heck, what good is it to tell us after the fact..how many times does a stock close up 1,000% and the supposed guru posts after hours -"oh, btw, i loaded the boat on xyz this am - made bank" hmmm, thanks..

ok, one other trade..when a stock shoots up like crazy, i like to call them "naz-crackers" lol..well we try and short those for the reverse bounce...day 1 of huge volume always scary to short into unless it's just an over done momo play...but days 2 and 3 are usually the best spot..

If you like bouncers check out our option board for quick gainers http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/board.asp?board_id=12451

#249061  Sticky Note Don't tell anyone I said this, but you Flobewan 05/23/13 07:40:10 AM
#189389  Sticky Note The strategy to play a huge tanker. griff100 12/09/11 02:42:38 PM
#162209  Sticky Note actually that is exactly true.. harbs 01/24/11 02:47:18 PM
#156154  Sticky Note Please keep politics OFF this board! cintrix 10/07/10 09:08:40 AM
#315121   VEDU now down 82% and very close to cintrix 05/18/22 03:43:15 PM
#315120   VEDU down 72% - ipo started trading yesterday cintrix 05/18/22 01:04:12 PM
#315119   AAPT also and ICOA - all got caveat emptor BullNBear52 05/18/22 11:41:12 AM
#315118   wow penny stock MJWL crashed huge and in Buckey 05/18/22 11:21:32 AM
#315117   NWBO Not my cup of tea but I MiamiGent 05/10/22 10:16:27 PM
#315116   UPST Hi cintrix and all! MiamiGent 05/10/22 07:56:54 PM
#315115   UPST down 57% on lowered forecast......former high flyer griff100 05/10/22 09:36:50 AM
#315114   lol cintrix 05/09/22 11:49:20 AM
#315113   Everyone is heading for the soup kitchens. BullNBear52 05/09/22 11:27:53 AM
#315112   Thanks!!! lol You can't trade in this market. cintrix 05/09/22 11:20:45 AM
#315111   Happy belated Mother's Day. Take today off too. BullNBear52 05/09/22 11:14:59 AM
#315110   Anything down today? lmao cintrix 05/09/22 10:34:04 AM
#315109   Yep, I bought 2 yesterday for my grandkid. cintrix 05/03/22 10:25:45 AM
#315108   Nearly risk-free I bonds to deliver a record BullNBear52 05/03/22 09:59:06 AM
#315107   WTG!!! cintrix 05/02/22 10:42:19 AM
#315106   TDOC - Bouncing a bit.... Bot Trend22 05/02/22 10:39:04 AM
#315105   LOL. BullNBear52 05/02/22 08:21:32 AM
#315104   Guy plays golf every Saturday rain or shine. griff100 05/01/22 05:18:23 PM
#315103   ACCD down 54% earnings missed cintrix 04/29/22 09:37:23 AM
#315102   Four guys golfing, they are in the 18th Trend22 04/28/22 08:44:05 PM
#315101   nflx and pypl both having great bounces today cintrix 04/28/22 02:32:55 PM
#315100   lmao cintrix 04/28/22 02:31:13 PM
#315099   Four married guys go golfing on Sunday. During BullNBear52 04/28/22 02:29:36 PM
#315098   lol the game of the devil cintrix 04/28/22 02:20:44 PM
#315097   For you a four letter word that your BullNBear52 04/28/22 02:18:00 PM
#315096   Point well taken. Hey I was so wrong BullNBear52 04/28/22 02:16:47 PM
#315095   What's golf? cintrix 04/28/22 02:07:20 PM
#315094   Point well taken. Hey I was so Buckey 04/28/22 02:05:55 PM
#315093   ost getting real close to the ipo price cintrix 04/28/22 01:37:32 PM
#315092   lmao you said it!!!! cintrix 04/28/22 01:22:20 PM
#315091   She had a great run but it is BullNBear52 04/28/22 01:20:58 PM
#315090   wowza but still over where it priced at cintrix 04/28/22 01:13:06 PM
#315089   She was the one who called tsla 4000 cintrix 04/28/22 01:09:43 PM
#315088   AHHHHH I was always suspect on her Buckey 04/28/22 01:02:21 PM
#315087   She's still buying it. Hey, she was cintrix 04/28/22 12:48:00 PM
#315086   OST - Down 85% - IPO Trend22 04/28/22 12:43:25 PM
#315085   Another one of Chatty Cathie's illustrious picks bites BullNBear52 04/28/22 12:39:01 PM
#315084   TDOC down 27% - pandemic stock that was cintrix 04/28/22 11:56:45 AM
#315083   same to u - cnbc bashing pypl which cintrix 04/27/22 12:44:29 PM
#315082   NFLX nice add.GL lvhd 04/27/22 12:41:09 PM
#315081   I see you added calls today on nflx cintrix 04/27/22 12:36:48 PM
#315080   MOLN down 38% Molecular Partners shares tumble 37% cintrix 04/27/22 10:17:53 AM
#315079   Nice. GL lvhd 04/25/22 11:14:30 AM
#315078   Just nibbled a bit of nflx 204.72 - cintrix 04/25/22 11:12:40 AM
#315077   TSLA puts sure bounced especially ones expiring tomorrow Buckey 04/21/22 02:58:26 PM
#315076   darn, sorry cintrix 04/21/22 09:42:52 AM
#315075   In some NFLX calls. Big mistake lvhd 04/21/22 08:59:29 AM
#315074   XRX down 19% Xerox shares fall premarket after cintrix 04/21/22 08:57:43 AM
#315073   I haven't touched it yet, you? 35% cintrix 04/21/22 07:05:36 AM
#315072   NFLX anyone? lvhd 04/20/22 05:36:19 PM
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