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This is the MOTHER of all DD projects. I owe this find to NoDummy so a BIG SHOUT OUT TO NoDummy! The best researcher on IHub! I think it may be one of the best plays to come out of Pennyland. I've got over 100 hours into DDing this and it keeps going and going and going.

As soon as I get into one company, I find they have merged with another. Then I start on that company and it starts again with another merger or buyout then ends up back the the original company being the owner of a subsidiary that owns the company, that owns the subdisary that merged with he first company.

Well,.. It's not actually that bad but its close and thats exactly how big dogs work. They bury something though so many mergers, buyouts or spin-offs it would take a team of JT's DDing 24/7 for 2 years to scratch the surface.

NAVA has turned out to be the most complex ticker I've ever seen. I'm more than confidant The House of Rothschild is behind this. It's the only thing that makes sense and all roads lead that way. If I'm correct & I'm about 95% sure, I doubt you will ever see any promotion or awareness.

At least no company or officer that I could find has ever been associated with a promotion. Not even close. I believe NAVA may be something that will just rise slowly, day after day, month after month, year after year with solid gains. It's not like they need money with a $500 TRILLION net worth. That's not a typo & I didn't stutter, read on.....

The House of Rothschild literally owns the world. If you haven't heard of this family it's because they own the news. I'm not joking. Rockefeller, Morgan, Carnegie & Vanderbuilt all worked for The House of Rothschild. They own the big three TV stations, Associated Press, Reuters, ABC, NBC, CNN, FOX & BBC to name a few.



Rothschild hand picks our Presidents, own or controls almost every bank Including our Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Mellon Bank. They own the Frankfurt stock exchange & has cornered the gold market to where the Rothschild's set the daily gold rate.

The House of Rothschild owns De Beers diamond company. They own almost every single African mining company I've researched. In fact just one of their companies IMGOLD produces 82% of all the gold mined out if Mali. The family is worth $500 TRILLION. Yes Trillion as if they didn't already own the USA they could buy us many times over. I am not making this up.

One Rothschild was quoted as saying "I care not what puppet in office makes the laws as long as I can control & print that nations money". Crazy huh? Especially when you factor in JFK was the first president to sign a bill to get rid of he Federal reserve, he was murdered by a five man hit team with Bush senior working for the CIA, then the moment Johnson took over he tore the bill up, and got us into Vietnanm war by way of he. Gulf of Tonkin false flag operation.

This family is so powerful there is an uprising in Mali last week & the Rothschild's sent in the French Army into another Sovereign nation to quell their problems & protect their mines. Their excuse is we go to protect any Nation against terrorism. lol Yeah right.

So one might asks "What does that have to do with this quiet, little pink sheet NAVA company?

My first clue was NAVA's CEO "Jag Sandhu". Jag used to work for The Rothschild owned "The Mediterranean Company". His current position is a finance manager for the House Rothschild.(Pronounced correctly as "Roths-Shield")

Taking a deep look into this deal nothing made sense. Who has ever heard of a pink sheet company buying multiple mining pink sheet companies with millions in holdings on one hand, then buying an Ecology company with millions of holdings the other hand? Then factor in all of these companies are owned in one way or another by Rothschild.

For example. Nava bought Quivera using shares NAVA of stock, Quivera is a subsidiary of Waratah Investments. Waratah Investments is owned by PMI Gold, who is in turn owned by Rothschild who Jag works for.

Everything about Quivera was hidden. It took JT's DD super powers to uncover the COO's name Allan Greg Picketts. Coincidently his wife Pamela Picketts who is into real estate & publishing in Perth, Australia owns 1/2 of Canadian Nava and she paid for her shares of Nava with shares of PMI gold, then use shares of NAVA to buy Quivera from Watatah, which is owned by PMI! Get it yet? I've just begun.

Okay so we have that part of the freak show figured but the hard part was figuring out why NAVA's left arm was all into saving the world. Eco Endeavors isn't your grass roots, Eco company. Check out the web site. They had to spend $10k on the web design alone and have a hand into everything that bitchen ecology wise. Like they have an unlimited checkbook.

Then add in Eco's amalgamated mergers (ever hear the term "Amalgamated" used before?) of so many companies that all own each other and stuff really looked weird. The digging further every company is staffed with PhD's MBA's, and many from Ivy League. Even Harvard professors. I'll bet a Harvard Professor is an enexpensive hire. NOT!

That's not normal for a Stinky pinky to merge with companies with millions in assets, then to be staffed with MBA's and/or PhD's, and some guys are both PhD/MBA's. Not many companies have pockets to hire a staff like that, so when I'm seeing 20+ companies doing that, all with Rothschild connections its not difficult to connect those dots.

Nava bought Quivera using shares of NAVA of stock,
Quivera is a subsidiary of Waratah Investments.
Waratah Investments is owned by PMI Gold,
PMI Gold owned by Rothschild
Jag Sandhu the CEO of NAVA works for Rothschild.

The COO's of Quivera name is Allan Greg Picketts. Coincidently his wife Pamela Picketts who is into real estate & publishing in Perth, Australia owns 1/2 of Canadian NAVA's stock.

How did she get it?

Pamela paid for her shares of NAVA with her shares of PMI gold,
Then Pam used shares of NAVA to buy Quivera from her husbands company Watatah,
Waratah is owned by PMI, who is own by Rothschild
Who's on first? I dunno. No! I Dunno is on 2nd..

The final dot was figuring out WHY Nava was into mining AND Ecology. I have well over 100 hours into DD this pup and finally uncovered it.

The House of Rothschild heirs are split. On one side we have the English born, Nat Rothschild 41. He's everything one would expect from a Rothschild heir. World domination accumulation of all the world's wealth.

Taking everything, giving nothing for a guy that could feed, clothe and house every single person on earth. I'm not exzaggerating. The whole US lock stock and barrel is worth under $20 trillion. They are worth $500 TRILLION. Here is a cute video showing how the House of Rothschild owns the world. THE WHOLE WORLD! I had no idea until I started DDing this ticker and am stunned. -->

This is a cute video explaining exactkly who the Rothschilds are, and how they got there

Do you want to see how much power they really have? See the video at the bottom of my DD

David is Nat's French cousin and the paternal heir. Get this, David is a granola head! He's all about saving the planet! Gotta love this dude.

Try to guess which is which. lol!

David is into Biogas plants. In fact used a company out of Budapest to build one in Milwaukee. Now everything fits. Nat's controlling NAVA's mining side & David is controlling NAVA's green side.

If you think Nava is going to stay a pink sheet ticker & believe you might be shocked. Just for giggles Rothschild's main company is at a 3 year low of $15,000 pps down from $37,000 pps.

Oh,.. Did I forget to mention George Soros is a Rothschild agent? Yeah he works for the House of Rothschild too.

Eco Endevors Projects

International Eco Endeavors Corp. ("Eco Endeavors") located in Canada that is specializing in global renewable energy and clean tech projects. It is an all green advocate that promotes clean technology includes recycling, renewable energy (wind power, solar power, biomass, hydro power, and biofuels), information technology, green transportation, electric motors, green chemistry, lighting, Greywater, and many other appliances that are now more energy efficient.

Jason from Bamford Designs [url=http://www.bamforddesign.com worked on Eco Endeavors’ web design and handed it over to Laxa. Laxa integrated Jason’s design into the Content Management System to reduce the time it takes to make regular updates to Eco Endeavors’ website.
The website features:

W3C Compliant Code
Basic Search Engine Optimization
Dynamic use of jQuery javascript
Powerful search capabilities
Use of non-traditional typefaces
Stylish drop-down menus
Shadows and transparent backgrounds
Articles from a Blog RSS feeds
Twitter activity feed
150+ pages of data entry

Authorized – 400,000,000 

Outstanding – 108,611,814


VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Jun 24, 2013) - Nava Resources, Inc. (NAVA) ("Nava" of the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has entered into agreements to acquire Quivira Gold Ltd. ("Quivira") and International Eco Endeavors Corp. ("Eco Endeavors"). These acquisitions are the first step in the Company's plan to change into a mining and mining services company.

On closing of the acquisitions Nava will have acquired prospective mining properties, including gold and diamond properties, on the Kibi Greenstone Belt in the Eastern Region of Ghana, being the Pramkese, Osenase and Asamankese prospecting licenses, a production royalty on the Grumesa-Awisam concession in Ghana, 7% equity in a future joint venture for the purpose of conducting mining operations on the Kwatechi concession in Ghana, the assignment of a significant loan, and an operating biogas plant feeding electricity to the grid. The acquisitions are the first step in Nava's business plan to focus and expand on its mining business, while also introducing the concept of green mining to its operations by way of offsetting carbon emissions through the expansion of the renewable energy business of Eco Endeavours. These acquisitions will be managed by the use of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software acquired through Quivira. The full details of these acquisitions are shown below.

"We are excited about these acquisitions, and are confident that we have added considerably to the fundamental value of the Company. In addition to the acquisitions, we are in the process of changing the company's name to Blox Inc. to better reflect the style and nature of our business going forward" said Jag Sandhu, the Nava's President and CEO. "Furthermore, upon closing of the proposed amalgamation with Eco Endeavors, Mr. Robert Abenante will be joining the Nava's board of directors, bringing additional strength and depth of experience to the management team."


On June 22, 2013, Nava entered into a share purchase agreement with Quivira and its shareholder pursuant to which Nava will pay US$3,000,000 to acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of Quivira. Nava will issue 60,000,000 shares of Nava common stock valued at $0.05 per common share and 60,000,000 Nava share purchase warrants exercisable for an additional share at a price of $0.05 per share for five years from the closing date.

The closing of the Share Purchase Agreement is subject to various conditions precedent customary for a share purchase transaction of this nature, including completion of legal, financial and technical due diligence and Nava's Board approval. In addition, closing is subject to The Company receiving legal opinions of Ghana counsel confirming various matters relating to the laws of Ghana including corporate and title opinions; completion of certain ongoing transactions by Quivira relating to transfer of title to some of the assets and assignment of the debt; and preparation of US GAAP consolidated financial statements for Quivira.

The prospecting licenses and concessions are subject to a 3% net smelter royalty and a royalty of 3% of gross sales of non-smelted minerals payable to a Company incorporated in Ghana.

About Quivira

Quivira Gold is a company incorporated under the laws of Ghana that will on closing own 90% of the following assets:

  • three Ghana prospecting licenses covering the Osenase, Pramkese and Asamankese prospects located on the Kibi Greenstone Belt in the Eastern Region of Ghana
    a 0.5% production royalty held by Leo Shield Ghana Exploration Ltd. ("Leo Shield") on the Grumesa-Awisam concession in Ghana being operated by a subsidiary of a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange ("ASX") and the Toronto Stock Exchange ("TSX"), who is in the process of applying for a mining license on the concession;
    the right of Leo Shield to retain a 7.0% equity interest in a joint venture company to be formed with Ghanaian companies Sun Gold Resources Limited ("Sun Gold") and Tropical Exploration and Mining Company Limited ("TEMCO"), a Ghanaian company, for the purpose of conducting mining operations on the Kwatechi concession. Sun Gold is currently the operator with the right to earn-in to a 76% JV interest, with TEMCO retaining a 7% interest and the government of Ghana holding a 10% interest;
    an assignment of a debt receivable from an exploration subsidiary of a public company in Australia, in the amount of US$11,091,588.12; and
    all of the issued and outstanding capital stock of Strategic Marketing Australia Pty. Ltd., an Australian company that holds an ERP software system suitable for capital intensive operations, project management and entrepreneurial activities.


On June 22, 2013, Nava also entered into an Amalgamation Agreement (the "Amalgamation Agreement") with Ourco Capital Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nava ("Acquisition Co."), Eco Endeavors and several direct and indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries of Eco Endeavors, whereby, at the effective time, Eco Endeavors and Acquisition Co. have agreed to amalgamate pursuant to the provisions of the British Columbia Business Corporations Act. At the effective time of the amalgamation, all of the common shares in the capital of Eco Endeavors will automatically be cancelled and Nava has agreed to issue 60,000,000 units to the current shareholders of Eco Endeavors on a pro-rata basis at a deemed price of $0.05 per unit. Each unit will consist of one common share in the capital of Nava and one share purchase warrant, each share purchase warrant entitling the holder to acquire one additional common share in the capital of Nava at the exercise price of $0.05 for a period of five years from the effective date of the amalgamation. See further terms and conditions below.

Eco Endeavors' indirect ownership of the biogas plant is currently subject to a 3% royalty payable to a third party which is calculated on all revenues generated by Eco Endeavors on a consolidated basis (the "3% Royalty") and an additional royalty payable to a third party which is calculated as 10% of all profits of the biogas plant. The closing of the Amalgamation Agreement is subject to Eco Endeavors terminating the 3% Royalty and granting two new royalties to a third party consisting of a 3% royalty calculated on all revenues of the existing biogas plant and an additional 1.5% royalty calculated on all revenues from future assets acquired by Eco Endeavors' Hungarian subsidiary. Closing of the Amalgamation Agreement is also subject to various conditions precedent customary for an amalgamation transaction of this nature, including completion of legal, financial and technical due diligence and Nava's Board approval. In addition, the closing is subject to Nava receiving legal opinions from Hungarian counsel confirming various matters relating to the laws of Hungary, including corporate and title opinions and preparation of US GAAP consolidated financial statements for Eco Endeavors.

About Eco Endeavors

Eco Endeavors is a British Columbian corporation which:

  • owns and operates a biogas plant located in close proximity to Budapest, Hungary. The biogas plant has the capacity to generate 1.14 megawatts of renewable electricity, which is sold to the regional utility under the terms of a feed-in tariff contract; and
    has the capability of expanding into heat and fertilizer sales, which are by-products from the biogas plant that currently report to waste.

The Agreements provide that closing is subject to completion of a private placement financing of up to US$2,500,000, consisting of units priced at $0.05 per unit, with each unit comprises a share in the common stock of Nava and a share purchase warrant, exercisable at $0.05 for five years.

New Directorship

Upon closing of the Amalgamation Agreement Mr. Robert Abenante will be joining the Board of Directors of Nava and be appointed VP Operations for Nava. Mr. Abenante is the Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of Eco Endeavors. Mr. Abenante is a Chartered Accountant who brings corporate, financial, and accounting experience to Nava. He has worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte in various advisory and assurance roles and has since served as a director and held various senior executive positions in several renewable energy corporations prior to founding Eco Endeavors. In addition to his CA designation, Mr. Abenante holds a Master's degree and regularly lectures at Simon Fraser University in Canada.

Don Blackadar has resigned from the Board of Directors of Nava in order to pursue other opportunities. Nava wishes to thank Mr. Blackadar for his services.

Proposed Name Change to Blox Inc.

Nava is in the process of changing its name to Blox Inc. which reflects Nava's change of direction into mining and mining services.

The securities referenced in this news release have not and will not be registered under the US Securities Act of 1933 and may not be offered or sold except pursuant to an effective registration statement under such Act or pursuant to an available exemption from the registration requirement. The offering and sale of the securities referenced in this news release will be made only in limited jurisdictions where such offer and sale can lawfully be made. This news release does not constitute an offer for sale of any of the securities referenced herein.



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