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Holding Company

We are a holding company investing in blockchain technology companies that have the power to reshape industries. Our driving force is to accelerate the blockchain technology revolution in industries where it has the greatest impact.

Whether it is a gaming company changing the way video games are distributed and promoted, a financial company streamlining real estate fundraising and investing, or an application supporting individuals recovering from addiction, BlockchainK2 is striving to revamp the business landscape using blockchain technology solutions.

We invite investors to participate in the hottest opportunity:
the blockchain market.

Amplify Games

Empowering the $45B Gaming Market By Connecting to the Right Audience and Channels
With Amplify, any game can reach its full potential. Games uploaded to the amplify network are:

- Promoted by 100’s of influencers
- Featured on 1000’s of blockchain-enabled storefronts
- Viewed by 100M+ gamers

Amplify Uses Blockchain Technology to Alter the Current Studio, Publisher, and Influencer Paradigm
From launch to distribution and monetization, Amplify’s automated, blockchain-powered service manages the sales and promotion of video games. Whether you are a game studio, an influencer, or an independent video game developer, Amplify offers services that suit your needs and maximize your earnings.

Blockchain Technology That Will Empower the Future of Gaming
Amplify is solving the problems of today with technology that will empower the future of game distribution and promotion. We’re using blockchain technology to change the current studio, publisher, influencer paradigm.

- Codify agreements between stores, studios, and influencers.
- Immutable tracking of promotions, sales, and distribution.
- Increased flexibility and monetization options.
- Digital assets that live natively on a blockchain.
- Interested in learning more about how Amplify Games is changing the gaming market?

Investor One-Pager
Market Feasibility Report – Prepared By Skylabs

RealBlocks Corporate Overview

Seamless Fundraising and Investing in Real Estate
Today, many real estate and alternative investment managers are limited to raising capital locally. With Real Blocks, managers can now raise capital globally through the platform’s connectivity with institutional and intermediary channels. According to Prequin, by 2023 the market’s Assets Under Management (AUM) is expected to grow to $14.0 Trillion.

Innovative, Industry Leading Solutions for:

Alt Investment Managers
- Turn-Key Cross-Channel Distribution
- Efficient New Market Access
- Private Capital Advisory

Fund Distributors
- Custom Funds
- Feeder Funds
- Scalable Front-, Middle-, and -Back Office Functionality

Real Blocks 2020 Accomplishments
New deals in progress in the Alternative Investments and Defined Contribution spaces.

Amount of deal flow in our pipeline.

Amount of capital committed from clients


Combating Addiction by Rewarding Healthy Activity
Rehabilitation programs need a better way to monitor patient success and quantify their behaviors during recovery. Once patients complete the program, these facilities must refine treatment methods and demonstrate their effectiveness to increase the likelihood of receiving insurance funding for future patients.

Notable Statistics
Almost 21 million Americans have at least one addiction, yet only 10% of them receive treatment.

Alcohol and drug addiction cost the U.S. economy over $600 billion every year.

People with addiction issues that seek any kind of treatment have 80% better outcomes.

iRecover Education is working to implement the findings and principles of behaviorism, social neurodevelopment, and behavioral economics in a blockchain-based application to support individuals recovering from addiction.

Learn more about iRecover Education and how its anonymized data can assess the long-term effectiveness of addiction recovery programs.

Lux Beauty Club

BlockchainK2 owns majority stake control in private beauty, health and wellness company, Sobe Organics, Inc. The company sells nationwide in over 1,800 independent stores including resorts and spas, pharmacies salons, hotel chains, department stores end E-Commerce. Sobe Organics, Inc d/b/a Lux Beauty Club has license agreement with Perry Ellis International, Inc to include CBD infused topical health and wellness products under Gotcha ® (Surf&Skate) and Ben Hogan ® (Golf) brands. All Sobe Organics, Inc products are USA Made at FDA certified farms. Farm to shelf supply chain guarantees the highest quality ingredient in all their products.

Investor Information

Primary listing Trading symbol: BITK.TSXV
Germany: KRL2:STU

Total Issued Shares: 16,250,687
Directors Management Options: 3,250,137
Warrants Outstanding: None

Access the latest information about our filings quotes and news:

Sedar Filings
News Releases

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