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* Important Note About © & Anonymity ===>

"... A lot of people mistakenly believe that Tor Onion Networking is "all about anonymity" - which is incorrect, since it also includes:

  • >>>extra privacy
    >>>identity/surety of to whom you are connected
    >>>freedom from oversight/network surveillance
    >>>anti-blocking, and...
    >>>enhanced integrity/tamperproofing

...none of which are the same as "anonymity", but all of which are valuable qualities to add to secure communications. ... "
Bitcoin git repository (mirrors upstream branches+tags) is now available through a TorV3 hidden service at===>







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*WARNING*>>>We truely believe in FREEDOM & da [R]evolutionary promise of Satoshis' original protocol!~BB



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Why Bitcoin Will Lead to Economic Paradigm Change: 

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Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized digital currency. Bitcoins came into existance in early 2009. In the beginning Bitcoins were traded at less than $0.10, today they are trading at over $13 and we expect them to go higher!  The Federal Reserve regulates the United States money supply how they see fit: Printing more money whenever they like, in turn making the money we all save less valuable. Bitcoins on the other hand, the supply is set up based on mathematical equations and is reduced over time. Here is a graph showing the supply of Bitcoin over time:

Bitcoins cannot be printed like Dollars. They must be mined, using computers. They become more difficult to mine over time. This means the the supply of new Bitcoins will cost more to produce, as the electricty and time to mine them increase. In order for it to remain profitable to mine, the price must increase. Miners won't continue to mine if the price does not, as their electric bill will have them operating at a loss.



While we love Bitcoins here, and believe they will continue to ascend to new heighs!!! We will soon be offering stock and smart contract

that we beileve could grow much like Bitcoins have!!Please keep in mind that Bitcoins were on my watch list when

they were trading for just pennies! Feel free to boardmark here & sign up for our email list!



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Bitcoins are a volatile market in the early stages. It is risky investment money into Bitcoin, stocks, and any investments mentioned here! Nobody here is a finanical adviser.
 Never buy, sell or hold based on anything said by myself or anyone here.
 Always do your own DD and research!!!!! I take no responsibility for your gains nor losses!!!!




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<3<3 Spread da BTC Love!! ====> weee

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#23917   I don't endorse anything I post. I just pcjockey 07/23/21 01:40:27 PM
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#23897   The most BY FAR, money laundered is the ap17 07/21/21 10:59:18 PM
#23896   They need to start with the US dollar! GOLDBUFFALO 07/21/21 10:15:46 PM
#23895   WOW! HUGE NEWS FROM SEC TODAY!!! YES YES!!!! GOLDBUFFALO 07/21/21 10:10:43 PM
#23894   Golden opportunity here free Cuba free Central America. JB3136 07/21/21 09:42:09 PM
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