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 TRADING REACTIVELY,,,no guessing , as the guessing game only works about 50% of the time, and that is if you are good,  guessing will also cause you to put unnecessary  pressure on your self, or even blaming your self, for the wrong guess, guessing will also creat streaks, streaks of good guesses,  which is great, but its when the streak of bad guesses  comes your way, you could end up loosing a lot of money, or even  all your money, like I have, so rule number 1, no guessing,,,rule number 2, don't break any rules,,,

Basic trading system beta testing, test at your own risk!!!,  I recommend testing it first on a piece of paper, this will allow  you to get the basic idea,,, I actually track all my real trades on paper, when you write it down, it sticks, after a while all your paper work becomes a book,  you will know all of your stocks like there your favorite books , and after you feel confident, and have a 100 percent success rate, then go try it on a dollar stock, if you have questions or ideas please share, as I have a very open mind and system, and we as a team, will keep making it better together,,,

 The Basics,,,

Pick a stock you wish to own, my two favorite stocks for reactive trading are, ogi , if you like mj sector, if you like bitcion ,riot!!! however ,it works on them all, some are just more active, so you can be more REACTIVE,,,  picking  a stock in your budget is a must, and sorry no otc, as this will not work, if you are paying commission on your trades, you must have a Free  platform, I trade on e-trade and my children trade on webull , 

Lets begin,, , simply pick a  stock you wish to trade!
Your first buy must be on negative percentage day, meaning the stock is down for the day, and as close as possible to the end of the trading session as possible, for  example, a stock down 5% down, you would buy 5 shares, I recommend trying this on a dollar stock, as you need enough funds to trade a stock at a give pps, like if we only have 100 dollars, a 30 dollar stock is way to expensive for this, however, a stock around 1 dollar  is perfect for 100 dollars, think like a surfer, surf the small waves first, and work your way up,I think of them as 1 dollar, one foot wave, 20 dollars 20 foot wave, 100 dollars 100 foot wave, and then to think we even have 1000 footers out there,,,

Now when buying the 5 shares, it is better to get them as close to the closing pps as possible, like it would not be as good to buy them 3% down, only to see them close 5% down, not only that, you would buy 3, when really we want 5, you must let the stocks work all day long, and trade them as close to the end of the session, to get this accurate as possible, means more percent gain for you, much cleaner trades,

Now you are the proud owner of 5 shares, next trading day, you will wait for the end of session, last half hour is usually good, the more stocks you own, the more time you will need, now, see what percentage the stock is at, then you react,,,if  it is a negative day, you will be buying that percentage, if it is a positive day, we will be selling that percentage, so lets say at the close, the stock is up 3%, sell 3 shares , now you will be left with 2 shares,

now, you have successfully created a HEDGE,,, a hedge is a situation  you can create , and its a win , win, either way,,,means the next trading session, you have two moves, one if stock goes up, you can sell more, or if stock goes down, you can get your shares back, cheaper, you will here me talk a  more about hedging, as it is very important concept  for consistent gains,,,

In some  cases you will sell out of shares, like owing 5 shares and seeing a 10% gain, no worries sell them all, or you can creat another hedge, sell less and keep a few for the next day, but if you choose to sell them all,,,and you can always start all over on the next negative  day, and do not worry, even if you are buying back in higher then you last sold, as when you sell out, then buy back in on on a negative  day, you are starting  completely over  , just make sure to start on a negative day,

Now it can go the oppsite way, and next thing you know, you own 100, as you see this situation approaching, you can simply slow down your buy rate, 5% down, maybe buy 3 shares , not 5, it is very important not to run out of money, best way is gradually reduce the buy rate on the negative percentage, it is important to always get at least one share on a negative day,  keeps the hedge alive, and allows you to sell if the next day is green,,,if you run out of money, basicly the HEDGE that you created is broken,,,and then your only hope, is for the stock to go up,,,

Birdys sample test, 
 -3.        .97×3=2.91.     Buy 3
-6.         .91×6=5.46.     Buy 6
+9.        .99×9=8.91.     Sell 9
Total buys, 2.91+5.46=8.37
Total sells 8.91
Profit .54 on three trades,
So if a person were just to buy 3 shares at .97 and sell at .99, they make .06, if you grind at it, you make .54, now very important you must love to push the buy button, and sell button, for reactive trading will not only increase your profits, and it will increase you total trades everyday, that is one way I monitor my account, is by daily trade volume,,,it should grow like your account,,,77 is my record,,,go ahead someone beat it, how about my kids,,,

Now lets do three more trades,,,
-2.         .97×2=1.94.   Buy 2
-3.         .94×3=2.82.    Buy 3
+5.        .99×5=4.95.     Sell 5
Total buys 8.37+1.94+2.82=13.13
Total sells,8.91+4.95=13.86
Profit .73 on 6 trades,,,

First actual trades,,,by children
+ 1.       4.82.      7/2
+1.         4.79.      7/6.         Total bought 4.82+4.79=9.61
-2.          4.94.       7/7.          Total sale 4.94×2= 9.88.           
.27 profit on three trades, way to go, that is her first close out, now lets put ogi up

+2      1.61.   7/2
+4.      1.56.    7/6   Total bought so far 9.46
-2.        1.61.    7/7   Total sold so far 3.22

Now this is good to show how, this system will lower your pps,  as her buy for 1.61, was high, then she picks up 4 at 1.56, and she basicly sells the 2 at 1.61, and wipes 1.61 completely out of pps average now her average is 1.56,   ooooooooooooooo!!!! I like it,,,

Riot.        The one everyone should trade!!!
+3.         2.30.      
+1.          2.29.             Total bought 20.93
-4.           2.39.              Total sold.     14.62                     
+4.           2.26.                                      -6.32.      With two shares to trade, she could have sold out as the 2 sold at 2.53 was a 10 percent gain 
                                                                                  However with riot, I recommend never selling out and hedging every chance you can, so she 
-2.             2.53.                                                         decided to make a hedge and only sell two, giving her the option to buy or sell tomorrow 

This is the returns you can expect with the basic version, each week I will try and teach a new addition to maximizing your returns, and do believe a stock that ends up at 0,,,even this system will fall, but most likely you will have the best pps average,,,happy reactive trading,,,

I l
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